[Delegate] Jameskbh

Aura Governance

Proposal: [AIP-63] Tokenomics Optimisation and Emission Reduction
Vote: For.
**Reasoning:**These changes are refining the tokenomics, and I support this proposal.

Proposal: [ [AIP-64] Hyperlock - an Aura Franchise ]([AIP-59] Enabling fiat onramp for direct purchase of $AURA on Onramp.Money)
Vote: For
Reasoning: This is a well-thought proposal! Full support for the initial development (this post). I see no issues with not having the exact details on the future token share from Hyperlock to vlAURA or the Aura DAO, as the loan will be repaid once Hyperlock launches. These are items that can be detailed down in the road.

Proposal: [[AIP-65] Hyperlock Funding Request]Snapshot)
Vote: For
Reasoning: The main point of this request is to have a record of relevant information available for future reference.
This can be done on the forum, where users can create topics, and put items for proposals (just like this one).
If the info is about the protocol itself, docs.aura.finance is the place for it to be.

Balancer Governance

Proposal: [BIP-542] Enable svETH/wstETH gauge [Ethereum]
Vote: Yes.
Reasoning: Balancer is want to add the amount of LST/LRT tokens, and I support it. In addition to that, the protocol will incentivise the pool of voting markets

Proposal: [BIP-543] Enable gauge for sFRAX/FRAX on [Arbitrum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: This is a Gyro-E concentrated liquidity pool, and the proposal asks for an uncapped gauge. It will provide another swap option for FRAX, and I support the proposal.

Proposal: [BIP-544] Linear Pool Hack Restitution
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: I support this proposal to refund the users affected on the hack.

Proposal: [BIP-545] Funding Hypernative Security Program for Balancer
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: I support his proposal. Hypernative will help to reduce the risk of hacks, exploits, fund losses, and catastrophic events, helping Balancer secure long-term sustainable growth.

Proposal: [BIP-546] Enable weETH/ezETH/rswETH Gauge [Ethereum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: I support the strategic move to enhance the protocol fees with LSTs. This proposal is to approve a gauge with a 10% Emission Cap for the LRT Tri-Pool Featuring weETH, ezETH and rswETH, and we support it.

Proposal: [BIP-547] Migrate rETH Gauges [Arbitrum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: This proposal asks for a migration of the following pools: rETH/wETH, sfrxETH/rETH/wstETH, and cbETH/rETH/wstETH pools, all of which currently utilize a rate provider that is not working properly.

Proposal: [BIP-548] Enable Gauge for sDOLA/DOLA [Ethereum]
Vote: Yes.
Reasoning: sDOLA is a yield-bearing token, and Inverse will incentivise the pool, so I support this proposal, as it has the potential to bring more fees to Balancer

Proposal: [BIP-549] Enable Gauge for instETH/wstETH [Ethereum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: This proposal aims to enable a gauge for instETH/wstETH to increase the liquidity of instETH. That will support its utility and viability for integrating a range of DeFi protocols.

Proposal: [BIP-550] Enable pxETH/frxETH Gauge [Ethereum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: This pool has staked ETH from Redacted and Frax, increasing their liquidity. Redacted will incentivise the pool.

Proposal: [BIP-551] Claim and Relock Balancer DAO’s AURA / vlAURA
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: I support this proposal. It gives the DAO the flexibility to direct emissions to pools better aligned with their BD strategy.

Proposal: [BIP-552] Authorize Mimic Smart Vaults V3 on Arbitrum, Polygon and Gnosis
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: This proposal asks for enabling Mimic Vaults to automate protocol fee processing on the Balancer deployments.

Proposal: [BIP-553] Enable 50KEP/50rsETH Gauge w/ 2% Cap [Ethereum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: Kelp is seeking to establish the KEP/rsETH on Balancer as the primary pool for KEP, which has the potential to create a huge trading volume.

Proposal: [BIP-554] Enable weETH/rETH Gauge w/ 10% cap [Arbitrum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: This a proposal will serve as a primary source of liquidity for weETH on Arbitrum, and the protocol will incentivize the pool.

Proposal: [BIP-555] Enable Gauge for pyUSD/sDOLA [Ethereum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: I support the introduction of a new stablecoin option to the Balancer Ecosystem.

Proposal: [BIP-556] Fund Maxi Gas Station For DAO Operations
Vote: Yes
**Reasoning:**I support this proposal as I know that the Maxis is looking for ways to keep the costs low.

Proposal: [BIP-557] Enable gauge for sFRAX/FRAX on [Optimism]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: I support this proposal and it is good to see that Frax finance is using Balancer’s tech on the several chains it is deployed.

Proposal: [BIP-558] Increase BD vlAURA Allocation
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: I support the increase of the “BD Budget” using the treasury’s vlAURA.

Proposal: [BIP-559] Enable ezETH / wstETH [Arbitrum]
Vote: Yes
Reasoning: Renzo is seeking to establish the [zETH/wstETH 50/50 pool]on Arbitrum on Balancer to improve liquidity for ezETH. I support the addition of yield-bearing assets pools, as this increases the fees collected by the DAO.