[Grant Proposal] Community Analysis On Dune

Name: tian7

Organization: Aura Community

Detailed Description of Grant Request
Thanks to @Tritium suggestions, I have built two dashboards for Aura on Dune, a Web3 data platform.
Aura Airdrop
Aura Unlock Data

How will your project benefit the Aura Ecosystem?
Both dashboards gain the community attention and receive stars(at least prove someone like it).

How much are you requesting for the grant?
Considering my previous work, I’d like to apply a grant of 500 Aura. Those Aura will be locked and staked once I receive them. I will also in charge of maintaining the current dashboard if there’re changes or new demands.

I’d also like to do other community analysis work if there’s a chance. You can reach me by dm tian7.eth#5457 in Aura Discord.

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Hi Tian, thanks for your request. These dashboards are great!


Add more about my furthure work:

1: the whalewatch dashboard that takes a list of addresses and shows governance positions relavent to AURA
2: Dashboards that show the LP balances and current peg of veBAL wrappers (auraBAL, sdBAL, tetuBAL)
3: A website that pulls toegther all your work so far and continued support of the oild boards

I apply $1500 USD in AURA for the grant.


Thanks for all your hard work, brother!

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Hi, this grant request has been taken to the Grant committee for review and voting. If you would like to make any final amendments to the proposal to further clarify any of the questions raised, then please do so in the next 24 hours

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This proposal included some further refinement and discussion on forum that answered the desires and concerns of the AEF committee to an excellent level These dashboards have provided a useful data point and visualization tool for the aura community and for other interested deFi participants and the planned new dashboards to be delivered in support of this proposal are likely to have significant further utility. This grant request has been approved and funded to $1,500. In addition the grantee has shown themselves to be an active and engaged community member who drives engagement to Aura Finance.

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Hey, brother, we’ve been trying to reach you on TG. Go ahead and ping me when you see this @TheForeverWar, thanks!