[Community] Newsletter #5

Aura Finance - Community Newsletter (September 4th, 2022)

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Aura Finance Community newsletter. This community newsletter will continue to provide a place for community members to learn about Aura Finance and to find valuable community created content. At the time of writing the overall share of veBAL held by Aura Finance has decreased with Aura now controlling just under 23%. BUT things are not as they seem! This decreased holding is a sign of the Balancer wars heating up and this is excellent news for the Aura and the Balancer ecosystem! Aura remains very well placed with the amount of veBAL that it controls and remains the best place to put your Balancer LPs to work. For proof, look no further than these simple numbers, for every $1 spent on incentives by a project, more than twice that is emitted back. With numbers like these it is easy to see incentives continue and to see why Aura remains a great place to deposit your LPs.

The Aura Finance community itself continues to be a great place to learn more about the protocol and to stay up to date on what is happening in the ecosystem. Aura has been building and developing, as has Balancer labs, as governance is enacted, and new features are added. The best way to stay informed continues to be on twitter with vast quantities of threads, great updates and simple shares spreading the word about aura Finance and the Balancer ecosystem.

Community News

The community continues to create great content across a number of different mediums! If you would like to see your work included in one of our community newsletters then ensure you tag Aura Finance!


@Blockanalia is a huge account that has been providing some deep dives on the benefits of getting into Aura finance! https://twitter.com/Blockanalia/status/1561815262009196546

@defiantNews provided a run down of what is happening in the defi world regarding leverage and provides insight on the moves Aura has been making as DAOs and projects seeks Balancer liquidity. https://twitter.com/DefiantNews/status/1562478134217216004

@Larpseidon has put out a series of great tweets that cover off on the Aura Wars, Balancer and the benefits of locking your Balancer with Aura over Balancer. The analysis and the comparisons are great. https://twitter.com/Larpseidon/status/1561714015608262656

@0xOmnia Out of redacted cartel is very excited by the rewards on offer through hidden hand for those that hold the Aura token. https://twitter.com/0xOmnia/status/1562523829406093319

@templedao is also providing some great updates on their decision making and their bullish plans for aura moving forward. https://twitter.com/templedao/status/1563181724686725120

@veMattM is loving the Aura wars and is bullish on what is happening at aura. https://twitter.com/dimsomedim/status/1565342942344097795

@dimsomedim from mStable wrote a great thread on ERC 4626 standards which includes some interesting info on Aura finance and tokens https://twitter.com/dimsomedim/status/1565342942344097795

@CryptoTimesRes1 has provided a great Japancese thread on the ERC- 4626 discussion. https://twitter.com/CryptoTimesRes1/status/1565597021809295360

@arwincrypto has been asking great questions about what is going on with veBAL voting and how delegation works. https://twitter.com/arwincrypto/status/1564671793885073408

@John02700 is very happy with the partnerships with coinbase wallet.

@chocoboplus has done some amazing artworks and even a song featuring aura finance. Great stuff and some beautiful artwork too. https://twitter.com/chocoboplus/status/1561142164356481024

@PrinzPenguin AKA BitMage has done a detailed thread covering farming with Aura, how they do it and the benefits of the Aura protocol. https://twitter.com/PrinzPenguin/status/1562201174966616065

@piercesword has also created some purple coin art in celebration of the recent coinbase wallet announcement! https://twitter.com/piercesword/status/1563305746556940289

@0xSouvlaki created a nice little lyrical number based on play that funky music in celebration of the incentive rounds now including optimism. https://twitter.com/0xSouvlaki/status/1560953472962510850

@IQuabboua aka bobdbldr, wrote up a detailed thread breaking down Aura finance, Balancer and Hidden Hand. This is exactly the kid of thread that helps spread the word about what veBAL and Aura are all about! https://twitter.com/IQuabboua/status/1561274581029101569

@porshtohbad Much like the tweet from above, this tweet thread from Bhadmus was both engaging and informative and highlighted the history and the development of Aura Finance since launch! https://twitter.com/porshtohbad/status/1561600335705264130

@moonn6pense gave us a wonderful Korean update for our Korean friends! https://twitter.com/moonn6pense/status/1562214887736020992

@Toyo11158 written by LowKey gave a detailed update on Aura Finance, providing information and guidance in Japanese. https://twitter.com/Toyo11158/status/1562233276013498368

@AA_Alex1 updated everyone on AIP 11 and the governance surrounding what was decided there. https://twitter.com/AA_Alex1/status/1562007725726384128

@renalqr gave us an update in Chinese which covers off on Aura Finance! https://twitter.com/renalqr/status/1561704672661893121

@DaveTheBasha is very positive about the future of BTC on Aura. His point that without Aura finance BTC would be dead alreday was quite amusing! https://twitter.com/DaveTheBasha/status/1561670219206217729

@Matthew_Graham_Matthew Graham is a crypto investor who is very interested in the rewards being provided through Aura finance. Interesting discussions to be had moving forward! https://twitter.com/Matthew_Graham_

@AntsSunny gave us another great Japanaese summary of what is happening in Aura, especially as a result of AIP 3 and the completion of the limit orders on CoW Swap. https://twitter.com/AntsSunny/status/1561379628970696705


YouTube remains the home of longer form content for Aura Finance, especially for news and updates. Some recent Aura community content on YouTube includes:

Trantor’s latest video is on the Balancer wars. He provides a deep dive on the latest news for aura including partnerships and the general ecosystem before discussing the ongoing Balancer wars and how Aura fits in! https://youtu.be/NLs_SMe9O5k

Altcoin Disrupt has also provided a price related update on Balancer DAO with some big price predictions and thoughts on where the ecosystem is going. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2tEi9j3yxA

Aura Latest News

New Entrants to the Aura and Balancer ecosystems

There have been a lot of new entrants to both the Balancer ecosystem and the Aura layer over the past 2 weeks. This has included:

DFX who have increased their incentives significantly to boost their own yields and to gain a more prominent position within the ecosystem! https://twitter.com/DFXFinance/status/1565817067810557952

OHM have transferred their first $3 Million of treasury controlled liquidity into Balancer, as part of what will likely be a migration to Balancer for treasury liquidity. Notably, this has been coupled with the recent passing of OIP 11 which has allowed Olympus treasury to accumulate Aura tokens to better incentivize their liquidity on Balancer moving forward. https://twitter.com/AuraFinance/status/1565729244319305729

Aave are seeking to acquire Tribe DAOs vote locked Aura position to better place themselves in the Aura Finance ecosystem. https://twitter.com/AuraFinance/status/1565056823903789058

Temple DAO have depositing over 5m in assets to Balancer Pools as well as they seek to migrate a signficnat part of their liquidity across to Balancer and Aura in the coming weeks and months. https://twitter.com/templedao/status/1563181724686725120

Eco-system Governance

To get the latest on Aura governance updates head over to the Aura Discord and track the channel ‘Governance updates’. Be on the look out for the “Official Newsletter” coming soon!


This newsletter is not official Aura correspondence and is written by community members.


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