[Temperature Check] DAO Transparency Dashboard and Monthly Reports

Name: Knowhow92
Organization : DAOBase.ai
Telegram : @knowhow92

Detailed Description of Grant Request

Transparency and accountability are key to the success of a DAO. However, tracking vital DAO data, especially proposals and their progress, can be challenging and time-consuming for the community. This complexity often acts as a barrier, making it hard for everyday users to engage effectively in governance, ultimately leading in bad-informed decisions.

To tackle this challenge, we propose to develop a DAO Data Tracking Dashboard website tailored to Aura DAO needs as well as deliver monthly DAO reports designed to provide valuable governance and treasury insights to Aura DAO community.


Our objective is to streamline the tracking process, enhance transparency and accountability, and increase community participation.

Through our Data Tracking Dashboard, we aim to provide a comprehensive treasury and governance overview to Aura DAO community. This Dashboard will offer insights to proposal statuses, important updates, progress timelines as well as essential treasury and voters data. Moreover, our monthly DAO reports will dive into governance insights and treasury analytics, aiming to provide a deeper understanding of the DAO’s performance as well as how the DAO stands out in the overall market.

Transparency Data Dashboard Website Design Concept

  • Dashboards website will adhere to the color tones and style of Aura DAO.
  • Website will be built upon an independent domain that is related to Aura DAO.
  • Website will showcase Aura DAOs commitment to transparency and accountability.

Transparency Data Dashboard Breakdown

Section 1: Treasury Insight

The treasury balance section offers a comprehensive view of Aura DAO financial health and assets management. This results in better decision-making, acts as a performance evaluation indicator, brings more financial transparency and boosts engagement and DAO discussions within the community.

Section will cover details such as:

  • Treasury balance over time
  • Treasury inflow and outflow
  • Treasury address aggregation
  • Assets in holding in details
  • Treasury asset performance and market index comparison

The image is for reference only.

Section 2: Proposals and Funded Projects Archive

This section will track, archive and provide a statistical overview of Aura DAO proposals, offering transparency on their status, fund allocation, and progression.

By offering a detailed view of DAO proposals, we aim to enhance community engagement and accountability as well as identify potential risks during the proposal development process. Especially with Aura DAO’s growth, it’s crucial to focus not only on distributing funds for growth but also on ensuring the efficient use of funds and the successful delivery of final results.

To ensure fairness and objectivity in the evaluation process, we will use a “standard evaluation system”, serving as the foundation of our proposal analysis, ensuring consistency and transparency in our assessments.

Proposal Overview

  • Proposal quantity over time
  • Categorization and statistical summary of proposal types

The image is for reference only.

Funded Proposals Achive (Tracking Metrics👇):

  • Project “X” (example)

    • Proposal Type: [Tech, Marketing, Community etc.]
    • Status: [Ongoing/Completed/Defeated]
    • Proposer: [Proposer’s Name]
    • Scope: [Proposal Summary]
    • Budget: [Budget Requested]
    • Timeline: [Estimated Completion Time]
    • Milestones: [Milestone 1, Milestone 2, …]

New Proposals Funded (This Month)

  • Project “Y” (example)

    • Proposal Type: [Tech, Marketing, Community etc.]
    • Status: [Ongoing/Completed]
    • Proposer: [Proposer’s Name]
    • Scope: [Proposal Summary]
    • Budget: [Budget Requested]
    • Timeline: [Estimated Completion Time]
    • Status: [Ongoing/Completed/Pending]
    • Milestones: [Milestone 1, Milestone 2, …]
    • Monthly Fund Allocation: [Total funds allocated this month]

Ongoing Proposals Progress Tracking

  • Project “Z” (example)

    • Proposal Type: [Tech, Marketing, Community etc.]
    • Proposer: [Proposer’s Name]
    • Scope: [Proposal Summary]
    • Budget: [Budget Requested]
    • Status: [Ongoing/Completed/Pending]
    • Progress: [Percentage/Visual Indicator]
    • Timeline: [Estimated Completion Time]
    • Current Milestone: [Milestone Name]
    • Next Milestone: [Milestone Name]
    • Monthly Fund Allocation: [Total funds allocated this month]
    • Notes/Comments: [Any relevant notes or comments]

Section 3: Voters/Proposers

By presenting “Voters and Proposers” data, Aura DAO community will have a better view of voting patterns such as who and how they voted which will ultimately lead in more recognition to active DAO participants, raise participation in decision-making along with governance efficiency and community engagement.

