[AIP-3] Increasing AURA Float and Liquidity, while Building DAO Runway

why dont we put those AURA to incentive to the 50:50 AURA/ETH pool!? First it helps increase interest for buyers also it could help for increasing liquidity! Secondly it sounds more fair than hold a sale to DAO’s who wanna join us! If they want, why dont buy eariler? or just constantly accumulate now in small portions? Why do they have a right to buy now in discount + seeing the thing more clearly than earlier supporters?

Since currently many people are just looking for quick liquidity, any big allocations will just end up getting dumped fast on people that have accumulated AURA slowly, and are long term supporting it.

The low supply is exactly what a protocol with such high emissions needs, DAO’s that accumulate slowly and farm can be sure the total circulating supply never suddenly increases by 90%

if more supply is so dearly needed, we should still only increase it by a small amount through an LBP for example.

Aura doing exactly what was intended and thats a good thing. i fear some DAOs are just trying to get huge discounts for quick liquidity. what ensures that they will continue help the price increase, and not mass dumping their holdings for a short profit?

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