[Temperature Check] Unleashing a world of insights for Aura Finance

Exciting News for the Aura Community!

We’re thrilled to announce the successful integration of Aura Finance’s subgraph, ETL, and schema into DappLooker’s robust analytics platform. This marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower the Aura community with cutting-edge data visualization tools.

About DappLooker

DappLooker is a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics hub designed to transform Web3 data into actionable insights. Our platform supports analytics across 15+ networks, empowering over 500 million on-chain users to make data-driven decisions. We offer a suite of tools including:

  • Analytics: An intuitive no-code solution for creating dashboards and visualizations.
  • Subgraph Analyzer: Dedicated tool for analyzing and visualizing subgraph data.
  • DataBOTs: Custom bots for retrieving data for your Discord and Telegram communities.
  • API SDK: Robust APIs and SDKs for developers to integrate data seamlessly.
  • AI Studio: AI-assisted analytics tool for querying in natural language.

Our mission is to simplify blockchain data analytics, making it accessible and useful for everyone from developers to business analysts.

What’s Aura Integration?

DappLooker has successfully integrated Aura Finance Subgraph and a range of features are now available to the Aura Community for free.

  • No-Code Dashboards:
    Create stunning charts and dashboards tailored to Aura Finance data in less than 30 minutes - absolutely free! Our intuitive interface ensures you can build comprehensive visualizations without any coding knowledge. Query Aura Schema using No-Code

  • Real-Time Data Visualization:
    Utilize our Subgraph Analyzer to delve into subgraph data with live updates. This feature ensures you have access to the most current and relevant data, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly. Check out the Aura Subgraph Visualizer

  • Customizable APIs:
    Every chart on DappLooker is an API. Seamlessly integrate dashboard data into your website with DappLooker’s APIs. Our APIs allow you to customize the presentation of your data, providing a personalized UI experience that fits your brand and user needs. Explore DappLooker APIs

  • AI Studio Insights:
    Leverage DappLooker’s AI Studio to add AI-generated data to your dashboards. With our natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, you can query Aura metrics in plain English, making it easier than ever to gain insights from your data. Try Aura AI-Studio

Aura Dashboard

We even made an Aura Dashboard to get started on the integration and showcase the possibilities.

Get Started with Ease

  • Comprehensive Features:
    Create, Share, Fork Charts and Dashboards with other community members, receive an iframe link to embed charts and dashboards; combine other datasets with Aura Subgraph/Smart Contracts and a plethora of Features

  • Product Demo:
    Discover the full capabilities of DappLooker by watching our detailed product demo video. This video will guide you through our platform’s features and show you how to maximize its potential. Watch Here

Stay Tuned for More

We’re committed to continuous innovation and will be making more contributions to enhance your experience. Our team is dedicated to providing the best tools and support for the Aura community.

We would also like to get in touch with the Aura Community Manager to deploy features we have built for the Aura Community.

Need Help or More Info?

  • Website:
    Visit our DappLooker website for more information about our platform and services.

  • Community-built Charts & Dashboards:
    Browse through Explore to find community-created visualizations that can inspire your own dashboard creations.

  • Documentation:
    Visit our DappLooker Docs for detailed guides and tutorials on using our platform.

  • GitHub Repository:
    Access our code and contribute to our projects on DappLooker on GitHub.

  • DappLooker Demo:
    Watch our Watch Demo for a comprehensive overview of what DappLooker can do.

Connect with Us

  • Twitter:
    Follow us on @dapplooker for the latest updates and news.

  • Telegram:
    Join our community on Telegram to engage with other users and our support team.

  • Discord:
    Become part of our Discord Community for real-time support and discussions. Join our Discord Community

We’re excited to see how you’ll leverage these new features to explore the endless possibilities with Aura Finance and DappLooker. Dive in and start your data-driven journey today!


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