[AIP-65] Hyperlock Funding Request


Building on the success of our previous AIP-64, we are excited to present the second AIP. This proposal marks a significant step forward as we aim to establish precise commitments for Aura and Hyperlock. While the previous AIP provided a foundation with soft terms for temperature checks, This AIP progresses further by inscribing these commitments in stone.


Hyperlock is seeking a funding allocation of $200,000 to support its development. The allocated funds will be distributed to the following crucial components:

  • $30,000 for legal expenses
  • $55,000 for comprehensive audits
  • $25,000 for contracting services
  • $90,000 for launch costs

It’s essential to note that these resources are pivotal for the successful implementation of the Hyperlock protocol. The proposed terms for this financial support stipulate that the loan will be repaid upon launch of the Hyperlock protocol or as soon as is feasible.

Hyperlock Commitment

In the event of a future Hyperlock token the Aura DAO is set to receive several benefits to fortify this partnership:

  • 9% of the $HYPER token supply will be streamed to vlAura holders over a span of three years. This distribution will be conducted weekly based on snapshots of vlAura balances unless otherwise directed by Aura DAO.
  • 2% of the $HYPER supply will be airdropped to vlAura holders.
  • 1% of the $HYPER supply will be allocated as AURA/HYPER V3 pool incentives. This will be distributed as voting incentives over the first year.

Beyond token allocations, Aura DAO will also gain access to a dedicated pool of resources. Contributors to Hyperlock are committed to providing valuable feedback in the form of new features, optimizations, and development toolkits. This reciprocal commitment emphasizes the collaborative spirit between the two entities. This commitment underscores our dedication to transparency, fairness, and the long-term flourishing of our shared ecosystem.


The Aura Treasury 0xfc78f8e1Af80A3bF5A1783BB59eD2d1b10f78cA9 will transfer 200,000 USDC to the Hyperlock funding 3/5 multisig wallet 0x04FFD0AfD47652aC3bb0Fbf878E66A5468b4Ae6b on Ethereum mainnet.


This proposal seeks to solidify the terms governing the commitments between Hyperlock and Aura. A “yes” vote signifies approval for the $200,000 loan allocation. A “No” vote signals that the terms need to be re-addressed.

Subject 2


Aura and its contributors wholeheartedly support Hyperlock. This proposal is very reasonable, and we’ve been amazed by its progress and traction so far!


Thrilled to see this launch happening and fully support this proposal, specially as it provides immediate incentives for vlAURA holders (airdrop) and also support Aura tokenomics with the weekly distributions (so vlAURA has an additional revenue stream coming from Hyperlock).



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Been lurking around Hyperlock socials for a couple weeks now and I’ll have to admit that I’m really impressed about how Hyperlock is delivering , both in the community and product development aspects.

Big “For” from me


If the testnet is any indication of how this team can execute, then it’s a total yes from me.

Enjoying the pre-launch comms and community building so far.