[Grant Proposal] Aura Analytics Dashboard

Aura Analytics Dashboard Grant Proposal

Name: Xeonus and Hyferion
Organization: DeFilytica
Telegram Account: @Xeonusify, @hyferion

Detailed Description of Grant Request

As a core contributor to the Balancer DAO and creator of the Balancer Analytics (https://balancer.defilytica.com) and Beethoven-X Analytics Dashboards (https://beets.defilytica.com) we want to build the next generation of analytics for AURA. By leveraging our deep understanding of the Balancer ecosystem we want to build an analytics experience that provides AURA ecosystem participants with the insights they need to make informed decisions about the protocol. Furthermore, we want to provide meaningful insights into the voting incentive program which has become a core component of what makes AURA successful. Furthermore, we are fully committed and prepared to build on top of the multi-chain future of AURA!

We plan to build out following feature set based on our previous work for Balancer and Beethoven-X:

  • Leveraging all available data sources such as the Balancer and AURA subgraphs to visualise total liquidity staked across pools
  • Aggregating token view metrics across the AURA ecosystem
  • Build future-proof tooling to support AURAs possible multi-chain journey
  • Build financial dashboards to visualise treasury metrics and overall spendings
  • Visualise AURA Lock metrics and AURA locker behaviour
  • Visualise AURA emissions across pools
  • Provide insights into AURAs Voting Incentive / Hidden Hand market

These are the core functionality sets we want to build for a fully-customised analytics experience tailor made for AURA.

How will your project benefit the AURA Ecosystem?

Our analytics dashboard will bring transparency and key insights into important metrics about the protocol. We will leverage the strengths of our expertise with Balancer to provide additional data not present in other projects like Defillama. Additionally, we are dedicated to delivering feature requests by the community so that they can track their favourite metrics for AURA. Our goal is to build meaningful analytics for the community!

When will the grant begin and when will it be delivered?

We plan to deliver the grant between Q2 ‘23 until Q4 ‘23: a duration of 5 months at maximum.

What applicable KPIs will you be implementing to measure performance?

We will measure our KPIs by clearly defined deliverables and milestones that can easily be tracked by the AURA grants committee. A detailed breakdown of the deliverables are provided in the “Additional Grant Information” section of this proposal. In general terms, we will measure our success in the following way:

  • Delivery of key features by continuous delivery: we will iterate fast and build our product using many prototype iterations that can be used previewed.
  • The analytics product will go through an MVP (minimum viable product) → Alpha → Beta and full release stage. The community will always be involved in the development process
  • We will only accept payment upon completion of the grant
  • We commit ourselves to the protocol by max locking our AURA upon receiving our payments.

How much are you requesting for the grant (denominated in USD)?

As we will build custom integrations and a tailor-made front-end, we request a grant of $50k USD equivalent in AURA. Upon completion both parties will max lock $25k of AURA each with the provided address (see “Payment Conditions” section). After the unlock period of 16 weeks, we request to use those funds freely.

Additional grant information

The following chapter provides an overview and more detailed description of all planned deliverables and KPIs based on agile sprint planning.

Please note that the contributors both work part-time on this project. Therefore, the duration is accounting for part-time velocity.

Sprint 1: Integration of AURA subgraph and Expansion of the Llama Voting Incentive API

In the first sprint, we will set up all necessary backend integrations to fetch the data we need for the analytics dashboard. These consist of the AURA subgraph fetching and data curation, the Llama API integration (and upgrade) / hosting if needed. We will use our established integration pattern used for Balancer analytics. If certain metrics are missing, we will provision our own curated subgraphs.

Lead: hyferion
Duration: 2 months
Technical dependencies: AURA subgraph, Llama Airforce: Llama Airforce · GitHub)


  • Implementation of data fetching queries for pool and gauge data
  • Implementation of data fetching queries for user data
  • Queries to fetch AURA emissions
  • Queries to fetch AURA lock status
  • Provisioning of subgraph caching through stellate
  • Integration and upgrades (where needed) to the Llama airforce hidden hand analytics API

Technical specifications:

Sprint 2: Front-end Prototyping and provisioning of MVP

The front-end prototype will be set up as quickly as possible so that integrations can be tested on the fly. We will additionally set up a CI/CD pipeline so that the prototypes can be continuously tested so that community feedback can be integrated.

We have already set up a prototype internally (based on Balancer metrics):

Lead: Xeonus
Duration: 1 month
Technical dependencies: None, forking of balancer analytics repository


Sprint 3: Staked Balancer Position and Token Dashboards

A core component of the AURA analytics dashboard will consist of showing how much TVL over a given period of time is locked in the different gauges that AURA provides. We intend to show data relative to Balancers TVL so protocol users can get a better understanding of the relative TVL capture by AURA. Furthermore, we will provide detailed analytics components for the different tokens in the AURA ecosystem, similar to Balancer Analytics

Lead: Xeonus
Duration: 2 weeks
Technical dependencies: AURA gauge subgraph


  • Gauge overview similar to AURAs staking dashboard
  • Single gauge detailed stats page containing historical data of amounts staked. Depending on what data is available, we aim to present all possible historical data on gauge detail pages
  • Overview of token TVL in the protocol

Sprint 3: Treasury Dashboards

The focus of the Treasury Dashboards is on two main components: a meaningful overview of the treasury reserves and analytics of overall spendings. This gives the DAO and its participants a good overview of the DAOs treasury health and investment allocations. We were already able to boostratp an initial view of the DAO treasury funds:

Lead: Xeonus
Duration: 2 weeks
Technical dependencies: Debank cloud API


  • DAO Treasury view showing all assets and a detailed breakdown of all deployed positions
  • DAO Financials dashboard showing in- and outflow of tokens to assess financial performance of the DAO

Sprint 4: AURA Locker Dashboard

In this dashboard we want to visualize key performance indicators and metrics in regards to vlAURA: how much AURA is locked, its lock distribution, a locker leaderboard and projects / decay overview to get a better understanding of vlAURA dynamics.

