[AIP-62] Request to Apply a Grant for DappLooker to Implement the On-demand Custom DataBOT for Aura Finance Community and Enable No-Code Community Analytics

On-demand Custom DataBOT for Aura Finance Discord & Telegram and No-Code Community Analytics


The proposal is to integrate Aura Finance with DappLooker for deploying custom Aura Finance DataBOTs for the Aura community to access key metrics and insights from Aura Finance Subgraphs directly where the community is most active i.e. Discord and Telegram. This proposal also enables community-powered no-code analytics on Aura Finance Data leveraging DappLooker’s subgraph-native analytics and visualization capabilities.

To understand this proposal and its value propositions let us understand the following:

  1. What is DappLooker?
  2. What are DappLooker DataBOTs?
  3. What are DappLooker’s ‘Featured Projects’?
  4. Why the need for this Proposal?

What is DappLooker?

DappLooker is a No-Code Web3 Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Visualization platform, that empowers projects with a suite of user-friendly tools.

Watch Quick Demo

DappLooker not only provides smart contract analytics on 15+ Networks, but also provides unique and exclusive tools for Subgraph, SubQuery, and Off-Chain Analytics and Visualizations all in an easy-to-use no-code platform.

  • Analytics: Easy and Intuitive No-Code Analyzer
  • Subgraph Analyzer: Explore and Visualize Subgraph Data,
  • DataBOTs: Custom data retrieving bots for your Discord and Telegram
  • API SDK: Chart APIs and Robust SDK for developers
  • AI Studio: Upcoming AI-Assisted Analytics Tool

Aura Finance Subgraph Analyzer: Subgraph Analyzer | DappLooker

Check out the Discover Page for Dashboards made by the Community: DappLooker | Simplified & Affordable Blockchain Analytics

Watch Video of Subgraph Powered No-Code Dashboards on DappLooker

What are DappLooker DataBOTs?

DappLooker DataBOTs are intelligent bots designed to retrieve instant insights for communities, where they spend time the most, i.e. on Discord and Telegram, and are unique offerings of the DappLooker Platform.


  • Elevate user interaction & engagement, enabling effortless communication, data retrieval, and effortless Integration
  • Smooth transformation of key Aura metrics into intelligent visual Data Bots
  • Full customization capabilities
  • Add/Update data bot metrics anytime and on demand.

DataBOT Documentation: https://docs.dapplooker.com/databots

The aim is to make Aura Finance’s key metrics accessible on Discord. Users, including the Aura team and ecosystem contributors, can access key data from Discord including information such as Deposits, Withdraws, Rewards, Vaults, Tokens, Accounts, Pools, and Emissions, as well as complex visualizations in the form of Charts and Dashboards. Any metrics imaginable can be pulled on Discord and Telegram with a single command in an instant.

This will foster transparency, accessibility, and trust within the Aura ecosystem. DappLooker DataBOTS are already powering major web3 communities such as AAVE, Lendle, The Graph, and more.

Following are screenshots of DataBOTs for reference:

What are DappLooker ‘Featured Projects’?

DappLooker Featured Projects are a selection of the most popular and trending decentralized applications (DApps) on the DappLooker platform. These projects are chosen based on various factors, including user activity, social media engagement, and developer activity. Being featured on DappLooker provides additional visibility and recognition for the selected projects within the DappLooker community.

Performing Analytics on ‘Featured Projects’ is free for everyone and the data is registered instantly to an account.

Featured Project Documentation
Featured Project Tutorial

As a Featured Project, the following features will be available to the Aura Finance Team, Users, and Ecosystem:

  • Browse Aura Finance Protocol Data: Explore and navigate Aura Finance Protocol data in a user-friendly tabular format.
  • Export Data to CSV/Excel: Ecosystem users can seamlessly export complete Protocol data to Excel or CSV files.
  • No-code Queries: Utilize an intuitive visual editor for querying the Aura Finance Protocol dataset. Users can query, filter, join, and group data effortlessly.
  • Community Analytics: Conduct community analytics on the indexed Aura Finance dataset.
  • Robust API & Embedding: Easy embedding of charts and dashboards. Use highly scalable and robust API SDK to fetch chart data directly onto your platform.
  • Create, Fork, and Edit Charts: Choose from various visualization types (e.g., line chart, bar chart, pie chart) to create, edit, and fork charts based on the Aura Finance data.
  • Create & Share Dashboard: Build dashboards effortlessly using drag-and-drop functionality and aggregate information from multiple sources into a single dashboard Share dashboards via URLs and export charts in popular formats like CSV, XLS, and JSON.
  • Collections / Folders: Organize charts and dashboards using collections. Control visibility and access permissions, making charts/dashboards private or public.
  • Advanced Analytics: Conduct advanced analytics such as funnel analysis and user retention analysis to monitor active user activity and make informed decisions.

