[Temperature Check] Proposal for listing on the CEX exchanges

Hello, Aura team!

My name is Earl, I am a business developer and listing manager of From 0x crypto agency.

We are very interested in your $AURA project and would like to offer you cooperation options (we would like to note that we don’t charge you any commissions, as we have direct partnerships with exchanges/marketmakers).

I see that you are trading on 2 CEX exchanges - BitGet & CoinEx. Would you like to expand your coin trading platforms to more popular exchanges (Mexc | BingX | Gate | Bybit or any others) We are willing to help you list on the nicest terms. (We do not charge a markup for our services, but contact you directly with a representative of the exchange).

Also if you will be interested, we are ready to help you contact and start cooperation with market makers (CLS; Gotbit; DWF Labs; Kairon Labs etc.).

I will be grateful for feedback and leave a link to our agency (Telegram: Contact @from0x).

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Hello ser. Thanks for your message! Aura has no team, only contributors, and it is governed by AuraDAO. Can you clarify which actions are required from the DAO? You are free to add Aura as an option on CEXes, not a real issue, but it is unlikely that the DAO will be willing to pay for such service.

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Thanks for the clarification. I understand that Aura is managed by AuraDAO and does not have a centralized team. I note that adding $AURA to CEX exchanges is not a problem and we are willing to provide this service without any fees. We understand that fees can be a complex topic, and we are willing to discuss terms of cooperation that will best suit AuraDAO’s needs (possibly listing on tier 2 exchanges, which would cost less).

I suggest creating a working chat in Telegram so that we can work more quickly. We can discuss all necessary questions there is my contact, write me (Telegram: Contact @earl_0x).

Tier-1 Exchanges will add Aura on their own, for free, when the time is right. Paying randoms to get it onto low volume exchanges is for other tokens.

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