Aura Maxi SP Monthly Report - May 2023

Aura Maxis: BarryLime, Béguin, CheesySweets, cryptocomical, Matt | Alfafa or Spanky?, Mattgene, James K, Jeffery, JoJo, strongteapot375 and Yakitori.

May marked the establishment of the Aura Maxis SP. The Maxis focused on setting up internal processes. Alongside this, the SP presented proposals on both the Balancer and Aura Governance Forums, while also providing support on the Aura Discord server, and providing governance analysis and recommendations.

1. Governance Activities:

Aura Maxis’ recommendations and analysis on voting proposals in Aura and Balancer governance. Several interventions were made individually by Maxis in Balancer’s Forum, looking for clarification or proposing a new course of action, with Aura’s best interest in mind.

The following is a breakdown of all proposals published by Aura Maxis, including their goals and outcomes.

[AIP-27] Implement Weighted Voting for Aura

  • Summary: move Aura to a Weighted Voting system
  • Objective: align the voting system of Aura with the Balancer voting system following Balancer’s adoption of BIP-300, enabling Aura to provide weighted votes in Balancer Snapshot governance.
  • Outcome/Update: approved.

[AIP-28] Establishing the Aura Maxis

  • Summary: establish, fund, and authorize the Aura Maxis as an independent and decentralized SP for the Aura Ecosystem
  • Objective: approve and fund Aura Maxis as an Aura Governance SP per the terms of the proposal
  • Outcome/Update: approved.

[BIP-XXX] - Orb Collective - Moving Forward

  • Summary: wind down Orb as a Balancer SP
  • Objective: avoid the renewal agreement for year two and spark discussions about the Orb wind down
  • Outcome/Update: following the discussion prompted by the proposal, it did not proceed to vote because Orb communicated its intention to terminate its SP services by the end of July and provide monthly reporting for the prior month spend and next month’s anticipated expenses.

Aura Maxis interfaced with the Aura delegates:

  • Circulated Balancer governance vote recommendations; and
  • Coordinated and updated the Aura delegates’ vote reasoning on the Balancer Delegates’ Thread.

2. Protocol Support/Growth Activities:

Aura Maxis assumed several tasks regarding Support/Growth by acting as the first response line on Discord on Partnership, Support, and Governance channels. On the Balancer Forum, Maxis focused on new gauges proposals and tracked/provided new Balancer gauges to streamline BPT staking and understand possible partnership opportunities.

Activities Undertaken:

  • Contributed to relevant forums and discussion groups to provide support and share insights
  • Filtered and answered partnership proposals on Discord;
  • Reached to the following protocols: Via, Lybra Finance, and Agility; and
  • Communicated upgrades/news about the Aura protocol.

3. Community and Content Activities:

Aura Maxis engaged with the Aura community and created content related to the Aura and Balancer protocols. Aura’s Discord was the main medium of focus.

One activity involved actions in applying a one-month content retention policy to Aura Discord server communications. Concerns as to the application of this policy were raised by the community. The Aura Maxis believe these concerns flow from the lack of an announcement regarding the policy’s application. The Maxis commit to providing future communications like this in advance and with more clarity.

Activities Undertaken:

  • Moderated Discord channels, answered questions, maintained Discord bots, and facilitated communications with other contributors;
  • Created an official Aura Finance Telegram Group to provide support to the community and avoid Telegram impersonators;
  • Wrote the Chakra Alignment Newsletter (8th and 9th);
  • Provided support in Discord and content for both Twitter and the main aura website in foreign languages (Korean, Chinese)
  • Responded to community inquiries; and
  • Applied the one-month retention policy to Discord content.

4. Internal Activities:

This month marked the foundation of the Aura Maxi SP and involved significant time and effort dedicated to evaluating and discussing internal frameworks, communication strategies, and organizational structure. The Aura Maxis also conducted an internal assessment to properly evaluate the skills within the SP group, identify any gaps, and establish the main goals to be achieved.

Activities Undertaken:

  • Created a Notion to record internal processes;
  • Conducted regular SP meetings to align on objectives and progress;
  • Implemented Coordinape for SP members to evaluate and report SP member activities properly;
  • Reviewed and analyzed governance recommendations; and
  • Recorded internal flows and processes for further reference (notion, Coordinape).

5. Financial Summary and Transactions:

The main activities involved the allocation of stipends per [AIP-28] for the Aura Maxi SP contributors. Following the funding of the Aura Maxi multisig and Coordinate voting, stipends were sent to contributors, along with a Swap from Aura to ETH for gas and other costs. The transactions can be found here, with a detailed breakdown below.

Transactions conducted by the Aura Maxi multisig:

The following is a list of transactions for the epoch of May 2023, from the Aura Maxi multisig wallet.

  • Transaction 0:

    • Type: transfer
    • Amount: 0 Aura
    • Purpose/Category: test transaction from the new multisig
    • Transactions hashes: tx 0
  • Transaction 1, 2, 3:

    • Type: swap
    • Amount: 1024 Aura for 0.9957 ETH
    • Purpose/Category: convert AURA in ETH for gas reimbursements
    • Transactions hashes: tx 1, tx 2, tx 3
  • Transaction 4:

    • Type: transfer
    • Amount: 6029 Aura, 0.079567 ETH
    • Purpose/Category: disburse stipends to SP contributors, reimburse gas costs for transactions
    • Transaction hash: tx 4


May was an eventful and exciting month, with a great deal of attention dedicated to implementing the Aura Maxi SP in alignment with [AIP-28]. The focus has now shifted to supporting the growth of the protocol and the community, proactively communicating and addressing inquiries raised in the Discord server, upgrading Aura Documentation, and further interaction and analysis with the Aura and Balancer Governance Forums. The Aura Maxis are actively supporting the expansion of Aura Protocol to Arbitrum, ensuring a seamless transition. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and contribute.


I love the transparency–looking forward to seeing more from this group of outstanding individuals.