[Delegate] Humpy

Name: Humpy

Discord username/TG username: humpydumpy

Twitter Account: twitter.com/humpydumpy

Delegation address: 0x36cc7B13029B5DEe4034745FB4F24034f3F2ffc6

Introduction about yourself: I’m Humpy, a crypto whale, DeFi believer and Aura/Balancer hodler, with 11 years experience in the crypto trading world

Explain why you would be a good delegate: I’d like to advance the state of Aura to create Wealth and Prosperity for Aura holders. That is high Aura token price!

State if you are involved with any other projects: I’m all over DeFi in capacity of holder, creator of $GOLD token on BASE.

Time Commitment/Week: I’m mostly online 10 hours a day, will vote mainly on key proposals that strengthen Aura Finance.


Welcome to the forum, brother–always glad to see you!