[AIP-15] Aura Ecosystem Fund

Great explanation and transparency, that’s what we want ! Love the initiative

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As always, I am very optimistic about aura and look forward to your continued optimization of the product.

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Looks great. Very much in favour and I like that the community votes!

Thanks, brother–you’ll be a part of this one!

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vote “For” pls everyone!

Voting for this proposal. This will help expand the project eventually.

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I love this Aura vive.

great community

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this sounds good to me :slight_smile:

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I think it’s good, it’s a very good idea! !

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thanks for the comments! (I edited your post to remove the full quote of what Franklin proposed)

Well said,I totally agree!!

Snapshot will be live shortly:


Great read brada, always so detailed

i packed my bags last night

i support this initiative. Let’s build!

I’m for voting yes to this proposal!

Education is key, as an individual trying to learn how protocols work, having educational material available would be a blessing. And in general, it would help people understanding what is Aura and what are they are investing in.

About grants and security, nothing to say except that is the way to go. Grants: I like the idea of grants to contributors. Web3 is made by lots of community contributors that bring added value to the project and help core teams in different ways, is fair to grant the funds so that they can keep offering their skills and time.

Security is a critical aspect and as it’s mentioned in the proposal, even a single exploit can damage heavily a project, in many ways: funds stolen and consequent reimburses, loss of credibility / trust by the current investors and subsequent loss of new investors that, aware of the exploit event, may be reluctant to invest their money in the protocol. Considering this, better spend this money earlier in enhancing security rather than later on to replenish the stolen funds and recovering reputation.

I support this project… let’s keep building