[AIP-38] Aura Maxi SP - Q3 2023 Budget Proposal

Authors: BarryLime, Béguin, CheesySweets, cryptocomical, Matt | Alfafa or Spanky?, Mattgene, James K, Jeffery, JoJo, and Yakitori.


The Aura Maxi SP aims to continue its mission of augmenting and growing the Aura and Balancer ecosystems through the implementation and maintenance of decentralized frameworks and tools. After a first bootstrapping period, this proposal outlines the plans and budget for the third quarter, covering the period from July 1 to September 30, 2023.


The Aura Maxi SP objectives for Q3 will be the same highlighted in the previous proposal. Currently the macro goal is strengthening the Maxi’s presence in the Aura and Balancer ecosystem while, at the same time, growing into potentially more tasks that align with the expansion of the ecosystem.

  • Governance:

    • Act as an independent voice on the Balancer forum, analyzing and providing feedback on proposals in the Balancer/Aura Forums;
    • Advise third parties on Aura’s governance process and provide information; and
    • Address and share independent observations on governance issues as they arise.
  • Community & Content:

    • Engage with the Aura community on Discord, Telegram, and the Forums, addressing questions, concerns, and raising relevant topics;
    • Moderate, manage, and support the Aura Discord and Telegram, ensuring an autonomous and educated community;
    • Collaborate on Chakra Alignment (Newsletter), research initiatives, and international content translation;
    • Create Aura’s Constitution, Code of Conduct, and Accountability Guidelines; and
    • Maintain a Notion page for record-keeping and process documentation.
  • Protocol Support & Growth:

    • Assist with Aura UI/UX testing and provide feedback on implemented features;
    • Forward community requests to the Contributors and facilitate relevant discussions;
    • Identify and document enhancements for the front-end/UI, protocol workflows, and documentation improvements; and
    • Maintain, update, and expand Aura’s documentation, including the FAQ and How-to sections.


The Aura Maxi SP will keep providing a monthly report in the Aura Governance Forum, detailing accomplished work, planned activities, and spending disclosures. The report will include information on the group’s activities, transactions from the Aura Maxi multisig, and financial transparency. The previous reports highlighting the activity of the group are the following:


The current Aura Maxi composition is the same as highlighted in the previous AIP and reports, except for strongteapot, who choose to voluntarily step down in the month of June. We thank him for his efforts.

Length of Engagement & Budget:

Term: July 1 - September 30, 2023.

For the highlighted period, the proposed budget can be broke down as follows:

  • Funding for Aura Maxi Group:1 compensation of $12,500 in Aura per month for the total number of members.
  • Costs: 0.5 ETH in Aura per month for gas and other expenses

Total Budget for Q3 2023: $37,500 in Aura plus further 1.1139 ETH in Aura, for a grand total of 25,100 Aura.

If approved, funds will be transferred to the following multisig address, which is solely controlled by the Aura Maxis: 0xd2F8D0C521BE12cf66d51bf696C0d5A8b0C6a8D6.

Note: costs are lowered compared to the planned 1.5 ETH due to the leftover of 0.3861 ETH from Q2 2023.


This proposal will be open for discussion for a minimum of three days before the Snapshot proposal goes live. Voting options include “For,” “Against,” or abstaining from the vote.

We encourage an open discussion and appreciate your input on this proposal.

If this proposal passes:

  • The Aura Maxi Group will be approved by Aura Governance to continue its activity for Q3 2023.
  • The funding outlined in this proposal will be transferred to the Aura Maxi multisig wallet.

The Aura Maxis has been an interesting development to follow. I like that you’ve been sharing your thoughts independently on Aura/Balancer governance issues, rather than posting with the “auramaxi” handle. Governance deliverables might be biased when you are being paid and also bring some legal concerns (specially jurisdiction nexus on agency/control/influence), so voicing your opinions independently makes more sense. The community also gets to know you better and grow your reputation in this space.

Full-support on the other deliverables, and good job creating this contributor framework.


In our opinion and view, being a decentralized SP in a more and more decentralized ecosystem doesn’t translate in speaking mostly with the single voice of the single (shared) account. Quite the opposite, having all of us expressing our own opinions in the forum is probably for the best, the differences shown, just even reagarding the type of questions posed by the different maxis, usually reflects the internal discussions we have.

Thanks for your message, after a few months of grinding it’s interesting to check for the perception community has about Maxis.



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