[AIP-15] Aura Ecosystem Fund

i support this initiative. Let’s build!

High transparency. I think the aura / Bal flywheel will spin faster than we all expect. The flywheel is growing in one of the worst market conditions, and more and more projects joining every week.

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100% voting for this proposal as it provides us with high transparency with the monthly reports provided.

Keep up the good work over there!

Great! You need for the future

I agree with this proposal.
Protocols do not have permanence or developmental potential in themselves, but can only be developed through the constant intervention of competent people.
Investment in education to attract the best people will be essential.

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Great! Education is the most important thing! Glad to hear that <3

That’s great. I’m glad to hear that

yeah,education is important thing.just do it.

Agree with this proposal as it assist the project going forward

It’s great to see how much you’ve embraced Aura, brother. I’m glad we were able to introduce it to you over at Singularity.

Welcome to the forum, brother–thanks for your support!

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, brother.

Great explanation and transparency, that’s what we want ! Love the initiative

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As always, I am very optimistic about aura and look forward to your continued optimization of the product.

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Looks great. Very much in favour and I like that the community votes!

Thanks, brother–you’ll be a part of this one!

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vote “For” pls everyone!

Voting for this proposal. This will help expand the project eventually.

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I love this Aura vive.

great community

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this sounds good to me :slight_smile:

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