[Temperature Check] Add ARB and esPLS Incentive of plsRDNT/[RDNT/WETH] Stash [Arbitrum]


Balancer has been hitting the Arbitrum network hard with additional incentives from the Arbitrum Foundation STIP they were awarded. A pool joint initiative between Radiant, Plutus, and Balancer has come into the ecosystem which offers a liquid wrapper for permalocked veRDNT and the liquid pool token → plsRDNT/(80RDNT/20WETH). The permalocked version is plsRDNT and earns organic autocompounding yield due to Radiant’s market, which as a side effect locks RDNT/WETH liquidity permanently on Balancer. The Balancer DAO will begin sending ARB STIP incentives due to it being a core pool in coming weeks, and Radiant wishes to also send ARB incentives via their STIP. Balancer gauges only allow one address to send the same token at a time, and bootstrapping the Aura staking market makes sense to reduce friction for new users to park their liquidity on Aura long term. The goal of this proposal is to allow Radiant to send their STIP incentives directly to the staking contract on Aura to speed up adoption, and streamline all the incentive flows for this trading pair.

Arbitrum token: 0x912ce59144191c1204e64559fe8253a0e49e6548
Radiants STIP Multisig (sender): 0x712e3396F039243aBda1858B5b85cdCDD0878976

Protocol Overview:

Plutus describes itself as the governance blackhole on Arbitrum and pursues the permalocking of various governance tokens throughout the Arbitrum ecosystem. Their goal is to provide users with highly competitive rewards by leveraging the nature of permalocked assets, while having liquid versions to exit positions easily accessible on various dexes.

Radiant Capital’s purpose is to simplify lending and borrowing for cross chain operations. As documented here.

Preliminary Specifications:

Radiant Capital will be able to stream ARB directly on the Aura stash for the plsRDNT/(RDNT-WETH) gauge on the Arbitrum network.

Radiants STIP Multisig address (sender): 0x712e3396F039243aBda1858B5b85cdCDD0878976
ARB token: 0x912ce59144191c1204e64559fe8253a0e49e6548

Plutus will send esPLS, a staked non-transferrable version of the PLS token to same Aura stash on the Arbitrum network. The necessary Aura addresses to be whitelisted for esPLS to be streamed to individual stakers will be permissioned by Plutus.

Plutus (sender): 0xBbE98D590d7eB99F4a236587f2441826396053d3
esPLS: 0x4808F4828EdBF64D867d3d6C161962290Da1ff9c


It’s a needed integration to allow rewards for specific situations like this one (rewards from a grant program, plus escrowed token). Guess we will also have more of these situations in future as well. Don’t see any blocking here.


Aura will be happy to support this proposal. We will require whitelisting of a few contracts to ensure rewards are claimable by depositors which all sounds achievable. Once esPLS has been added as an additional reward on the Aura pool those addresses will be known. :saluting_face: