AEF Grant Committee Applications

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Introduction about Yourself:
Time Commitment/Week:

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Name: Happy Stephen

Telegram Account: @najbaby

Twitter Account: @happyutok

Introduction about Yourself: I am someone with great passion for web 3 and Dao projects
Founder of Near University Hub

Affiliated with near protocol

Time Commitment/Week: 50 hours a week
Full time devotion

Hello @Contributor is this position still available
I haven’t gotten a feedback

Alright no problem :blush:

Applied here

Name: Beguin
Telegram Account: @bbeguin
Twitter Account:
Newsletter :

Introduction about myself:

Referring to the AIP-15, the Aura Ecosystem Fund was initially created « will strengthen Aura’s foundations by enabling future builders and developers through grant programs, as well as growing the Aura/Balancer ecosystems through educational programs and growth/marketing-adjacent services. »

From what I understand while reading the proposal, the requirements for a committee member are the followings :

  • Deep knowledge of the Aura/Balancer ecosystem
  • Great understanding of crypto customers behavior and narrative psychology
  • Hard skills in blockchain development and data science
  • Accounting / Corporate finance experience to assess grants requests
  • Ability to handle mutlisig issues and time-sensitiveness matters
  • Wide contact and references base in the ecosystem

After 5 years in the crypto space, currently working as lead analyst at, as well as a corporate finance Master graduate, I firmly believe that my profile could fit the committee members role.

I am convinced that I would be very easy to onboard and quickly capable to afford the responsibilities.


Nice one. I was wondering about the qualifications/prerequisites too. I’d like to throw in my hat as well.

Name: Lavi
TG: @Lavi_54

My experience:

  • Steward & product lead at PrimeDAO
  • Previously governance ops & lead of meta-gov committee at Index Coop
  • Specialized in fundamental analysis, particularly for DeFi protocols (developed PrimeRating for over a year)
  • Writer/researcher doing protocol deep-dives
  • Most recently conducting risk assessments for the Curve risk team (example 1 & example 2)
  • Multi-sig signer

In summary, I believe that I bring a lot of relevant experience and I’d be a valuable team member for this committee. Happy to answer any questions or jump on a call.


Hey There,

I’m Nach211 from JonesDAO and previously Olympus.

You can find me on twitter and telegram as Nach211

With that said, we are building on top of the Balancer ecosystem in the form of jAURA, which we believe will be a powerful base layer of real yield. During that time, I learned a lot about the governance process and inner working of both Aura and Balancer ecosystems and with that knowledge as well as 14 years of tradfi experience I believe I can help Aura in many ways.

I am willing to be flexible in time commitment.


Hello applicants. It is my pleasure to inform you all that Beguin has been selected, in a close run vote, to be the newest member of the AEF committee.

For Nach and Lavi, thank you both for your interest and ongoing support for Aura Finance. We will keep you both in mind for any future positions that my open up!

For Beguin, welcome to the grants committee!

To learn more about what the grants committee does and how to submit a grant request, please read AIP 15.