[Temperature Check] Marketing proposal

Hi everybody! Hopefully you are doing fine.

I am the head of marketing at Xposure Today. We were researching Aura Finance and were wondering if we could offer any of our services.

I will hereby kindly send more information about us

At Xposure Today we always create a tailored-made campaign for our clients, service examples may include:

Full DeFi preparation
o We provide a full turn-key solution for DeFi project start. (Audit optional)
o We create the full turn-key solution from the essentials for your successful STO/ICO/IEO launch.
Marketing influencers (All tiers possible)
o YouTube/Twitter influencers from all tiers.
Growth Hacking packaged (Reddit(Top crypto-related subreddits), 4chan, Bitcointalk, Quora and many more.
o Engaging hot/trending topics about your project.
Search engine optimization (keyword research for target audience, engaging content)
o Technical, Internal and External optimization to receive much more engagement.
Social media management (tailored made social media strategy, including gfx from our end)
o Receive our professional guidance to create much more engaging content across social media platforms.
Community management (24/7 Telegram/Discord management - 3 shifts of 8.5h)
o Add 3 professional moderators to your channel to create a much more mature group.
Top media PR (Please inquire for more info)
o PR articles on tier1 websites such as: Yahoo, Bloomberg and many more.
o PR articles for other websites (Packages on our website on the worldwidepr page)
Other crypto-related services: (DexTools trending/banner, Instagram/Facebook ad banners, Twitter ad-banners, BSCScan/Etherscan ad-banners, Reddit and 4chan ad banners.

At Xposure Today we never offer one particular service package as other agencies, we try to get in touch with our client to receive a higher level of the project’s structure and understanding, hence we always create a package based on our clients’ wishes.

If you would be interested or consider any of our services, please head over to our website: https://www.xposure.today/

Please take your time to review our proposal and feel free to ask any questions. We usually suggest scheduling a call to discuss the project and the possibilities, please let me know if you are fine with that.

Feel free to schedule a call with us: Calendly - Howard Miller

Looking forward to hearing from you! :pray:t3:

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Welcome to the forum, brother.

If you’d like to move this Temperature Check to AIP so the voters can make a decision, feel free to do so anytime. However, you will need to reformat your proposal, in particular, including a Specification section that describes what actions the Aura DAO will need to take in detail if the AIP is approved. Guidance can be found here: [Aura Finance] Proposal Rules and Guidelines

There doesn’t seem to be much community engagement or support for this topic, however, so it might be in your best interest to try and garner a bit more organic support on this before moving it directly to vote.

I appreciate the help!

I tried editing the post, however, It wasn’t possible. However, I will explain it here.


Online digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, and it can be difficult to even know where to start online if you don’t have a solid foundation in the basics. Our agency can provide expert guidance and strategic plans that are tailored to your brand and your long-term goals. Now that you’ve found our digital marketing website, you can avoid the common pitfalls and get on the fast track to long-term growth.

Actions Aura DAO

There are no complicated actions there has to be taken into account. The only account is that we would like to explain ourselves in detail. How? Scheduling a call with us is the only action there is.

To clarify, here’s what a Specification section looks like:

It’s a specific set of instructions that the Aura DAO needs to take to move this forward. You can skip the call, Aura is a DAO and doesn’t have a centralized team that makes decisions. You can just directly lay out what you’re proposing, the budget, the address to which funds should be sent, and what will be implemented as a result.

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We have created a concept plan for Aura Finance with the services we think would help Aura Finance the best. Also, there is an explanation about the services.

Can I share it here?

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Of course, no problem.

I will hereby share a concept of how a campaign could look like if you have a budget of about $10.000. The whole plan can be changed according to own desires. Just let us know what your thoughts are about it.

Hi there!

I haven’t heard anything from you in a while. Could you give me feedback on what I posted above?

Yes, see my first reply to this post, above. This needs to be formatted in a manner that can be executed by the DAO, if you’d like to take it to vote. Review the other posts in this form labeled [AIP] for reference.