[Temperature Check] Eliminate the Discord and Telegram One-Month Retention Policy

Contributor, thank you for your continued attention and advice.

This proposal emanates from consistent community requests to eliminate the retention policy and that is its aim.

The creation of a Discord rules channel intends to make our Aura Discord rules more accessible and easy to reference. Effective rules already exist and all members of Aura Discord agree to these rules when joining the Discord server.

The proposal to be voted on will include Aura’s existing rules above and does not require considering new rules.

The proposal’s purpose is to eliminate the retention policy and this is what I hope voter thought, debate, and decision making will focus on.

How will the Aura community be made aware of the proposal? This temperature check has not appeared in the Discord governance channel. I am not able to link in Discord. Do all proposals get listed in the governance channel? It’s ideal to promote as much involvement as possible.

Thanks again for being encouraging and kind.

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