Section will cover details such as:

  • Basic voters and proposers data
  • Top Voters and proposers
  • Detailed list of Voters and proposers based on different criteria

Monthly Aura DAO Transparency Reports

To offer even more governance and financial insights to Aura DAO community, we will lay out monthly Aura DAO reports. These reports will comprehensively examine and present an overview of treasury and governance activity in a user-friendly format. They will be posted on the Transparency Data Dashboard Website and shared across various platforms such as X, Telegram, Discord etc., ensuring maximum visibility.

Audit Report will be split in 2 sections, Treasury and Governance. Each of those sections will examine key aspects within the DAO to provide an all-round understanding of its operations. Here’s a breakdown of what each section will cover:

1. Treasury Analysis

The treasury analysis section offers a comprehensive view of Aura DAO’s financial health and assets management. This will result in better decision-making, acts as a performance evaluation indicator, bring more financial transparency, and boost engagement within the community.

Section will cover details such as:

Treasury Overview (FTs and NFTs):

  • Details regarding the DAO’s total token holdings
  • Breakdown of wallet balances and their assets
  • Assessment of the total treasury value
  • Treasury asset performance and market index comparison

Financial Transactions:

  • Monthly assets flow
  • Incoming/outgoing transactions
  • Transactions labeling

2. Governance Analysis

This section covers and analyzes the classification and expenditure of proposals, allowing users to have a clearer understanding of the DAO’s focus and provides a data basis for better decision-making in the future.

Section will cover details such as:

Governance overview:

  • Data overview (proposal amounts, funded projects, funds, etc.)
  • Proposal details breakdown (date, proposer, status, funds, approved date)
  • Most discussed proposals
  • Governance monthly activity

Voters Overview:

  • Data overview (token holders, participants, voting patterns etc.)
  • Top Voters of the month based on participation and votes
  • Top Voters all time based on participation and votes

Check Apecoin DAO report as a reference of our work : https://daobase.ai/apedao/ape-dao-2023-December-treasury-report.pdf

How will your project benefit the Aura Ecosystem?

  • Comprehensive Treasury Insights: Offering a clear view of treasury status leading to more informed financial decisions.

  • Improved Proposal Tracking: Enabling better monitoring of proposal progress and funded project developments, creating increased community engagement and ultimately leading to more accountability

  • Voter Profiles: Analyzing voter profiles, contributing to better-informed decision-making and recognition of most active DAO participants.

  • Comparative Analysis: Providing detailed governance and treasury data, comparing with other DAOs to drive data-informed optimizations.

Grant and Timeline

Below is our development plan, which includes personnel involved, timeline and development costs.


We want to express our commitment in contributing, so:

  • The grant amount we are applying for is $5000 in AURA tokens + $5000 in USDC or ETH , which represents a fraction (40%) of our development costs.

    • This is a one-time grant (maintainance included) and we will not seek additional funding unless the team or community requests a major redesign or new features.
  • Additionally, we aim to provide Aura DAO community with 3 monthly DAO reports for free.

    • If Aura DAO community finds the DAO reports valuable, we will propose continuing the reports for a fee of 3 ETH or the equivalent value in AURA/USDC tokens per month

We hope that through this, the community can sense our sincerity and our genuine interest in contributing to the DAO.

What applicable KPIs will you be implementing to measure performance?

To keep things as much transparent as possible, we commit to :

  • Provide bi-weekly development updates to the community in the comments section of this post
  • Deliver 3 monthly DAO reports for free while developing the Dashboards website
  • Accept 50% of grant payment after grant completion

Who are we?

We are a collective DAOers behind DAOBase, a DAO aggregator and analytical platform. By consolidating essential information, social data, treasury assets, governance details, calendars, and more, DAOBase enables users to effortlessly monitor and evaluate DAO performance, providing valuable insights for well-informed decision-making.

Proof of DAO Work

  • Aggregated data from over 140k DAOs and 6 million voters, making DAOBase the largest DAO database to date.
  • Integrated 30+ governance platforms, including Aragon, Moloch DAO, Maker DAO governance, OpenZeppelin, Nouns Build, Compound governance, Snapshot, Kyber DAO, AAVE, Syndicate, and more.
  • Forged over 200 new partnerships with verified DAOs.
  • Notable partnerships include Maker DAO, Apecoin DAO, Bankless DAO, Kyber DAO, Meebits DAO, and others.

