Onboarding VITA<>ETH pools

Hi frens,

I’m part of the tokenomics team at VitaDAO and would love to get the two VITA pools onboard to Aura, what are the best steps to get this going? We have a 50-50 and 80-20 VITA-ETH pool, and would like to make a gov proposal to shift some of our liquidity to Aura incl in other pools than those two.

Our DAO has approx.over $7m in token assets (vitadao.eth + ops.vitadao.eth), so it could become a significant depositor.


Welcome to the forum, brother. Feel free to add me on TG, @TheForeverWar. I’ll get a GC set up for you.

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Sweet thx! Anything you need from me?

Not on my end, brother.

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when are the vita<>eth balancer pools going live, can’t find them yet? :slight_smile:

I haven’t received a TG message from you, brother. Ping me so I can set up a group chat for you w/ our BD.

ah ok perfect… pinged u… misunderstood the message that you dont need anything :smiley:

Yup, check TG, brother.

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