[AIP-48] Enable USDC incentives to sDAI/EURE pool on gnosis chain


Gnosis Chain is in the process of migrating users in their EURE/USD stableswap to EURE/sDAI which will offer better returns.

We would like to use some direct incentives on the AURA gauge to encourage users to migrate faster and smoother UX for users as they cot over.


The goal is to place a single incentive of somewhere between 6000 and 12000 USDC as direct incentives on AURA for a single week (starting around October 19th).

These will be paired with Balancer Direct incentives and Aura/veBAL voting to create a smooth migration experience.

Proposal Details

This proposal requests that the Balancer Maxis can add USDC rewards to the EURe/sDAI pool to help gnosis chain manage their migration.


DAO multisig will call setExtraReward on this “stash” for the EURe/sDAI pool on gnosis chain using the tx builder data below. A new “VirtualRewardPool” would be created, and would allow a reward token to be sent to this stash, queuing it on the new virtual reward pool. Any reward token sent there would be queued over the following week.

Voting Procedure

It would be nice to have this Stash available before October 19th.


We support this proposal.

Can only support this temp check, in line with the willingness of Aura to become to go-to place for Balancer yield in several chains.

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sDAI offers better returns, so it makes sense to incentivize a quick migration. And with the deployment of Spark Protocol on GC, I believe this pool will have a high tx volume.

This is a good initiative.

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this makes sense as the sDAI pool is better in terms of returns. We need to capture its value

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