[AIP-14] Increase Aura Bug Bounty to $1,000,000 USD

Authors: Trantor (Aura) and 0xMaha (Aura)


With the successful completion of AIP 3, Aura can and should increase the size of the offered bug bounty from $400,000 USD to $1,000,000 USD.


Aura Finance was initially able to post a modest bug bounty of $400,000 USD on to the Immunefi platform. Immunefi hosts bug bounties for blockchain projects by providing a platform to bring projects and hackers together, so that hackers can report bugs responsibly and projects can fix those vulnerabilities securely.

Immunefi recommends a percentage based bug bounty of up to 10% of the total funds at risk, with the intention of making it large enough to turn any blackhat hacker into a whitehat and thus protect user funds. Given Aura has a Total Value Locked in excess of $300 million , the bounty should be increased to match other market participants.

To bring Aura’s bug bounty in line with market expectations it is proposed that the reward on offer increase to $1,000,000 USD. This would bring Aura Finance’s bug bounty to the same level as many other reputable protocols such as Sushi Swap, Balancer and Pancake Swap. The ability to provide a sizeable bounty indicates to the wider market that Aura Finance is serious about security and the protection of user funds.


Allocate $500,000 in USDC and $500,000 equivalent in vested Aura tokens to the Immunefi bug bounty program using the existing parameters and guidelines available at https://immunefi.com/bounty/aurafinance/ .


You may vote “For” this proposal to increase the funding to $1,000,000 USD or

“Against” this proposal to keep it at the current level.


Security is very important. I support this proposal.


I support this proposal as well.

$1M would put us up there with some of the top projects in the industry and this is one of the reason AIP-3 was needed to raise funds. Personally I wouldnt mind raising it higher than $1M to stand out, especially with a TVL of $300M. In favor.


I am very much in favour of this proposal as laid out.


Snapshot will be live shortly:


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Happy to see Aura taking this seriously security. I am in favour of this proposal