[Temperature Check] Support Polygon LP staking

:wave: THX Network has ~$600k DAO managed liquidity in a Balancer pool on Polygon (Balancer)

The DAO has decided to buy $BAL to vote for emissions to this pool, however $AURA seems a better deal! When changing our plans and going for $AURA it would be nice to strengthen the relationship with the Aura protocol by staking our liquidity on Aura.

Some considerations that seem relevant;


  • Polygon has some high $BAL APR / high volume pools (e.g. WMATIC/MaticX) from which Aura can profit by allowing staking
  • Polygon native projects can join Aura
  • $AURA can already vote for Polygon gauges so staking LPs makes sense


  • managing other protocol priorities
  • cross chain deployments increase complexity
  • unknown unknowns regarding cross chain security

So this question and temperature check is about whether staking Polygon LP positions can become possible anytime soon (< 3 months). Any comments from Aura or community members are appreciated! When those are positive this could be crafted into an AIP and put up to vote next. (And more directly and practically for THX Network it will give more confidence to go for $AURA over $BAL.)

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Hey @miesz_ko , thanks for contributing!

This is definitely interesting, but in order for this to happen, Balancer must first support cross-chain gauge boosting (currently this is only possible on Ethereum).

Until Balancer launches boosting for gauge deposits, Aura has no purpose in supporting other chains because it cannot provide a boost with its veBAL.

I don’t have the information for a timeline, but things move fast so you never know :slight_smile: