[Temperature Check] Adding Aura to Onramp Money and Enabling fiat buy/sell of $AURA

Hello Aura team,

I am Agilan from Onramp.Money . I am an Account Manager with Onramp Money. We wanted to reach out to you in order to discuss a partnership proposal.

To put Onramp in nutshell

Onramp.money is a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway for web3 platforms with support for instant payment modes like UPI/IMPS in India(INR) & FAST in Turkey(TRY). With Turkey’s recent launch following India, our reach has expanded to encompass over 1.5 billion individuals. We are also live in UAE (AED), Indonesia (IDR), Vietnam (VND), Nigeria (NGN) and Mexico (MXN). In the coming weeks, we’re also going to support the following local currencies - BHD, EUR, GBP, PHP and more countries. All will be available with instant interbank transfers and instant fiat to crypto conversions. Metamask and several other top web3 platforms are already using Onramp to facilitate instant user onboarding from India, using INR, TRY, AED, IDR, VND, NGN and MXN.

What’s in it for AURA?

In light of the fact that we are here to discuss adding $AURA to Onramp, few facts are worth mentioning.

  • Onramp allows Fiat to Crypto within 60 seconds

  • The partnership would enable instant purchase & deposit access for $AURA via INR, TRY, MXN, AED, NGN & VND within Metamask & other web3 dapps, wallets, exchanges,etc .

  • Metamask alone has 50 million active users, with third highest traffic volume coming from India

  • Onramp is fetching more transaction volumes than combined volume of major local crypto exchanges in India

  • Any transaction through onramp is an actual txn happening on blockchain .

  • Onramp will create Token Experience for $AURA & a video can be made demonstrating how to deposit $AURA within Metamask with UPI, FAST & that can also be embedded in the projects website

  • We would also share APIs to integrate our widget on the app/website so that users can be onboarded directly under AURA app.

  • And more…

Do check out the following video on Metamask for an example of how easy & quick it could be to purchase $AURA there & on other dapps with Fiat money :


I’d love to hop on a quick call with and discuss more. Here’s my Calendly link, feel free to choose a time slot that works best.


Looking forward to speaking with the team!


Hello ser. Thanks for you post!

Aura does not have a team, only the community (represented by the DAO). Could you please edit the post adding the [TEMP CHECK] label and state what you are requiring from the DAO? Which action is needed? Will this have a cost?

You are free to add Aura to your platform if you want to, but I have the impression that your message implies more things.

Have a nice day!


James, you should have perms now to edit directly. Go ahead and add a bracket for labeling, approve new posts, and drop it in the correct category when necessary in the future.

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Hello ser,
Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I am unable to edit the post now.
Hence I would like to answer your questions here.

Onramp Widget Integration : We would be sharing API for our widget integration to you and once integrated, users would be able to buy any crypto from the widget through fiat within the DAO - this will be of help if there is a use for mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or ETH within the app. To enable this, the API would be shared from our cost free. We would be sharing a licensing agreement draft to be filled in and signed by a representative/ contributor.

AURA token addition to Onramp: We would be happy to add $AURA to our platform and enable fiat purchase of AURA. Users would be able to purchase AURA directly through fiat surpassing any CEX and through instant fiat payment methods seamlessly. We would also share API to integrate the widget within Aura website. The transactions are real time and on-chain hence it increases the on-chain holders. We would also announce on our social media and make tutorial videos on how to purchase AURA through Onramp Money which can be posted within the Aura socials. We would be able to enable AURA with all the fiat pairs that we have (14 fiat pairs and 5 more currencies to go live in the coming weeks). There is a fee for this service.


@jameskbh , Here is my Telegram ID: Telegram: Contact @Agilan_A
My email id: agilan@onramp.money
Can we get on a group chat and speak further?

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Hello ser, thanks for your extra details. As mentioned before, Aura is run by its community, and there is no representative to sign this licensing agreement in behalf of it.


I suppose we can figure out a way around the contract ser. Otherwise, would Aura be open to enabling fiat onramps across the globe?

Welcome to the forum, brother.

If you’d like to move this Temperature Check to AIP so the voters can make a decision, feel free to do so anytime. However, you will need to reformat your proposal, in particular, including a Specification section that describes what actions the Aura DAO will need to take in detail if the AIP is approved. Guidance can be found here: [Aura Finance] Proposal Rules and Guidelines

There doesn’t seem to be much community engagement or support for this topic, however, so it might be in your best interest to try and garner a bit more organic support on this before moving it directly to vote.

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