[Temperature Check] Aura Finance Business Intelligence, Visualizations and Analytics

Hello Aura Members,

Earlier this month DappLooker submitted a proposal for integration of Aura Finance with DappLooker and deploying data-retrieving bots for the Aura Discord and Telegram, along with other features. Unfortunately, the proposal wasn’t accepted. However, we continue to be dedicated to the Aura Community and we have some great news!

We have announced the integration of Aura Finance with DappLooker: https://x.com/dapplooker/status/1755968791362846803?s=20

With the integration the Community and Team Members have access to the following features:

  • Aura Subgraph Powered Analytics.
  • Create, Fork, and Edit Charts (Line, Bar, Pie, etc.).
  • Export Data to CSV/Excel.
  • No-code Queries.
  • Community Analytics.
  • Create Dashboards with drag-and-drop builder.
  • Share Dashboards and Export Charts.
  • Embed Dashboards with a single Click.
  • Advanced Analytics: Funnel analysis, user retention analysis, etc.
  • Use DappLooker API SDK to infuse Aura analytics in projects.

Being the only subgraph native analytics platform, we also have a dedicated Subgraph Analyzer tool which the Aura Community can use here: Subgraph Analyzer | DappLooker

To use the tools, use the following steps:

  • Kindly Sign up using Email or Metamask
  • Go to the ‘Analyzer’ Section in the Nav Bar
  • Go to ‘Browse Data’
  • Locate ‘AURA_MAINNET_V2’
  • Enjoy Analytics and Visualizations in a few clicks

With this integration, we are looking forward to a long-term and dedicated partnership with Aura Finance and a continued involvement with the Aura Community.

Resources for help:


The new partnership with DappLooker means we can do cool stuff with Aura Finance, like making charts and analyzing data easily. It’s like having a super handy tool for understanding how things are going with Aura. Can’t wait to see what else we can do with it! :star_struck: