[AIP-45] Enable additional reward tokens on Arbitrum PAL/OHM gauge




This proposal requests permission for Paladin to distribute incentives on the Arbitrium PAL/OHM pool from September 15-22 in the form of AURA tokens from Paladin’s treasury


Paladin has been a long term supporter of Aura’s liquid locker, both at the product level, by facilitating voting incentives and boost market for ve & vl tokens, and at the user level, by depositing most of the project’s POL on Balancer pools and staking it on Aura.

During the vlAura gauge weight voting round for the week of August 31st, the Paladin treasury multisig signers faced an unexpected issue and the DAO’s votes were not cast. As a result, the bootstrapping campaign of PAL liquidity on Arbitrum was affected and some LPs have already started to leave the pool.

Rectifying this kind of situation has precedent with [AIP-22] Include Hidden Hand Missing Votes. However, considering the differences in purpose and order of magnitude between delegation addresses and the project’s governance power, instead of asking to include Paladin’s missing votes, Paladin instead requests permission from the Aura DAO to allow the deployment of a one-week incentive program denominated in AURA token issued from Paladin treasury to the Arbitrum PAL/OHM pool.


In order to stay synchronized with Balancer and Aura emissions epochs, Paladin requests permission to deploy a 1 week incentive program from September 15-22 of 600 AURA to the PAL-OHM gauge address on Arbitrum (0xd758454BDF4Df7Ad85f7538DC9742648EF8e6d0A).


This forum post will be live for approximately two days before the Snapshot proposal goes live. A special voting schedule beginning on September 11th will be required. We appreciate and encourage an open discussion on this subject.

This vote will be a single-choice vote. You may vote “For” or “Against” this proposal, or choose to abstain from the vote.

By voting “For” this proposal, you are voting in favor of implement the changes with the specification set out in this proposal.


To give a bit more context, Paladin has continuously incentivized liquidity via vote incentives for the past 14 months, and on Aura since launch. We do not plan on discontinuing this program and are looking to compensate for a week of lacking incentives due to a compatibility issue with Safe and Snapshot.

The AURA in questions will be market bought with stablecoins.

I’ll remain wholly avaiblable to answer questions, but time is of the essence and we’d need to vote to start tonight if we want to be on time for a distribution starting Thursday.


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It makes sense to allow this to not prejudice this pool’s participants. And have it enabled when situations like this happen, counting on the reasonableness of Paladin’s governance.

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