How to stake BAL on polygon network?

i have already swap some BAL, but how to stake bal on Aura Finance ,is only support on Ethereum?

hey mate.
Best to head over to the discord to discuss this type of thing. But to be straight, you can convert your BAL into auraBAL if you desire, using the Aura app and then stake it into one of a couple different options. Entirely your choice of course.

first thx.
i would like convet to auraBAL
the aura app only use Ethereum network, my BAL in Polygon network.
i dont know how to do it.

Hey Mate, you may need to use a bridge to send your Aura from Polygon to Mainnet. Otherwise you can wait for Aura to launch on Polygon to convert your BAL (but I do not know when that will be). Up to you of course. Have you moved from Tetu or something similar? Can I suggest this convo move to discord. Lots of community members there who can provide their thoughts.

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thx, i moved to discord,but i did not see anyone in there,

Give it another try, brother, you should be okay now.