[AIP-4] Boost protocol fee to auraBAL to increase Aura’s veBAL intake

Supportive of this proposal and think it’s necessary to grow the overall $veBAL owned by the protocol.

With that being said, I’d like to say that I think the 120% APR for $vlAURA annualized bribes is a bit misleading. AURA emissions mean that AURA per veBAL has been consistently decreasing over time. Even with changes it is unlikely that veBAL supply increases fast enough to hold that ratio which currently sits at 1 AURA = .37 vlAURA.

I think with 4% of fees to vlAURA, the deepening liquidity of AURA/ETH proposal from Sami passing which will increase AURA specific bribes, and an overall bribe market that is growing are enough to support vlAURA.

I’d say we would just need to pivot quickly if it isn’t enough to support AURA. AURA price is what drives LP rewards and is the main reason people would farm using auraBAL. It’s a fragile flywheel that is impossible to predict future growth but I think this proposal hits the sweet spot.

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