[AIP-22] Include Missing Hidden Hand Votes

Authors: Redacted Contributors, Aura Contributors


Due to technical issues with the Hidden Hand automated voting process (resulting from an issue with the bot host), the Hidden Hand Protocol was unable to properly place their votes for the latest incentive round ending on March 30, 2023. In order to achieve fairness and regularity for both voters and projects placing voting incentives, it is proposed to include Hidden Hand’s delegated votes retroactively as intended. Due to the urgency of this issue, timeline for Snapshot will be expedited.

Additional failsafes will be added to the Hidden Hand automated voting process to ensure that this issue (and similar issues) do not happen again. Hidden Hand seeks to ensure that its users are unaffected by bugs.


The following are Hidden Hand’s simulated votes for the March 30th round:

    "50/50 bb-a-USD/STG", 1003664,
    "MetaStable rETH/WETH", 797362,
    "50/50 AURA/WETH", 735059,
    "50/50 SYN/WETH", 595202,
    "Stable DOLA/USDC", 505444,
    "50/50 INV/DOLA", 178861,
    "MetaStable StaFi rETH/WETH", 153029,
    "ComposableStable qETH/WETH", 132059,
    "80/20 ALCX/WETH", 130284,
    "50/50 ACX/wstETH", 115001,
    "MetaStable wstETH/WETH", 114928,
    "50/50 RBN/USDC", 97179,
    "Stable auraBAL/B-80BAL-20WETH", 87768,
    "50/50 PENDLE/WETH", 78816,
    "50/50 OHM/wstETH", 72466,
    "MetaStable USDC/wUSDR", 66378,
    "ComposableStable wstETH/sfrxETH/rETH", 50156,
    "a-MetaStable wstETH/WETH", 41716,
    "ComposableStable bb-g-USDC/bb-g-DAI", 37209,
    "50/50 bb-t-stkAPE/wstETH", 33585,
    "a-80/20 RDNT/WETH", 29596,
    "a-ComposableStable bb-DAI+/bb-USD+", 29376,
    "50/50 DFX/WETH", 26741,
    "a-50/50 MAGIC/USDC", 24724,
    "50/50 Silo/WETH", 24521,
    "a-ComposableStable bb-rf-USDC/bb-rf-USDT/bb-rf-DAI", 23503,
    "p-25/25/25/25 WMATIC/USDC/WETH/BAL", 20734,
    "p-33/33/33 WBTC/USDC/WETH", 13528,
    "a-33/33/33 WBTC/WETH/USDC", 10177,
    "50/50 rETH/RPL", 9735,
    "p-MetaStable USDC/wUSDR", 8117,
    "50/50 LDO/wstETH", 6892,

The following are simulated votes based on the final snapshot state should Hidden Hand have been able to properly place their votes within the designated voting period. This AIP shall replace the results from https://vote.aura.finance/#/proposal/0xdf8a01486bd5e3a8c11b161f2a43f7295b0cd4ff257d5de95e485512287157b3 with the following json:

