Aura Maxi SP - Code of Conduct

Authors: BarryLime, Béguin, CheesySweets, CryptoComical, Matt | Alfafa or Spanky?, Mattgene, James K, Jeffery, JoJo and Yakitori.


Every present and prospective contributor to Aura Maxi must fully engage with and comprehend these guidelines as a part of their initiation process. This document is brief and subject to change, to reflect a challenging, evolving and stimulating environment in which the Aura Protocol thrives to operate and adapt to echo the ethos of openness and transparency.

Fundamental Tenets

Outlined below are the critical tenets that direct Aura Maxi’s daily operations, interpersonal interactions, and the fabric of our organizational culture.


  • Aura Maxi is based on a foundation of contribution and merit. We ensure fair consideration for all valuable inputs to Aura Maxi without bias or prejudice based on one’s gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, place of birth, age, disability, or religion.


  • The Aura Maxi SP mandate is to foster the growth of the Aura protocol through the support to the governance system of Aura and Balancer, through the education, growth, and active participation of the Aura community, and by supporting all the stakeholders in both a technical and non-technical way. It engages with and carefully analyzes various issues that arise in Aura and Balancer governance, providing valuable recommendations to ensure a well-informed decision-making process. Moreover, the Aura Maxi SP offers comprehensive technical and governance support to individuals and projects that choose to build with Aura and Balancer, empowering them to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. By transparently promoting Aura, the Aura Maxi SP strives to foster consensus, independence, and resistance to censorship, embodying the principles of a decentralized and inclusive ecosystem. Additionally, the Aura Maxi SP actively contributes to building a diverse and collaborative community, encouraging meaningful contributions from a wide range of participants.


  • We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, dignity, and inclusivity for everyone in the group, upholding transparency as our guiding principle.


  • In the Aura Maxi, we firmly commit to operations that enhance and uphold decentralization, both internally and in our contributions to the Aura Protocol. We’re steadfast in our commitment to the decentralization ethos that propels the blockchain sphere.


  • The composition of the Aura Maxi group is not constrained by a fixed number of members, allowing for flexibility and adaptability. The process of admitting new participants into the Aura Maxi SP is initiated through open applications on the public forum. Following initial applications, candidates undergo a brief interview to gauge their qualifications and suitability. Once the interview stage is completed, the Aura Maxi group proceeds with an internal voting process to make a final determination on the candidate’s acceptance. During this voting phase, the Aura Maxi members collectively assess the candidate’s alignment with the group’s objectives, evaluate the existing skillset within the group, and consider any identified gaps that could be filled by the candidate’s expertise. By incorporating this comprehensive evaluation, finalized by an internal voting, the Aura Maxi group ensures that new members are chosen thoughtfully, maintaining a diverse and capable team that effectively contributes to the mission and growth of the Aura ecosystem.


  • We expect all contributors to embody high moral integrity, promoting honest and ethical collaboration. Aura Maxi reserves the right to hold all contributors accountable for their actions, and similarly, contributors should demand the same of each other.

Evaluation of members, rewarding, offboarding

  • As a decentralized and flat service provider, the Aura Maxi SP follows a democratic process for evaluating its members’ performance and determining appropriate rewards. This process incorporates the utilization of decentralized instruments to allocate rewards, as well as internal voting procedures. It is essential that each member approaches the evaluation of their peers’ work in an unbiased and equitable manner, ensuring fairness and transparency throughout. Every member’s vote should align with the highest ethical standards, fostering an environment of integrity and accountability within the SP. By upholding these principles, the Aura Maxi group strives to maintain a robust and just system for member evaluation and rewarding.
  • At the end of each quarter, an important voting session occurs within the Aura Maxi group to evaluate and potentially change its current composition. This initial vote focuses on the overall structure of the Aura Maxi group, including the possibility of offboarding current members. For this decision to be approved, it requires a majority plus one vote. If this vote passes, indicating a desire for changes to the group’s composition, a subsequent series of individual votes is initiated. During this phase, each member of the Aura Maxi group undergoes a separate vote to determine their continued involvement. If a member’s individual vote passes, signifying the decision to offboard that particular member, they are subsequently removed from the group. In such cases, the offboarded member is ineligible to reapply for at least two quarters. If they wish to rejoin after the specified period, they must undergo the Aura Maxi internal vetting system to assess their suitability for reentry. This two-step voting process ensures a comprehensive evaluation of both the overall structure and the individual members within the Aura Maxi group.
  • Any member of the Aura Maxi group has the authority to initiate the aforementioned procedure at any time if they consider it necessary for addressing specific critical cases. This provision allows members to exercise their agency and call for a comprehensive evaluation of the group’s composition and individual members whenever they deem it appropriate. By enabling this flexibility, the Aura Maxi group ensures that urgent matters and exceptional circumstances can be promptly addressed, promoting transparency, accountability, and responsiveness within the group’s dynamics.

Conflict of Interests

  • Every contributor is expected to disclose any conflict of interests promptly, preserving the transparent nature of our operations. Participation in multiple DAOs or organizations is permitted, provided these affiliations do not conflict with the interests of the Aura Protocol. Moreover, all decisions and actions undertaken by contributors should prioritize the maximum benefit of the Aura Protocol, provided they are pursued ethically and in line with the Maxi’s principles.
  • There will be instances when a member of the Aura Maxi SP finds themselves in a conflict of interest concerning a specific proposal. For example, this could occur when a member is affiliated with another DAO or protocol that is proposing something beneficial to a different entity. In such situations, it is obligatory for that member to openly acknowledge the conflict of interest before any deliberations take place, abstain from actively participating in discussions, and refrain from voting in favor of the proposal.
  • In the event that a member of Aura Maxi fails to disclose a conflict of interest or is determined to have acted in bad faith, the Aura Maxi SP reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including but not limited to suspending the member from the group for a variable period of time, demoting their responsibilities, or potentially even initiating the offboarding process. These decisions will be made through an internal discussion among Aura Maxi members, followed by a voting procedure. The objective is to uphold transparency and ensure that conflicts of interest are properly addressed and managed within the SP, maintaining its integrity and fairness.

Internal conflict management

  • The Aura Maxi group maintains an internal conflict management system to address any disagreements or decisions that require resolution. When confronted with a matter that necessitates a decision, the group relies on a voting mechanism to reach a consensus. In order for a proposal to be approved, it must receive a majority plus one vote, ensuring that it garners strong support within the Aura Maxi group. This voting process allows for fair and democratic decision-making, enabling the collective wisdom and perspectives of the members to shape the outcomes. By adhering to this approach, the Aura Maxi group ensures that important determinations are made through an inclusive and transparent process, ultimately contributing to the harmonious and effective functioning of the group.

Change to Code of Conduct

  • The Aura Maxi SP possesses the authority to enact modifications to this document or the procedures outlined within it by means of a straightforward majority decision. In the event that a Maxi member wishes to propose alterations, they must present a draft amendment, after which an internal vote will be scheduled.

Aura Maxi’s mission is to drive the Aura Protocol’s growth and acceptance in the decentralized finance landscape and beyond. We encourage all contributors to adhere to these tenets in good faith, pushing collectively towards elevating Aura to new heights.


Ehy everybody, this is the code of conduct we estabilshed for our SP, the Aura Maxi.

While some stuff might be trivial or even just taken for granted, we think that putting everything down on paper makes everybody accountable in a more tangible way.

Please, feel free to comment on this, on what you feel is good or is bad. Or anything else for what it matters.