**These features will empower Aura Finance community, providing a seamless and powerful analytics experience for the Aura community and ecosystem users. Additionally, these features will be available to the Aura Team, Community, and Other Data Analysts at no cost.

Just Sign-Up on DappLooker and Create No-Code Aura Finance Dashboards for free


Why the Need for this Proposal?

There is no doubt that Aura Finance has comprehensive analytics and dashboards previously created by the community. The dashboards and analytics however are read-only and cannot be customised by community members, especially members that are non-technical and cannot write SQL Queries.

Additionally, while visiting the Aura Discord, we witnessed a dedicated channel for Dune Dashboards, where users requested to see particular metrics and contributors created the dashboards for them.

This proposal empowers the community, Aura team, and users to create, fork and embed such metrics in a matter of minutes without writing a single SQL Query using our intuitive no-code query builder and user-friendly drag-and-drop dashboard builder. By using DataBOTS these metrics can be instantly accessed by the rest of the community on Discord with simple commands.

We believe this would prove to be a great resource of information for the community and easily foster adoption with data-driven decision-making.

Along with the above-mentioned Value Propositions, the Aura Ecosystem Benefits from the following:

  • Access to our community of Data Analysts and Data Enthusiasts
  • A subgraph native approach
  • Real-time Data using Substreams and Firehose
  • Extend community engagement with No-code analytics
  • Dashboard Embedding Capabilities
  • DappLooker Subgraph Visualizer for Aura Subgraphs
  • Access to Upcoming Analytics AI Studio
  • And other unique features for Aura Business Intelligence

Proposal Milestone Breakdown:

Milestone 1: Aura Discord DataBOTS

Duration: 3 Weeks

  • Aura Data Integration

    • Index Data
    • Index Aura Finance Subgraph and Smart Contracts
    • Store Indexed Data
    • Integrate Aura and other Token Price Feeds
    • Create ETL on Aura Finance Data
    • Define a Data Schema to represent Aura Finance Data in a simplified way
    • Implement the Data Schema
  • DataBOTS Implementation

    • Setup Discord API Integration
    • Implement feature map of commands to Aura metrics
    • Create and Define custom commands for Aura
    • Define BOT Schedules
    • Test and Quality Check
    • Deploy on Aura Discord with the help of Aura Team
    • Create a Dedicated Channel for Aura Metrics for the Community
  • Documentation

    • Create comprehensive documentation for developers and end-users.
    • Provide guides on customization, usage, and troubleshooting.
  • Support and Maintenance

    • Gather user feedback for iterative development and improvements.
    • Address bug fixes promptly.
    • Optimizations

Milestone 2: Featured Project

Duration: 3 Weeks

  • Analytics

    • Aura as ‘Featured Project’
    • Implement Aura as a Featured Project on DappLooker
    • Enable Free Community Analytics on Aura Data
    • Create Documentation
    • Create Video
    • Announce Integration on Social Media
  • Co-Marketing

    • Add Aura as a Partner on the DappLooker Website
    • Access to No-Code Analytics Workshop for Aura Community
    • Co-Market on Social Media
    • X Space with Aura Team and Contributors
    • Twitter, Blog, and LinkedIn Campaigns

Request for the grant:

We believe this integration will best serve the interests of the Aura Community and foster engagement in unforeseen ways. We kindly request a grant of $15k USD equivalent in AURA Tokens.

The Aura Tokens will be locked for 3 weeks once received, post the locking period, we request to use Aura Tokens freely.

We request the funds to be transferred to the following ethereum address:

  • dapplooker.eth, which is 0x7239B1896ad2b6A9D3aA6C4B12D8993E78fb67Dc

Specifications for Aura DAO:

Once the grant has been approved, we will require support from the Aura DAO to ensure smooth integration of Aura Finance with DappLooker and DataBOTs. The action items for Aura DAO are categorized in 3 phases as follows:


  • Provide a list of all Subgraphs and Smart Contracts of Aura Finance to be indexed
  • DappLooker will create a list of quick commands. The DAO can also provide a list of preferred bot commands to be included (e.g., Current TVL, Current Aura Token Price, Weekly TVL, etc.).


  • Help us connect with the Admin of Aura Discord and Telegram to support them in the one-click integration process and creating a dedicated channel.


  • Assist with Co-Marketing efforts, such as amplifying tweet threads and blog posts on Aura, hosting Twitter spaces, organizing Discord workshops, etc.

DappLooker Team:

Founded in 2021, the DappLooker Team has over 45 years of combined team experience, our team of 12+ skilled individuals, including Blockchain Engineers, Backend Engineers, Front End Engineers, and a Marketing team, are experts in providing the best analytics solutions for Web3.
Meet the Team


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