    "50/50 bb-a-USD/STG": 1861267.0110310414,
    "MetaStable rETH/WETH": 1663086.6329209353,
    "50/50 AURA/WETH": 1540517.0785760477,
    "50/50 SYN/WETH": 1006361.147587273,
    "Stable DOLA/USDC": 925936.3102255072,
    "Stable auraBAL/B-80BAL-20WETH": 616138.4868170226,
    "a-80/20 RDNT/WETH": 536063.0109764758,
    "MetaStable wstETH/WETH": 518560.17698766425,
    "50/50 BADGER/rETH": 304166.2366049907,
    "50/50 INV/DOLA": 295081.7135724685,
    "50/50 OHM/WETH": 292340.9047147232,
    "MetaStable StaFi rETH/WETH": 255822.69364509865,
    "MetaStable wstETH/cbETH": 254624.23851870475,
    "80/20 ALCX/WETH": 229454.3867721236,
    "MetaStable USDC/wUSDR": 216314.59192043147,
    "50/50 ACX/wstETH": 199433.04697852206,
    "40/40/20 WBTC/DIGG/graviAURA": 181213.60695550553,
    "50/50 OHM/wstETH": 165963.8810915242,
    "50/50 RBN/USDC": 158180.02898010545,
    "ComposableStable qETH/WETH": 150757.21319687355,
    "50/50 PENDLE/WETH": 146262.28221574653,
    "ComposableStable wstETH/sfrxETH/rETH": 116503.30262118031,
    "a-MetaStable wstETH/WETH": 116418.43713146688,
    "p-ComposableStable jEUR/PAR": 90601,
    "33/33/33 WETH/LUSD/LQTY": 79335.00448104719,
    "50/50 bb-t-stkAPE/wstETH": 75987.13275141257,
    "ComposableStable bb-g-USDC/bb-g-DAI": 62896.108998316005,
    "80/20 BADGER/WBTC": 60401.73283080083,
    "a-ComposableStable bb-DAI+/bb-USD+": 51915.83727566338,
    "a-50/50 MAGIC/USDC": 50526.709322810064,
    "ComposableStable bb-ma2-USDC/bb-ma2-DAI/bb-ma2-USDT": 48409.08139294766,
    "p-25/25/25/25 WMATIC/USDC/WETH/BAL": 47172.85850720361,
    "50/50 DFX/WETH": 43067.76390834924,
    "50/50 Silo/WETH": 42388.65087877512,
    "80/20 T/WETH": 35499.99302149494,
    "MetaStable WETH/ankrETH": 32360.518024540663,
    "80/20 WNCG/WETH": 30824.76137904632,
    "p-33/33/33 WBTC/USDC/WETH": 27656.91149043183,
    "a-ComposableStable bb-rf-USDC/bb-rf-USDT/bb-rf-DAI": 25410.210669664553,
    "50/50 LDO/wstETH": 24500.661431022487,
    "a-33/33/33 WBTC/WETH/USDC": 24408.025018473796,
    "50/50 rETH/RPL": 20829.156447145127,
    "p-MetaStable USDC/wUSDR": 8329.914989107203,
    "33/33/33 graviAURA/auraBAL/WETH": 2596.664386743417,
    "veBAL": 2054.268169403527,
    "p-ComposableStable bb-t-USDT/bb-t-USDC/bb-t-DAI": 343.57939947749713



This vote will be a single-choice vote. You may vote “For” or “Against” this proposal, or choose to abstain from the vote. By voting “For” this proposal, you are voting in favor of including Redacted’s missing votes in accordance with the specifications set out in this proposal.

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0xSami stated it was a silly mistake on their part and the impact on their treasury would be below 1% if they were to payout the missing incentives in weth.

So I am against this proposal. Imo Redacted should pick up the bill. Im open to counter-arguments and a discussion though

Edit: Also I would argue a lot of singlervoters and even paladin (maybe) would vote different with the new numbers in mind


Gm all, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and being open to discussion. To be clear, this wasn’t just a small mistake; it was a highly unusual and unexpected error caused by our bot host (AWS). While the goal of moving to a more decentralized architecture a few epochs back was to eliminate things like this, there is not many solutions out there for us (as an industry) to solve AWS mishaps.

Regardless of what caused the issue, we have a consistent track record of contributions and voting participation in the Aura ecosystem, including providing the largest vlAURA bribe market, vote delegation, and soon a bribe compounding vault. With this Snapshot, we’re looking to do right by the community members who trust our products. If that does not align with your choices as a voter, that is fine, we are willing to live with whatever outcome and keep true to our word and make sure our delegates see their rewards via the Redacted Strategic Asset Committee.

Going forward (as highlighted in the proposal) we will implement more fail safes to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We’re also working on a vault that makes it easier than ever for Aura voters to get their bribes, which we hope will be a net positive for the Aura community.


ty sami

appreciate your reply and the time/effort you put in

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not sure if it included VitaDAOs bribes:

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