[Temperature Check] Collaboration with hypodrop

hello team, I’m HypoDrop Ambassador ! we want to have a Collaboration with you.

:part_alternation_mark:a Little background of HypoDrop:
Our Team Consists of 4 advertising specialist in Crypto! we have been taking steps in this space for about 6 years and we collaborate with brand new crypto projects, especially web3 based platforms and NFT collections for now. we have a Fast Growing Twitter and Community And We have a Good Partnerships with Projects and we provide them many Dao benefits.

:small_orange_diamond:HypoDrop is an Advertising Platform and Community based Dao, an all in one free alpha community with Supporting Early NFT collections, Web3 Projects.

:small_blue_diamond: We providing organic growth, Exclusive DAO Membership, giveaways, Educative Crypto contents, tools and platforms.

:small_orange_diamond: Our resume is so big and had a lot of good partners and collabs before, hope to have a collab with you too, you can check our socials for more info about our resume.

here are our socials:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hypodrop
Discord: HypoDrop

Hypodrop is an advertising platform and have the biggest alphagroup community, we promoted more than 300 projects, helped sold out +60 NFT projects, have Collabed with many big projects and promoted them and we are the first advertising platform that has a verify tick and max lvl in galxe ( biggest web3 project )

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Thanks for your message! Can you format it using this template and add a proposal? What are you offering and what are you asking in return?

[Aura Finance] Proposal Rules and Guidelines

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Welcome to the forum, brother.

If you’d like to move this Temperature Check to AIP so the voters can make a decision, feel free to do so anytime. However, you will need to reformat your proposal, in particular, including a Specification section that describes what actions the Aura DAO will need to take in detail if the AIP is approved. Guidance can be found here: [Aura Finance] Proposal Rules and Guidelines

There doesn’t seem to be much community engagement or support for this topic, however, so it might be in your best interest to try and garner a bit more organic support on this before moving it directly to vote.