Proof of Professionalim


:open_book: Research Examples:


Great proposal! For section 1 I can offer to also add historical data if that is desired in the future to the Aura treasury dashboard: Aura Analytics

Although I have to say from our work with the Aura data and the availability of dune dashboards https://dune.com/queries/1045202/1802169 (which we can also integrate in our FE) I am not sure this is something that needs to be done urgently as the data seems to be available.

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Hey @Xeonus , thanks for checking out the proposal and for the reply.

About the treasury data yes, most of them are available in the Aura Analytics Dashboard. We really respect the work you’ve done in the protocol and financial side of things and that’s the reason we didn’t include more financial metrics in the prop, they already exist.

Our focus with this proposal is mostly on increasing transparency and accountability in Aura ecosystem by developing a proposal tracking and reporting website so Aura community can check the progress of funded proposals 24/7. Having some extra treasury stats at the same website will come in handy for users while tracking proposals so we added just the basics.

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Sounds reasonable, thanks for the clarifications :slight_smile:


I’m here to help @Xeonus and I would love to collaborate in the future. Love your work!

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Welcome to the forum, brother!

Before commenting on the specifics of your proposal, keep in mind that copy-paste from other forums is usually poorly received from the voters. For example, see [Temperature Check] Enhancing AURA's Operations with Syncvote - #5 by godwin and elsewhere.

Your current proposal is identical to this one, Proposal for The Graph Advocate DAO Transparency Dashboard - Community Grant Program - Graph AdvocatesDAO and elsewhere.

I think if you’d like to build a dashboard here, there needs to be unique customization and some understanding of what our community wants or needs. For examples, you can check the #dune-requests channel on Discord for the type of metrics our users are mostly interested in or DefiAnalytica’s Dashboard or our revamped Dune Dashboards under [AIP-58] Update Aura's Dune dashboards - #8 by Contributor. There’s very little interest in treasury management, for example, and that’s also been covered by DefiAnalytica’s dashboard already as well.

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Thanks for the welcome and the feedback @Contributor .

About the identical proposal, that’s my collegue Mia and sorry if posting the same prop offended you. I’d like to clarify that we do not jump into every DAO Forum and spam identical proposals but instead choose the projects we want to engage with carefully and then propose our development idea. You’ll find the prop in only a few DAO Forums for the reason explained above (spam). Again, sorry if this is not well-taken,this was not my intention. More than happy to adjust the prop :smiley:

As far as the proposal itself, I am keeping an eye on #dune-requests channel (applied but was late :sweat_smile: ) as well as I am aware of the DefiAnalytica’s financial and protocol Dashboard. Our main focus is not protocol financial insights(emmisions, distribution etc.) but instead providing the community with insights in the DAO-side of things. This includes some standard financial data mentioned in the prop and building a customized Proposal Tracking Dashboard which will lead in more informed decisions, recognition of builders and ultimately in more engagement and transparency. All DAO Data in one place.

On top of that we will be providing Aura community with 3 monthly DAO Reports for free to show how serious we are about this :fist_right: :fist_left:

Thanks for the awesome feedback and happy to improvise the prop if needed. We love your work and we’ll be stoked to contribute :handshake:

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Hey, brother, thanks for your detailed response, I really appreciate it, and points are well taken.

Personally, I’m not too sure about whether the voters will go for this one given the duplication (or perceived duplication) with existing dashboards. But I like your passion and your writing ability–would you perhaps be open to taking on an additional role as an Aura contributor in your free time, and perhaps building some of these products or features semi-internally?

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Thanks for understanding that my intentions are not bad @Contributor :pray:

About the additional role, I am a part of DAOBase partnerships team, not into the development side of things so I can’t build those dashboards myself. What we could do though is connect with my team (meeting or gc) and collaborate in developing some of those features. Or I can work on a new proposal focused only on developing the accountability data dashboard (prop section 2,3). You think that’s more appealing to you and the community?

As far as personal contribution to Aura, I’m definitely hanging around and would love to contribute, just not on the tech side of things hehe! My discord and tm username is @knowhow92 , let’s get in touch

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Sounds good, brother! Ping me on Telegram @AuraAdventurer at your convenience. Let’s chat some more.

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Will do first thing tomorrow! Sundays are rest days :fist_right: :fist_left:

Thanks for the warm welcome @Contributor and enjoy you Sunday

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