[Temperature Check] Aura <> Zexus Finance partnership

Dear Aura Finance team,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Matata, representing Zexus, a pioneering project in the DeFi space with a vision to build an all-in-one DeFi platform. Our goal is to provide investors with a streamlined and intuitive product, assisting them in creating higher digital asset value.

We maintain a keen interest in the development of the NFT sector, with a particular focus on the convergence of RWA, Gamefi, and NFT. As a result, our products will concentrate on:

Derivative financial products with assets in the scene as the underlying. Services associated with projects and companies in the aforementioned scenes. Currently, our Beta version of the NFT lending platform V1 has been successfully developed, employing a peer-to-peer model. Additionally, we have introduced features based on the peer-to-pool model to explore unmet business needs in the market, set to be launched in version V1.1.

We would like to emphasize that we are preparing for token issuance, and this token can be utilized for various purposes such as staking and transaction reward incentives. We anticipate that platform users, through participating in trading and staking, can achieve long-term returns and grow with the platform.

Considering the token will be issued on the OP chain, and noticing that your project supports some businesses on the OP chain, we are interested in discussing the possibility of a deeper collaboration or establishing a partnership. If this aligns with your interests, we welcome your response for further detailed discussions. Thank you, and we look forward to the opportunity for collaboration.

Best regards

Attached is a presentation about Zexus, which outlines some ideas for potential collaboration. We appreciate your time and consideration.


Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to the forum! Just a quick note, Aura has no team, only contributors, and the voters will make a decision on your proposal.

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Thanks for your post and welcome! As @Contributor mentioned, Aura holders will make a decision on your partnership proposal. However, it is not very clear what do you expect from the Aura DAO. Can you formulate your ask in a different way, so we know Zexus intentions?

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Welcome to the Forum and to Aura Community @Matata !

As other Aura members suggested, could you specify what a partnership with Zexus will look like? You can get some inspiration on how communicate your idea with the community more effetively by checking other 'temperature check" proposals in the Forum.

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