[Grant Proposal] APY.Vision Grant Request For Historical P&L Dashboard

Author: Tom Chan


APY.vision have developed boosted rewards tracking for depositors in Aura on the APY.vision platform, the first step of a multi-stage process to create historical P&L tracking for all aspects of the Aura system. Phase 2 involves indexing the data which would allow tracking the rewards earned when locking the Aura governance token and then voting using the Hidden Hand system. Phase 1 and 2 are both complete and live on apy.vision.

This grant would cover Phase 3 and Phase 4. Phase 3 involves tracking rewards when farming with the auraBAL/ 80BAL-20WETH LP token. Phase 4 involves tracking rewards for staking the 80BAL/20ETH LP Token to get auraBAL.

This proposal requests a grant of $16,000 worth of AURA tokens to reward the work the developers have performed and to ensure the completion of the last 2 stages.

Motivation and Background

APY.vision has been providing analytics to liquidity providers on decentralized exchanges since the beginning of DeFi summer in 2020 supporting 10+ chains and 30+ AMM protocols. We have completed several grant funded projects to build historical P&L tracking for users of various platforms and 70,000 users have connected their wallet to our site.

APY.vision has close ties to the Balancer ecosystem. We supported V1 and V2 and have links to our site on the Balancer pool pages. We feel that Aura is building exciting innovative technology and we want to help users understand their positions better by providing in depth historical data.


Allocate $16,000 worth of AURA tokens (calculated using a 7-day historical moving average at the time of the proposal’s execution) from the Aura Ecosystem Fund to the requested receiving address.

Of this amount, $2,500 has already been allocated to the APY.vision team. https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf89c37148bda0a94082f4f22d97fab36a2c90af3410668ed97f1781e1647a950 This amount will be reimbursed to the AIP-1 fund, which shall no longer handle grant requests going forward.

The APY.vision team have proven themselves to be aligned with the Aura ecosystem, and will be locking any tokens received, as well as maintaining support as necessary to reflect any future updates.

Tokens shall be transferred to to APY.Vision’s multisig: 0x1958bdb3687Fc90da0C7D42c696fD204dEE90153

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Thanks for the submission, brother. The committee will review and get back to you shortly.


I like that the tokens are being locked. Having already played around with the platform I am a fan of what has been developed.


Hey there. So trying to consider this grant. I’m a $VISION LP and a regular user of apy.vision, so it’s somewhat easy to imagine what an AURA integration will look like. That being said, it seems like if we pay out grants it should be clear to the entire community what the work being done/already done is.

Phase 1: Historical P&L tracking of the AURA system (do you have some screenshots/examples of this)
Phase 2: Rewards earned via hidden hands incentives (do you have a screenshot/example of this)
Phase 3: auraBAL LP (can you show an example of this from convex or another protocol that has farming rewaards)
Phase 4: Same thing

Fully in support of this proposal, but would love to show the AURA community what APY.vision can do for them and make sure there is maximal engagement with this valuable data source. Both in terms of using the data, and validating/checking its accuracy.

Lastly, wen $VISION gauge on polygon :smiley:


Hey @Tritium thanks for dropping your note here & THANK YOU for being a Vision LP.

Nearly all our support for Aura is live now and ready for Aura users to test out. We’ve done a lot of testing on our side but we would love to know what could look better. Aura has setup a discord channel for us in their server where users can come and ask questions or report issues. We have done the same in our discord server.

Here are some screenshots of some different support that’s live now.

Here’s a demo wallet of ours where you can CRTL+F Aura to check out some of these that I will post here in more detail. I say CRTL + F just because there’s a lot of activity on that test wallet.

Here’s a locked Aura position with Collected and Pending rewards (keep in mind the ROI of these includes transaction fees so for a small position that takes a big bite out of ROI - but for testing it’s not an issue)

Looks since I just joined the forum here I can only post 1 image so I’ll create another post if it lets me for other positions.


Here’s an auraBAL position:


and finally,

A balancer LP deposited in Aura and earning Aura and BAL (high transaction fee lowers the Position income value):

Let me know if you have any follow up questions or anything. It’s been great working with the Aura contributors.


Thanks for the detailed response, brother!


Agreed, Thank you for adding the context and I hope it encourages more AURA users to go check out APY.vision…

This proposal has my support.


Hi, this grant application will be taken to vote by the eco-fund committee tomorrow. If you would like to add to any of the questions asked here then please do so in the next 24 hours

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The AEF Governing Committee has approved this grant request.

The APY vision grants has been executed with an initial funding round from AIP-1 for an upfront cost of $2,500. Since that time the team has delivered and continues to deliver an excellent product that support the Aura community and potential DeFi participants in the Aura ecosystem. The balance of the funds will be paid to APY Vision ($13,500) with all Aura tokens to be locked by APY vision. In addition, the ecosystem fund will repay the AIP-1 funding allocation the initial outlay (2.5K) to better align accounting.