[AIP-58] Update Aura's Dune dashboards




The DAO owns several Dune dashboards meant to display key information about Aura Finance inflows and outflows and the DAO treasury. Many of these queries are out of broken/stale due to Dune updates or possibly showing incorrect data in the wake of AIP-42 which made many changes to how tokens move around in the Aura world.

Over in the Aura discord, it was suggested that it could cost $10-20k to pay somene to update all these queries and get Aura’s dashboards working again. I propose we do exactly that.


There’s been good healthy debate recently about the future direction of Aura including some ideas for changes that could be made. It’d be best to have good numbers on hand to discuss these matters and the Aura community has been flying relatively blind for some time now.

(Note, a project with broken dashboards is probably pretty offputting to new entrants. there’s a reason Aura spent money to create these dashboards when it first launched…)


If approved, this AIP will authorize the Aura DAO to engage a contractor to update the Aura Dune Dashboard within 30 days. Aura Contributors will coordinate, vet, and supervise the contractor. Budget will be managed by the Contributors, and will be capped at no more than 6,000 USDC or equivalent in AURA. Final list of queries to be updated will be provided by the community.


This vote will be a single-choice vote. You may vote “For” or “Against” this proposal, or choose to abstain from the vote. By voting “For” this proposal, you are voting in favor of engaging a contractor to update Aura’s Dune Dashboard.


sure, am in favor.

Is there someone specific you want to hire for this or how do we go about the hiring process?

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No idea. Cascadia said he knew someone. Someone named Rizzly just posted they know a guy. Maybe the person that worked on v1 could take on task of updating it since they did a pretty good job.

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if someone reputable can vouch for whoever gets hired - good enough for me
but sounds somewhat dubious at best lmao “i know a guy who knows a guy” xd

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Hey guys,
I would be happy to help migrate some of the dune queries to the new v2 Dune SQL.

Little bit about myself
I’ve been around the Balancer ecosystem since 2021. Mostly laying low, but you’ll see me pop up from time to time on discord. My experience in the space is mostly around running validators across various blockchains (eth, gno, avax, ren, among others) with expertise in public cloud.

Dune experience
Dune is a fun hobby for me, and a maintain a dashboard for an NFT project on AVAX that I built on the old dune engine and already migrated to v2 Dune SQL. You can check out that dashboard here:
avax hatchypocket dune dashboard

I’ve already started migrating some of the Aura queries - 7 completed so far which are viewable in my profile.

Here are two examples:
[Composition of AuraBAL/8020BPT Pool]
[ veBAL Holders]

Phase 1: From Stale to Fresh

  1. Migrate the queries and dashboards that are still relevant to v2 Dune SQL.
  2. In parallel, identify which queries and dashboards are no longer valuable or relevant and archive them. This will save us time because we won’t need to migrate them.

Aura’s dashboards won’t look like a ghost town, and relevant charts will have current data in them which can be used by the community for analysis.

Based on outcomes from Phase 1, we can evaluate if it makes sense for me to maintain these queries over time, and help with future projects like multi-chain Aura, etc. Regardless of this particular push, I’d be happy to come aboard the Aura Dune group, and help where I can.

Quote for the work
$3000 USD upfront, and another $3000 USD when the migration/update is complete. If there are dashboards and queries that are deemed important, and I cannot recreate/migrate for whatever reason, the second payment can be adjusted.

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Hey, brother, do you want to move this to AIP or develop it some more–next voting round starts tomorrow.

Yeah, let’s move this to AIP so we can keep things going. @asnogorgdo thanks for stepping up. I guess someone from the contributor’s team would decide who to go with and how much to pay but I think having a vote to authorize the overall project sounds good.

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