Lead: Xeonus
Duration: 2 weeks
Technical dependencies: AURA subgraph


  • Visualisation of AURA Lock distribution
  • Locker leaderboard
  • AURA Lock projection view

Sprint 5: Beta launch

In this final sprint we will focus on stabilising the product, further improve its features and incorporate community feedback where applicable. Depending on the time frame, we will also work on incorporating multi-chain support or other features that will launch during our grant time period.

Lead: Xeonus & Hyferion
Duration: 2 weeks
Technical dependencies: None


  • Stabilisation phase of product
  • Fixing of bugs
  • Implementation of missing features

Payment conditions

Upon completion of of deliverables / delivery of the product, 25k$ USD equivalent in AURA will be sent to following addresses each:

Upon receival of funds, AURA will be max locked for 16 weeks and 5 days by both parties. After the unlock, we request to freely use those funds.

Additional considerations & Risk Assessment

We see following additional considerations as important for deciding if this grant will complete all deliverables on time

  • No major changes to subgraph infrastructure
  • Planning of decentralised network provisioning for subgraphs
  • Dependencies of caching and other services → some operational costs will arise once the project is completed. This should be negotiated when more data is available.

We see following risks:

  • Bribing market data is not easily accessible either because we cannot fetch it or because LLama airforce will sunset its service
  • Issues with scalability and subgraph migrations

To mitigate above mentioned risks we took following actions:

  • Coordinate with Llama airforce developers that we can use their services. If needed we will host an upgraded API service ourselves.
  • Scalability of the subgraph dependencies will be closely monitored and coordinated with the Aura development team.

Team member affiliations / conflict of interest statement

  • Xeonus is a core contributor to the Balancer DAO and freelance developer. Xeonus has received and completed grants provided by the Balancer Grants Committee in the past. This grant is part of independent work for AURA and therefore a grant application through the AURA AEF has been posted.
  • Hyferion is a freelance developer not associated with any DAO

Thanks, brother, we’ll get back to you shortly.


Gm, just dropping an official note here that your grant request has been approved!


Terrific news! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to build exciting analytics tools for Aura :handshake:


I am very excited to announce our fist alpha release for Aura analytics. You can check it out here: https://aura.defilytica.com/

What we achieved so far with this early build:

Technical milestones:

  • Custom subgraph integration and caching through stellate
  • First integration of hidden hand market analysis powered by the llama API

Feature milestones:

  • Working prototype site with core functionality
  • Wallet integration for future customized analytics
  • Aura Token Stats Page
  • Balancer Pool stats filtered by Aura Gauges
  • Aura Locker page
  • AuraBAL page incl. analytics for auraBAL compounder
  • Voting Incentive Dashboard prototype
  • DAO Treasury dashboard

We will continue to build out the feature set as described in the original grant. Please let us know of any features you would like to see implemented. We strive to make this a tool that is exciting to use.


I want to share a short update on our progress here on the forums as well.

What we achieved in the last couple of weeks:

  • Fully implement our custom backend to track historical protocol, pool TVL and staking metrics
  • Add multi-chain support
  • Full Hidden Hand integration to replace the Llama Airforce dashboard with the launch of Hidden Hand v2
  • Complete overhaul of the Aura theme thanks to support from the Aura team
  • Improvement of stats by deploying various bugfixes thanks to community input.

We therefore transitioned into the beta phase as we are now finalizing the product and polishing up all features.

In terms of deliverables we will focus on the following in the upcoming weeks:

  • continue to support all chains Aura is deployed on (Polygon, and all to follow chains)
  • implement detailed pool analytics
  • implement the DAO financials dashboard
  • incorporate community requests

Please find below some impressions of our progress:


Thanks for the detailed update. Keep up the great work! Your collaboration with the Aura DAO community on the analytics dashboard serves as a model that all future grantees should strive to emulate.


Thank you so much! @hyferion and myself want to highlight that we are committed in supporting analytics for a long time and also want to get as many community requests implemented as possible. Working with Aura and the AEF really helped us ironing out important improvements until now. Let’s keep on BUIDLing :pray:t2:


Quick update from our side:

We have completed the last set of features which include

  • Backend migration to the new Balancer API to fetch gauge data for the Voting Incentive Dashboard
  • Detailed Pool View Metrics, incl. historical TVL and Staker Tables
  • Creation of a Financials and Ecosystem Fund Dashboard
  • Adjustments and Bugfixes to the auraBAL dashboard
  • Lots of styling improvements
  • increased security (Cloudflare protection etc)

We were in close contact with the grants committee and requested payment upon completion of these tasks. They unanimously voted for the release of the requested funds.

After receival of the funds we locked our AURA as specified in the proposal. For the record here are our lock tx confirmations:
defilytica.eth: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
hyferion: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Although the grant is “complete” we will continue to work on the dashboard. Our plan for the upcoming weeks / months is the following:

  • Stabilize and continue smooth operations of the dashboard
  • Fix any upcoming bugs for the current feature set
  • Work on new features and community requests, such as auraBAL peg dashboard, integration of defiwars data (if possible).
  • improved styling and support for mobile devices

If you have any inputs or requests, feel free to reach out to us on the Aura Discord. :purple_heart: