[AIP-17] Change Aura Governance to Maximize Representation in Balancer DAO Votes

We’ve moved this to Snapshot–it’ll be live shortly.


Hey, brother, there isn’t enough AURA on market for a 51% attack at the moment, and won’t be for some time. The largest holder has 0.8M, and there’s only a few M available on market. However, if someone is close to accumulating 51%, then prior to that, we would reassess and discuss w/ the community on the proper changes to make to prevent that from happening.

Someone trying to 51% attack AURA would send price to the moon. good luck

Thanks guys. With a quorum of 2m the attacker will require low voter participation and a minimum of 1,000,001 vlAURA votes assuming no one else will vote with them. Sounds like most believe this statistically unlikely? All gud. Just wanted to ask the question to make sure it was considered in the decision making process to press on with this “winner take all” model vs the representative vote similar to CVX on curve.