[Temperature Check] Growth proposal for Aura Finance

Xposure Today for Aura Finance

During our pivotal research regarding crypto/blockchain projects, Aura Finance is a very non-exposed project that we are able to help to further unlock potential in the current crypto ecosystem.

Proven Expertise: 6 years in Web3 Marketing and Growth, with a track record of expanding communities, increasing user bases, and boosting revenues.
Strategic Approach: Initiatives designed to complement and enhance Aura Finance existing Marketing strategy, focusing on organic growth and engagement.

Web3 Portfolio
Growth Marketing Lead for Intellectsoft, Debay, Paypolitan, Unibright & more.

Key results:
● Built a growing community from scratch: 73K+ members, +/-5% MOM ● About 80% of the tx volume generated through Marketing efforts
● 11K+ UWA, $1M+ tx volume in under 8 weeks through Marketing campaign

Marketing & BD for LUKSO

Key results:
● 150% community growth
● Reduced incoming support requests by 60%
● Established KPI tracking & reporting processes using GA among others.

To support the Aura Finance community during this crucial time by providing organic, educational and engaging deliverables that complement existing internal and external Marketing strategies fostering growth and community participation.


Strategic Initiatives covering:
● An Educational Aura Finance Onboarding Program: Proven track record for general community growth and retention. A community onboarding program teaching the why’s and how’s of DeFi and the position of Aura Finance within the current DeFi market.
● Write 1 PR article: Provide a strategic article that highlights Aura Finance’s current protocol, the yield numbers, the governance power of the community and the need to grow in DeFi space.
● 1 Execution Plan for Educational Co-Marketing Activities: Lay out a plan for Co-Marketing efforts with Aura Finance partners via X (Twitter) which fosters an environment of continuous learning and engagement.
● Support in Content Creation and Sharing in Relevant Communities.
● Find the right KOLs for Aura Finance so that the marketing campaign is not based on singular-services but is a full-fledged marketing campaign crossing several platforms.

Implementation Timeline of Deliverables
The proposal is based on a 4-week timeframe in close collaboration with Aura Finance and individual community members to seamlessly align with Aura Finance’s goals.

Initial Phase (Weeks 0-1):
● Preliminary research on growth strategies regarding the current created users of Aura Finance under the Aura Finance community and across several media forum ● Create 1 Educational Aura Finance Onboarding Program to welcome new members ● Organically create several forum threads related to Aura Finance
● Organically comment/recommend about Aura Finance and the easiness and pros of using Aura Finance for yield farming in current crypto space on Quora/other related forums
● Have our in-house team post organic snippets regarding Aura Finance in several Telegram/Discord groups regarding the high-yield they offer in the space of DeFi and the USP of Aura Finance in regards to their competitors

Mid-Phase (Weeks 1-3):
● Submit the Onboarding Program for community feedback and optimize it ● Write and submit 1 PR article for publication
● Launch the Onboarding Program
● Slowly include KOLs from Twitter/X & YouTube in the marketing campaign ● Increase the amount of forum-alike threads on several platforms
● Provide cross-reference information on threads regarding the KOL content

Final Phase (Weeks 4-5):
● Provide cross-reference trending threads for Aura Finance, the cross reference would be made to either PR articles/ KOL’s or both
● Provide suggestions for website content edits to improve engagement ● Provide 1 execution plan for educational X (Twitter) spaces around Aura Finance and the uniqueness of the project for the future
● Support by creating and sharing content across channels during the timeframe

This proposal offers a strategic blend of education, engagement, and growth initiatives tailored to Aura Finance’s current phase and future ambitions based on existing strategies.

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Hello! Can you format the post in the way it was asked before on your previous posts? In that way, Aura DAO can analyse your proposal and decide if it is interested or not. Please introduce a “specification” section and state clearly the costs involved with it. Have a nice day!


Description Quantity Unit Price Total (USDT)
Reddit /CryptoCurrency trending/ hot thread - minimal 150 organic comments 3 325,00 975,00
Reddit /CryptoMoonShots trending/ hot thread - minimal 90 organic comments 4 175,00 700,00
Reddit /SatoshiStreetBets trending/ hot thread - minimal 75 organic comments 4 125,00 480,00
BitCoinTalk /altcoin discussion thread - min. 24 replies 4 60,00 240,00
AltCoinTalks forum thread - min 18 replies 3 55,00 220,00
Quora project related thread - min. 12 replies 4 50,00 150,00
Quora guerilla marketing - 45/50 replies per day on several gaming related threads 4 75,00 300,00
Discord guerilla marketing - 2 people working 8/h shifts per day to attract new members 4 125,00 500,00
4chan /biz threads - 100 replies per thread 5 50,00 250,00
Yahoo Finance cryptocurrencies/ latest news - PR article - written by our content team + gfx by Xposure 1 800,00 800,00
AMBCrypto PR article - new news - written by our content team + gfx by Xposure 1 650,00 650,00
TravLadd - X/Twitter: set of 2 retweets 1 650,00 650,00
TravLadd - X/Twitter: 3 tweet thread 1 900,00 900,00
CryptoCapo - 3 tweet thread + 2 retweets 1 1200,00 1200,00


This vote will be a single-choice vote. You may vote “For” or “Against” this proposal, or choose to abstain from the vote. By voting “For” this proposal, you are voting in favor of the terms stated above.

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The post was too long to edit. So I have added the sections as a reply.

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