[Delegate] 0xVega

Name: 0xVega

Discord username/TG username: quirkyllama

Twitter Account: twitter.com/0xvega

Delegation address: 0x33d3cad5b003aE22Eee3E2f4bF014539efbD5347

Introduction about yourself: Hi, I am 0xVega. I was in the top 400 degenscore v1 and very active in defi and yield farming since 2020. Since then, I have worked in a 3b macro hedge fund and now working at a crypto fund. I have a computer science background.

Explain why you would be a good delegate: While I am not active in the Aura community and a Aura Maxi, I have a good understanding of the protocol and believe I am impartial in any governance decisions. I will try to understand the second order effects that comes with any governance decision and will vote for the benefit of not just Aura, but whether it is for the good of the whole defi ecosystem. I believe this would be favorable in some ways as I am not biased in any voting manners, but still deeply involved in the whole space and understand the impact of each vote.

State if you are involved with any other projects: I have helped out some OG defi protocols as an anon in the past. I comment on important governance posts across all ecosystems and give my honest thoughts. The crypto fund I work at has a series of investments and advises a number of projects but I am impartial with the priority being the success of not just the project, but doing right by its token holders.

Time Commitment/Week: I will vote on every proposal if I can and explain my rationale. I am able to vote on nights and weekends for urgent proposals too.

Welcome, brother! How did you discover our ecosystem?

I have been following Aura since its LBP last year and I am also a big Curve/Convex locker so I understand Aura’s mechanics.

Would like to help be a delegate if there’s a need and push Aura to have a more diverse pool of delegates/have a bigger footprint in DeFi. All votes will be explained with my rationale and I will take feedback seriously from anyone who delegated.


Awesome, brother, welcome! Our delegate system is permissionless, so if you’d like to be a delegate, you are one now! Rallying delegated votes is a slightly different matter though, and I believe the Yogis are working on some initiatives there.