[Community] Newsletter #10

Aura Finance - Community Newsletter (November 11th, 2022)

Welcome Meditators and congratulations for keeping your heads held high and aligning your Chakras after a very unpleasant week in the crypto markets. It would also be remiss of us not to acknowledge Memorial day, or Remembrance day, today. Despite what has happened in the crypto markets over the past few days, weeks and months, we should stop and reflect on the sacrifices made by service men and women in defence of freedom, justice and human dignity.

In our 10th edition of the Aura Finance Community Newsletter we have protocols building on top of Balancer and Aura Finance ecosystems, new vaults and exciting announcements from some of our many partners. This past fortnight (the last 2 weeks) has had updates from Silo finance on their new vaults, the announcement of jAURA from Jones DAO and the entrance of Beefy finance into the Ethereum scene with Aura strategies. Aura has also recently launched the Liquidity migrator tool that allows protocols to easily move their liquidity from sushi or uniswap, directly over to Balancer.

From a broader Aura Finance perspective, Aura continues to accumulate more veBAL with a current capture of over 25%. Despite the recent decrease in TVL as a result of the recent volatility, Aura Finance is still a top 25 protocol for TVL and maintains a spot as one of the most widely used smart contract platforms for whales in crypto.

It is the community of Aura Finance that keeps us moving and importantly it will continue to be the community that builds, spreads the word and impresses upon other protocols and the general public, the interesting and innovative things being developed by Balancer DAO and Aura Finance. Stay engaged, stay positive, touch grass and stay safe out there Meditators!

Community News

The community continues to create great content across a number of different mediums! If you would like to see your work included in one of our community newsletters then ensure you tag Aura Finance!


WhaleStats (tracking crypto whales) @WhaleStats. Continues to provide interesting updates on the activities of some of the biggest whales in crypto. Aura finance has once again been listed as a most used smart contract. Exciting stuff and good to see the whales are maintaining their interest! https://twitter.com/WhaleStats/status/1590819227014930440

Ice v3 @FroyoFren has been writing up a bunch of Jones DAO threads and interactions about their latest product offering the jAURA. Plenty of interesting to stuff to read in here. A lot of this info builds on what we covered in Newsletter #9. https://twitter.com/AuraFinance/status/1590113007061061632

FIAT DAO @fiatdao have also been busy on twitter updating the world on what is happening with their token. Normally we wouldn’t include this in the community section but I wanted to highlight that Fiat Dao is thanking Yearn finance for their auto-compounder for an Aura pool. This is what a widening network of users and builders looks like. https://twitter.com/fiatdao/status/1590098264082509824

Coty. @CotyKuhn has been sharing docs on how to stake into the DFX pool on Balancer and Aura. https://twitter.com/CotyKuhn/status/1590045463914639360

Animoca Ventures @AnimocaVentures has been updating the community on the Nine chronicles liquidity pool on Aura finance. This is a pool that has been earning quite high APY for months now, under the radar! https://twitter.com/AnimocaVentures/status/1589551497217703936

Messari @MessariCrypto. A big thank you to the thread and detailed analysis from Messari Capital on Aura finance. The future certainly looks bright and if you interested in a run down of what has been happening with Aura then this is a good place to start. https://twitter.com/MessariCrypto/status/1589278977083944966

sleep.lens @shleep_well is a big fan of the ETH stacking play with Aura Finance. With both stETH and rETH involved in a very big way on Aura Finance this makes a lot of sense. (NFA) https://twitter.com/shleep_well/status/1589091968709455872

Cameron @schorgie30 has been using the new Notional Finance vaults built on top of Aura Finance. These vaults used leveraged positions to maximise yield on staked ETH positions. https://twitter.com/schorgie30/status/1588533210111127552

Work In Progress @WIP_DEFI we would like to acknowledge the work being done by WIP on tracking veBAL ownership by protocol. The purpose of WIP’s tweets is to show the comparative increases in veBAL ownership between Tetu on Polygon and Aura finance on ETH. Although both of our protocols are competing with each other for governance and voting power, it is great to see more info always going out to the world. For the latest stats check it out here: https://twitter.com/WIP_DEFI/status/1588494328007389184

Himahimaaa @Himahimaaali has joined the Aura Delegate Council and is super excited! Welcome to the Aura delegate council and we look forward to seeing more of you in the coming months. https://twitter.com/Himahimaaali/status/1588324878607785985

hash_error @HashError continues to highlight some of the amazing products that Badger Dao has built on top of Aura finance. This time the discussion focuses on the graviAURA product. https://twitter.com/HashError/status/1588201696907386880

NPC68 @NPC_68 has provided a deep dive on staked ETH options across a range of protocols and options. The summary of Aura Finance was more of an afterthought BUT, I would encourage you to take a closer look at Aura finance and see if there are other places with better yield. We are confident that we have a very competitive offering here! https://twitter.com/NPC_68/status/1587796970759929856

