[AIP-3] Increasing AURA Float and Liquidity, while Building DAO Runway

The community would also have access to purchase if they chose to do so at the same exact rate as the DAO’s. In my opinion, individual investors have had a massive advantage over DAO’s early on to accumulate due to low liquidity.

These tokens were part of the airdrop and meant to be in circulation. This is taking tokens that should have been distributed anyway, repurposing to allow anyone to buy into liquidity (DAOs included), and helping the team secure the future funding they need to concentrate on the project/community. I think this also gives all DAO’s who are competing to enter AURA an equal opportunity to accumulate at the same time/price.

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Is there a way with a LBP to ensure that AURA is not sold below a specific price? IN thinking about this from a HODLer point of view, I think it’s nice to try to not sell tokens in a way that pushes the price below that which most people have entered.

This achieves this. IMO a 3 dollar min floor would be better, but I think 2.50 is fine and we’ll end up selling most of the tokens for more than 3 anyway.

IF there are leftover tokens or this doesn’t work, an LBP could be interesting. Also if it can respect a limit.

AURA should just take the money it needs in the short term now, and wait for a not-so-bearish scenario to raise long term capital.

I kind of agree more AURA should go to lockers. I think it makes more sense to focus on paying more BRIBs to aura lockers though in AIP-2. Just giving more AURA out for free isn’t the goal here. The goal is to raise some capital for the DAO after a LBP that ended up happening at the worst possible time, and create float in the market.

It is structured to ensure AURA is not sold at a low price, and that the event doesn’t push the market price below what almost anyone bought at, as long as it happens soon.

LBP cannot respect a limit, no. if that’s a deal breaker then LBP won’t work.

Voting YES for this proposal would align greatly with sound business principals - one of the most important being that a secure runway allows for long term sustainability and a focus on building rather than surviving.

I want this team focused on creating value not where their next contribution will come from. These are humans and deserve some certainty in building.


Couldn’t we also use a bonding program to achieve the same objective?

Personally, I think a bonding program gives much better optics. It also allows more of a “slow drip” rather than being perceived as dumping on current aura holders/participants. Building/diversifying the treasury this way makes the most sense.

I will vote “no” to a limit sell order or another LBP.


The current assumption here is that there’s a large untapped market that can’t accumulate AURA due to low liquidity, and these limits orders will be quickly eaten up by hungry whales that can’t wait to buy in. However, it could conversely be argued that the current price action is due in part to low liquidity, and that the true price of AURA, given sufficient liquidity, where real demand is, is something far below current price. The market might also nuke again tomorrow, all demand everywhere evaporates, in which case these sell walls may then up being true walls, suppressing price while never being touched. And if they aren’t hit, then you end up with the same liquidity and expense issues as before.

Market forces are pretty hard to model, and it’s generally not a great idea to mess with price discovery. The pricing of the limit orders may also signal to the market that we believe X to be a fair price for AURA, whether that’s true or not, and cause price to be rangebound in that area for some time.

If immediate cash in hand is the goal, you can just sell at the current market price, rather than at some sort of upper cap. However, tanking the market with a large sale isn’t ideal either, of course. I personally think it’s much cleaner to have a gradual sell program, where X number of tokens are sold continuously, at market price, at known dates and times. Or alternatively, grant these tokens to certain departments, X for engineering, X for BD, etc., and sell as needed, at market price, once the expenses are incurred, similar to what we’ve been doing for AIP-1.

While the ideal solution would optimize for both liquidity and value, the two goals may not necessarily be complementary. In my opinion, liquidity doesn’t need to be rushed. There’s no guarantee that more tokens on markets released in one block will improve liquidity. One whale might just accumulate the entire limit order and sit on it. I believe liquidity will naturally improve over time, through emissions programs, sales, or otherwise. And early AURA believers will be the beneficiaries of this.

All that being said, haha, I’m still in favor of the proposal even if it stands as is. It’s simply better than doing nothing, and I don’t see any other proposals upcoming that are tackling this issue.


In terms of the Additional Discussion and general thoughts on all of this:

I don’t think AURA should bribe a LOT more until the yields go down.

I like the idea of flushing this 500k out to increase liquidity, but I don’t think 100% yields on aura token LP in the long run are sustainable, so I suggest not spending more of the stash on bribs until the liquidity on the market allows for decent yields with current bribing after AIP-2.

The market may not just be able to expand that fast due to current conditions. Taking it slow is good.

This allows tokens to get out on the market without putting significant downward price pressure on the token.

It allows new DAOs and whales to buy into AURA at steady price that at least in the first limit order seems reasonably SAFUesque-kinda-for-something-like this.

I don’t think we should get deep into allocating the rest of the tokens until this is done and we see where the market is at.

If AURA/ETH or AURA/BAL LP has under like 50-60% ROI while everything else is yielding a lot then I support quickly allocating more to bribs.

Especially if this gauge gets killed, let’s not be like the cream whale and also generate super high emissions on our token that is very hard for others to buy and farm without massive slippage and high fees.

Everything must be in balance for this to become sustainable, and our economic policy with free tokens should seek to help it move in that direction, not to create a bubble in a bear market.

Also remember that in about 2-3 months all the airdrop AURA unlocks. This will create a flush of liquidity that needs somewhere to go or risk being dumped, it would be good to amp up bribes and turn on the tap then.

