[AIP-36] Optimism Deployment

Authors: Fry, 0xMaha, 0xAhtle, Hephyrius


We are pleased to present a proposal for Aura Finance’s strategic cross-chain deployment onto Optimism. This significant initiative is the second deployment in Aura’s cross chain rollout and aims to unlock opportunities for Aura’s growth and expand our presence and level up the Balancer ecosystem.

After the successful launch on Arbtrium and our continued commitment to go cross-chain, Aura Finance is now gearing up to deploy on Optimism. This move will offer users the ability to deposit BPTs (Balancer Pool Tokens) on Optimism and take advantage of the cross-chain veBAL delegated boost. Additionally, it will facilitate the seamless bridging of AURA tokens from mainnet to Optimism, further enhancing accessibility and flexibility for our community.

Audits and testing

As always, Aura takes security extremely seriously. All new contracts and integrations have been audited. Aura currently has completed two audits from Halborn and Zellic. All new contracts have also received a rigorous testing treatment. Our new contracts have 100% unit test coverage as well as fork tests and fuzz tests.


Should this AIP be approved, the following changes will be implemented:

  1. Cross chain contracts deployed on Optimism.
  2. Call setTrustedRemote on the AuraOFT with the optimism AuraOFT remote data
  3. Call setTrustedRemote on the L1Coordinator with the optimism L2Coordinator remote data
  4. Call setBridgeDelegate on the L1Coordinator with the optimism bridgeDelegateReceiver address


This vote will be a single-choice vote. You may vote “For” or “Against” this proposal, or choose to abstain from the vote. By voting “For” this proposal, you are voting in favor of deploying Aura’s cross chain system to Optimism.


It’s fantastic seeing Aura expanding first on Arbitrum, then on Optmism, the major L2 of ethereum.

It’s the sensitive choice from a growth point of view, and will we see good results from this in future.


Wonderful news! We already see the benefits of the Arbitrum expansion, and this is a solid next step!


I’m sure this will be another great step forward for the protocol, especially to creat a more positive image among retail users that we have deployed on the 2 most popular L2s.


This is great, simply great!



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Kudos to the builders here and their very insightful forward thinking. I see the potential for this becoming a massive success.