[Community] Newsletter #7

Aura Finance - Community Newsletter (October 2nd, 2022)

Hello fellow Aurans and welcome to the 7th edition of the Aura Finance Community newsletter. Aura has now managed to accumulate a TVL of over $398 Million and has reclaimed 25% of all veBAL locked as AuraBAL. As always there is plenty going on at Aura Finance with new pools and lots of innovative governance at Balancer. For those of us in Aura, things are made easy with great yields and even better incentives through our partnership with Hidden hand! Many of the new pools are yield bearing tokens and these are providing excellent fee yields to the entire ecosystem as well as providing returns to stakers and vote locked Aura holders. New pools are a great option for earning a steady stream of incentives and vote locking your Aura continues to wield outsized influence in the Balancer ecosystem.

Our previous newsletters have been keeping us up to date on all the protocols who are now accumulating or participating in the Balancer Wars and the Aura ecosystem. With big players like Rocket Pool, OHM and Temple DAO now also directly participating in Aura we are seeing a steady increase in the TVL across the platform. This increase in TVL is being matched through the increase in veBAL voting power that Aura controls as a result of the unique design features and fees that Aura uses to maximise the long term growth of the protocol.

The last few weeks has also seen the soft launch of the Eco Funds Grant committee to review grant requests and an increase in the number of ambassadors and diplomats working with Aura. If you are a keen defi user and have a solid understanding of ve tokenomics and would like to get involved then make sure you jump in to the Aura discord into the #onboarding channel and leave your details.

Community News

The community continues to create great content across a number of different mediums! If you would like to see your work included in one of our community newsletters then ensure you tag Aura Finance!


B2p @0xb2p has done some deep dives on the security audits completed by Aura Finance and has shared some very favourable opinions! B2P has also been asking questions and getting involved with a few tweets and really spreading the word about Aura Finance! Well done! https://twitter.com/0xb2p/status/1576339168447254529

The folks at Smart NFT News @Smart_NFT_News completed a quick rundown of what is happening in the world of NFTs and staking but importantly are talking about the recent support that revest finance will be providing to Aura Finance in their daily finance news section! https://twitter.com/Smart_NFT_News/status/1576162055710978049

Fat Batman (:blue_heart:,:orange_heart:) @FatBatm is clearly very interested in Aura Finance supporting the Arbitrum L2! Stay tuned young Man. https://twitter.com/FatBatm/status/1576117118285713408

Kofi @0xKofi has been spreading the word over the last few weeks and answering questions about TVL and veBAL held by Aura Finance. Keep up the good work! https://twitter.com/0xKofi/status/1576114276779331584

Flywheele r@BuffetTheory dropped a sweet Zoolander meme regarding the Silo Finance incentives. Tongue in cheek obviously with some great voting incentives on offer for the round! https://twitter.com/BuffetTheory/status/1575908279502327809

Alaruna @0xAlunara has gifted the community another great thread breaking down the difference between what Aura is providing in terms of yields per Aura locked and what is happening with Convex. There is a heading below that covers more of this! https://twitter.com/0xAlunara/status/1576236338739052546

Llama @llama has given some options on what to do with your locked Balancer and locked Aura tokens and related them to strategies that can be undertaken with their platform. https://twitter.com/llama/status/1575147436116303873

Hak Research (:blue_heart:,:orange_heart:) @HakResearch has also dropped some sweet English and Vietnamese content that highlights the best places to do staking, LPs etc. thanks for the shout out!!! https://twitter.com/HakResearch/status/1574579643234992128

Notional Finance Japan @NotionalJapan has also tweeted their support for Balancer and Aura Finance as they prepare to complete some tasks for the latest round of Balancer grants. https://twitter.com/NotionalJapan/status/1574525033216548865

Ar @arwincrypto has been dropping suggestions in the Discord and across Twitter with requests for a pounder for Aura that auto compounds the incentives on Hidden Hand! It is certainly a great idea and will be popular with the community but does add sell pressure to partner tokens! Let’s see how it plays out! https://twitter.com/arwincrypto/status/1574457342699229184

Cosme Fulanito @0xCosme from the Balancer Labs team has also recently published the Balancer report and it is packed full of great stuff about Aura and the ongoing accumulation of veBAL power! https://twitter.com/0xCosme/status/1574425335055060992

WhΞats :crystal_ball: @nftley has been keeping it real and spreading the good word about Aura Finance and the benefits of staking with Aura! https://twitter.com/nftley/status/1574148837731606533


YouTube remains the home of longer form content for Aura Finance, especially for news and updates. With the markets as they are it has been very quiet on the video front for those looking to get some quality Aura content on You Tube. If you are looking for some great run downs on YT then head over and subscribe to:

Market Capping https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoxcxH7BjLdGPx_HGhd4msA

Trantor https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgUmvBsRISqeDyiC-P0K-2w

Aura News and Defi Stories.

Aura Ecosystem Grants:

Aura Finance has recently formed the Ecosystem Grants committee to review and vote on the grant request proposed by interested parties and community members. As per AIP 15, the goal of these grants is to build out the long-term health of the ecosystem and the protocol through leveraging innovation and ideas from across the community. If you are interested in submitting for a grant or would like to review some current proposals, then head on over to the Aura Finance forum to check it out!

The Llama Airforce threads

Alaruna has done some very serious work to explain the difference between total voting veBAL and the total amount of veBAL in existence. This is where the entire Aura story gets a little more interesting. The recent Balancer wars battle between the “Whale” and others forced a very large amount of otherwise dormant BAL tokens to be converted to veBAL. This huge “lockening” greatly reduced the amount of veBAL actually held by Aura in terms of raw percentage… BUT, the total amount of voting veBAL is significantly less than the amount of veBAL in existence. What does this all mean? Well it means that the total numbers that protocols can expect to gain by providing incentives is significantly more than otherwise thought from raw maths. The reason is, only the total veBAL that actually votes is counted towards emissions, not the total in existence. And for Aura, the total AuraBAL held ALWAYS votes. The link provided below gives more details on how this plays out and how to do the calculations. https://twitter.com/0xAlunara/status/1576236338739052546

The Mercenary Capital Thread

A recent thread from cs361 @0xcs361 has provided a wonderful dive into tokenomics of locked tokens, AMMs and other defi applications as they relate to sustainable ecosystems. The notable part for those who keep an eye out for such things is the recent partnership between Aura finance and Revest Finance. How this partnership develops will be very interesting! In the meantime, have a read of the thread below: https://twitter.com/0xcs361/status/1576276959947915264

APY.Vision partnership

APY continues to develop some great stuff for Aura Finance as a result of the recent grant proposal, check out their latest stuff at: https://app.apy.vision/

Eco-system Governance

To get the latest on Aura governance updates head over to the Aura Discord and track the channel ‘Governance updates’. Be on the lookout for the “Official Newsletter” coming soon!


This newsletter is not official Aura correspondence and is written by community members.


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