[AIP-44] Approval of Optimism Grant Utilization



Aura contributors are seeking approval from the community for the use of the recently approved Optimism Grant funds (150k OP tokens) for the goal of the development and growth of the Balancer ecosystem on Optimism. The purpose of these tokens is to provide matching voting incentives on the Optimism deployment of the Balancer protocol.


Aura contributors have recently succeeded in gaining approval for an Optimism Grant. The OP tokens are intended to facilitate protocol growth and development of the Balancer deployment on Optimism within the Optimism ecosystem. The allocation, milestones, benchmarks, and KPIs for the approved grant proposal can be found here.

Aura contributors will be putting together a public dune dashboard that will help to monitor the success of the program. Ultimately, the goal will be to create sustainable, value-additive growth for the Optimism network. If the program is deemed successful the Aura contributors will explore additional growth opportunities (e.g. grant).

The OP tokens will reside in a four of seven multisig that contains the same signers as the current Aura Treasury multisig. The optimism multisig address is 0x57ACb721FcF3d900B480A90A55191CF8F37ad478. OP tokens will be utilized for their intended purpose from the aforementioned multisig in accordance with the approved proposal framework.


To ensure the sustainability and the effectiveness of the program, the utilization of grant funds will be monitored. The overall goal is for the program to last for at least three months and to achieve the governance approved targets. Parameters may be adjusted to guarantee that the program will execute on the milestones and or benchmarks outlined in the Optimism proposal.

  • OP tokens will be sent to an execution multisig. The amount of tokens will be re-upped once per month.
  • Program will start with a ratio of 1:0.5 of incentives provided to OP matched on a USD basis.
  • OP tokens will be applied directly to gauges on Thursday following the end of the vote. The program has the ability to match OP tokens to governance markets.
  • Maximum of 25k OP per cycle. If the limit is reached then there will be less OP per gauge matched on a dollar basis."


This forum post will be live for approximately three days before the Snapshot proposal goes live. We appreciate and encourage an open discussion on this subject.

This vote will be a single-choice vote. You may vote “For” or “Against” this proposal, or choose to abstain from the vote.

By voting “For” this proposal, you are voting in favor of implement the changes with the specification set out in this proposal.


This is a great proposal that will further the Aura/Balancer ecosystem.


Absolutely. Would love to see Aura generate more traction on Optimism.

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Great proposal. Let us make optimism great.

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This will help to boost adoption and will make Aura better known in OP Ecosystem. The grant is a great achievement and I support this proposal.

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This proposal fits naturally along all the efforts deployed to increase efficiency for Aura users and holders, nice work !

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exciting to see. Looking forward to growing on OP