MetaResearchers @MetaResearchers have a completed a thread on Aura finance that describes what Aura Finance is all about. The thread provides a deep dive on ve tokens, Balancer etc. https://twitter.com/MetaResearchers/status/1587394004164886528

never🦋 @DefinedNever has been spreading he word about the great APY on offer at Aura Finance at the moment for DAO hosting their liquidity on Aura Finance. https://twitter.com/DefinedNever/status/1587241687193161729

Larpseidon (:point_right:/:ok_hand:).bera @Larpseidon has done a thread on Themis protocol and their soon to be launched ETH vaults. The thread breaks down the options for yields using Balancer and Aura with some insightful comparisons. https://twitter.com/Larpseidon/status/1590685365807251457


YouTube is the home of longer form content for Aura Finance, especially for news and updates.

The Crypto Finance channel has shared a video on how to buy the Aura Finance token https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrK5bMVFUlo

The guys at DFX have completed a great little how to video on depositing DFX and WETH into the Balancer pool and staking with Aura. Great demo video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEl–DOzjGA

Trantor and Small Cap Scientist continue to provide updates on Aura Finance. Over the past month this has included the 6th video on the Aura Helper series, claiming incentives with Hidden Hand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB5QP2Lxrzw

Aura News and Defi Stories.

The Aura Helper Series

One of the most common questions we hear from new community members and aspiring meditators involves how to actually ‘do things’ in the Aura ecosystem. Whilst some people instinctively just understand and can fully digest official documentation, many of us really need a step by step. With this in mind the Aura Helper series has been developed to show users how to do a variety of key tasks and actions within the Aura ecosystem. If you have burning questions and you think that others might have the same concerns, then leave a comment on the videos to request another video. Simply search for Aura Finance on YouTube or use the helpful links below:

Aura Finance Helper Video #1 - How to delegate your vote


Aura Finance Helper series 2 - How to stake using Aura Finance


Aura Finance Helper Series 3 - Vote locking and delegating to HH


Aura Finance Helper Series 4 - Withdrawing from a Liquidity Pool


Aura Finance Helper Series 5 - AuraBAL how to mint, trade and stake


Aura Finance Helper Series 6 - Claiming Incentives with Hidden Hand


The Aura Migrator

In an effort to continue the rapid increase in DAO deposits into Aura finance, Aura has launched the Aura Migrator, a one-click tool for bringing Uniswap & Sushiswap LP Positions to the purple coin ecosystem. This one stop migrator allows for protocols to migrate their 50/50 pool positions directly into Balancer and then, after gauge approval, into Aura Finance. This process makes it much easier for protocols to apply for a gauge to allow for the creation of a pool on Aura Finance.

The Llama College

The Llama college has recently launched a news and analysis summary information hub that now includes Aura Finance. The site has details that cover the tweets, articles, videos, pods and questions that aggregate information from a range of sources to provide easy access for users looking to research new protocols.

Silo Finance

Silo Finance have recently announced some new pools on their protocol. This includes isolated lending markets that now includes the Aura token. Silo continues to be an active participant and incentive provider on Hidden Hand with their 50/50 Silo/WETH pool.

Jones DAO

Jones DAO have also increased their presence on twitter recently with a plethora of announcements focused on Aura finance. Their new product has not been launched yet but appears to be an autocompounder for locked Aura Tokens called jAURA. Whether it competes directly with graviAURA from Badger or simply complements what is happening there, it is great to see more protocols building on Aura and the Balancer ecosystem!

The benefits of DeFi

This community newsletter is not about convincing you, a DeFi native, of the benefits of de-centralization. All we will simply say is that that all Balancer liquidity deposited into Aura is always available to the depositor.

No address, not even the protocol multisig, has the ability to touch this capital but you, the depositor! This is how it should be and this is how it always will be.

Beefy finance

Beefy Finance have recently deployed on Ethereum Mainnet and they have done it in style! They are currently boasting a series of Aura deposited strategies focused on rETH, wstETH and bb-a-usd alongside their Convex and Stargate strategies. Some great company for Aura Finance in the Beefy Finance vaults!.

DeFi Safety thread

The team over at DeFi safety recently conducted a review on Aura Finance that covered security and safety across the protocol. Aura finance performed very well receiving the impressive score of 88%! Noted for the highly effective and concise documentation, Aura Finance was “impressive” and “top-notch” across a number of categories. You can read the thread here: https://twitter.com/DefiSafety/status/1588204986860965888

Eco-system Governance

To get the latest on Aura governance updates head over to the Aura Discord and track the channel ‘Governance updates’.


This newsletter is not official Aura correspondence and is written by community members.


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