[Temperature Check] Listing opportunity with bitget exchange

Gm sir,

I’m Favy Harden and on behalf of BitGet I’m here to offer a proposition for the inclusion of $AURA token on BitGet.

BitGet is the world's most foremost copy trading platform with a remarkable daily trading volume of $10billon daily and has also formed alliance with Lionel Messi as their brand ambassador, Juventus and other noteworthy niches.

    Aura Finance enjoys alot of benefits as partners with Bitget Exchange and when $AURA is listed on Bitget Exchange. Below are some of them;
  1. Listing $AURA on Bitget Exchange gives the project increased liquidity because the token can be bought and sold by a wider pool of potential buyers and sellers.
  2. BitGet offers future trading with up to 10× leverage.
  3. BitGet allows you to trade perpetual contracts for majors like BTC, ETH, LTC alongside altcoins like SHIB, DODGE plus 50 other pairs.
  4. Bitget offers competitive options with low maker and takers fees for spot trading and attractive futures trading fee.
  5. Lastly Bitget exchange has a strong security measures including a protection fund of $450m.

By enlisting listing your token with BitGet exchange, you get increased liquidity, credibility, price discovery, access to a larger user base.
I’ll look forward to a positive feedback from Aura Finance so that we can discuss more about the intricacies of partnering with us.
At the end of our discussion I look forward to a successful partnership between Bitget Exchange and Aura Finance. Thank you


Welcome to the Forum and thanks for the proposal. I’m familiar with BitGet, happy to see you guys over here.

About the proposal, could you provide more info about the listing? Is it free or is there a fee included? Are you gonna need to coordinate with contributors for the listing or BiGet team handles everything?

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Firstly the listing price is $50k which is negotiable (Aura Finance team can negotiate the price with Bitget listing team). Secondly to proceed with the listing, Aura Finance team has to submit details of Aura Finance project to me, after which I’ll submit these details to Bitget listing team. The listing team will thoroughly review the project’s details to access it’s compatibility with Bitget platform. Once they approve Aura Finance they will reach out to Aura Finance team.

With that all said, to initiate the listing we kindly request the following information for Aura Finance team:

Project name:

Project abbreviation: “$USD for example”

Project description:

Project region:

Is the token/coin launched:

Website link:

Twitter link:

Telegram link:

Discord link:

Coinmarketcap/coingecko link:

Other Cex listings:

Connected with team:

Listing budget:

Thanks for the detailed response, will come in handy for everyone reading.

I don’t think most people in the Aura community are in favour of paying for listings, but that’s just my opinion.

Have a great day my friend!

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Thank you. I look forward to a positive response from y’all

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