I think this proposal couldn’t come fast enough - it’s clear we have a liquidity issue. Without deep enough liquidity, DAOs can’t acquire Aura and price is crazy volatile. That said as a long term hodler am less worried about immediate price and more focused on getting Aura into DAOs hands that want it

That said I second doing an LBP so we get immediate liquidity + can sell Aura whether price goes up or down. Given how thin liquidity is and this crazy market, I wouldn’t be surprised if it moon’s to like $5 or potentially lower than $2.50. Even at $2.5, I would argue getting liquidity out there is worth the “dilution” at that price.

Who knows if something super bearish happens and we’re trading at $1.50 for 6+ months. We’re kind of screwed if the market turns for the worse again with no liquidity and limited runway. That said, I bet an LBP yields a better price than setting limit orders bc there’s a bunch of DAOs who should buy that can’t do that right now.

Also agree on allocating some of the airdropped AURA to hidden hand to bribe the 50/50 AURA /ETH LP.

If proposal went up as drafted, I would vote yes


Olympus Pro currently isn’t available due to the move to deploy the product as a separate protocol, so this is an interim solution as OP gets up and running.

OHM is also one of the protocols that we would like to partner with that the community had mixed opinions on OTC deals. This should help combat some of those issues.

Relevant -Snapshot


why dont we put those AURA to incentive to the 50:50 AURA/ETH pool!? First it helps increase interest for buyers also it could help for increasing liquidity! Secondly it sounds more fair than hold a sale to DAO’s who wanna join us! If they want, why dont buy eariler? or just constantly accumulate now in small portions? Why do they have a right to buy now in discount + seeing the thing more clearly than earlier supporters?

Since currently many people are just looking for quick liquidity, any big allocations will just end up getting dumped fast on people that have accumulated AURA slowly, and are long term supporting it.

The low supply is exactly what a protocol with such high emissions needs, DAO’s that accumulate slowly and farm can be sure the total circulating supply never suddenly increases by 90%

if more supply is so dearly needed, we should still only increase it by a small amount through an LBP for example.

Aura doing exactly what was intended and thats a good thing. i fear some DAOs are just trying to get huge discounts for quick liquidity. what ensures that they will continue help the price increase, and not mass dumping their holdings for a short profit?

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Great Proposal @SmallCapScience

I think the use of limit orders are neat and there is definitely a need for more liquidity & runway.

:white_check_mark: in favour

I agree with a few of the points made here.

Really, it doesn’t make sense at this time to manipulate liquidity and put more $aura into the market artificially. These things are meant to simply build over time as aura is farmed/earned via bribes etc.

If a DAO wants to acquire aura they can bribe for our votes.

I understand the concern but I believe many of us have been in defi a long time. Doesn’t make sense for us to do something like this, so early.

Use the left over aura to begin a bonding program when the time comes.

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The Treasury multisig has opened the limit orders for the diversification, with the following details:

116,667 at $3.265, 116,667 at $3.421, and 116,666 at $3.576, for a total of $1,197,348 in USDC. This is based on a snapshot taken at the first block on 28 July 2:00 PM GMT, which resulted in a Snapshot price of $3.11.

Track the status of the orders at the following links:




These orders can only be accessed from Cowswap.

The orders will be replaced if not filled on August 4th after 2:00 PM GMT per the original proposal spec.


Round 1
Limit orders for the first round were completed on 4 August with 64,542.5878 AURA filled for a total of $210,763.771 USD.

Round 2
The second round of limit orders was opened on 5 August and will close on 12 August. Round 2 commenced with a snapshot price of $3.070 USD per Aura with a total of 285,456.99 remaining Aura tokens available. The limit orders are set at:

  1. 95,152.33 Aura tokens at $3.223 per token (5% above snapshot price FILLED)

  2. 95,152.33 Aura tokens at $3.377 per token (10% above snapshot price), and

  3. 95,152.33 Aura tokens at $3.530 per token (15% above snapshot price).

To track the progress of these limit orders for Round 2 head over to CoW swap at CoW Protocol Explorer

Just as expected price stagnates because every DAO now got their hands on enough Aura and will just farm and dump it to the ground from now on.

AIP 3 was a huge mistake that killed the tokens longevity, and aura becomes a short lived high apy dump fest

DAOs accumulating and building on top of AURA is a good thing.

If all you care about if price pumping short term that is extremely short sited and not how you build a healthy ecosystem. On top of that, this AIP was also used to raise very much needed funds for the DAO.

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UPDATE: AIP 3 ROUND 4 COMMENCEMENT- Increasing AURA Float and Liquidity, while Building DAO Runway.
350K Aura tokens were allocated for the limit orders with 92K remaining.

Rounds 1-3 have raised a total of: $850,999 USDC.
Round 1 completed for a total of $210,763.77 USDC.
Round 2 completed for a total of $482,162.94 USDC.
Round 3 completed for a total of $158,074 USDC.

Round 4 will commence with a snapshot price of $2.80 at the following options:

  1. 30,741.67 Aura tokens at $2.94 per token (5% above)
  2. 30,741.67 Aura tokens at $3.08 per token (10% above)
  3. 30,741.67 Aura tokens at $3.22 per token (15% above)

To track the progress of these limit orders for Round 4 head over to CoW swap at CoW Protocol Explorer

COMPLETE- AIP 3 Increasing AURA Float and Liquidity, while Building DAO Runway. All 350K Aura tokens available in the Limit Orders hosted by CoW Swap have now been filled. Rounds 1-4 have accumulated a total of $1,135,052 USDC

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