Aura Delegate Council Applications

Please register your interest in this thread with the following information.

Telegram Account:
Twitter Account:
Detailed Introduction about Yourself:
Time Commitment/Week:

Any existing or past delegate (who had an active thread in Balancer’s delegate citadel) is disqualified from applying to the Aura council.


Hi, I’d like to express my interests.

Name: b2p
Twitter Account:
Telegram Account: n/a
Github: bap2pecs · GitHub
Time Commitment/Week: I quit my job recently to embrace web3 fully and I am spending 100% of my time on the blockchain space. So my time is very flexible and I can spend as much time as required depending on the community need.

Introduction about Myself:

  • former Meta software engineer (backend and core infra)
  • all in blockchain right now
  • self-taught blockchain and Dapp development since 2016
  • exploring DeFi and MEV lately
  • recently deep diving into the Balancer and Aura protocols
  • I have also built a service for monitoring Aura LP portfolio for my own use and I am considering to open-source it

Name: Andrea
Telegram Account: andreaitalia
Twitter Account: cianfru

Hello everyone,

I would like to submit my application for one of the Aura Delegate Council role.

I’ve been an Aura holder since day one and use Aura as one of the main protocols I interact with.
I’ve covered different roles in the past at BalancerDAO: from Partnership subDAO to head of the Liquidity Mining Committee.
I’ve been head of Partnership at PolygonDAO before before taking a pause and going back to aviation during the past summer (couldn’t keep up with calls/flying/private life)
I also advise other projects on strategy and market positioning.

I have extensive experience in DeFi and I truly believe I can help Aura (and the Balancer ecosystem) scale.

Time commitment: I am very flexible and can commit time depending on the work required.


Thank you, everyone. We’ll hold this application open for a reasonable period of time, then send it to Snapshot.

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Name: Vetzo
Telegram account: Vetzo
Twitter account:


I would like to apply myself to one of the 4 spots available on the Aura Delegate Council. I have a background in cybersecurity, mainly on the organizational side like governance and policy. Primarily worked with ISO standards and the GDPR. I’ve been in crypto for quite a while now and keep a close eye on different innovations within DeFi. I’m currently setting up a governance framework for an opensource learning platform for web3 beginners called KOIOSDAO. I think I could add value by being on the Aura Delegate Council.

Time Commitment: Flexible depending on work required


Name: Jacopo

Telegram Account: JacopoJJBB

Twitter Account: DeanWolfJ

Introduction about Myself:
I entered the blockchain space in early 2017 and I believe Web3 can have a huge impact on shaping the future of the society and economy. I’m an entrepreneur with 13+ years of experience as a startup founder, marketer and project manager.
My latest venture is a blockchain marketing agency that helps blockchain companies (DEXs, dApps, DAOs, etc.) launch their token sales, develop their brand and build a solid marketing strategy nurturing their community. Clients can be both startups and scale-ups. I act mainly as a Chief Marketing Officer and a Chief Business Development Officer. I worked for different projects in the space: DAOs, DeFi middlewares, multichain wallets, asset trackers, Metaverse and play-to-earn projects, yield generators and NFT projects.

I am a strong believer in what Aura and Balancer are building since I believe they truly represent the democratizing power of blockchain and contribute massively to DeFi’s evolution.

I have built a pretty big network within the blockchain space and I would love to use my skills, knowledge and connections to further develop Aura’s project and advance the whole ecosystem.

Time Commitment / Week:
I work day and night in the blockchain space, and as a consequence, I am very flexible.


Name: Mike B
Telegram Account: mikeisballin
Twitter Account: defigod5
Introduction about Yourself:
I am one of the core members of Balancer DAO and part of the Balancer Maxi team. I like to think I have a lot of knowledge about the defi space and the nuances involved in operating responsible governance.
Time Commitment/Week:
Whatever is needed :slight_smile:


Name: eaglelex
Telegram Account: @eaglelex
Twitter Account:

Introduction about Yourself:
I am a legal advisor who worked with several DAOs. Inter alia, I was member of the BanklessDAO grants committee, I am currently member of the Aragon DAO compliance committee, and I am an active participant in PolygonDAO, LexDAO and Lex Punk Army. I am expert in legal matters and on-chain governance solutions. I often collaborated to forum discussions concerning Balancer and have a deep knowledge of its veTokenomics.

Time Commitment/Week: Flexible


withdrawing my application until further notice :slight_smile:


Telegram Account:

Twitter Account:

Introduction about Myself:
Hi everyone! I am elbagococina and I would like to submit my application here. I am a co-founder of Karpatkey. It is a Defi native DAO that has been constantly evolving to maximize capital efficiency, manage risk, increase security and optimize yield by combining industry-leading research with best-in-class tooling to prevent collateral liquidation. I’m working on the GnosisDAO treasury core unit developing the following topics:

  • Defi strategies research / Alpha research
  • Treasury execution: Non self-executable GnosisDAO proposals and position optimizations and the creation of new ones.
  • Security audit for the tx execution process. Emergency protocol design and maintenance.
  • Continuous loans evaluation and management to prevent liquidation
  • Periodic reporting
  • Dashboard creation and maintenance to monitor the yield of investments, rewards distribution, and overall treasury growth trend, health, and diversification

I am a strong believer in what Aura and Balancer are building!

Time Commitment / Week:
I am very flexible.


Name: Himahimaaa
Telegram Account: himahimaaa
Twitter Account: himahimaaali

Introduction about Myself:
I have been performing treasury analysis for Balancer DAO over the last couple months and have been in close communication with core contributors in the overall ecosystem. I strongly believe in the category-defining potential of the Balancer ecosystem, both because of the technology but also the professionalism that its members have shown in managing the DAO. I have always been impressed by the symbiotic relationship Aura Finance has to enhance the Balancer ecosystem and would like to take part in the ecosystem as one of the delegates to continue growing and strengthening Aura’s positive influence and be a steward of maximizing value for the Balancer DAO.

As for my background, I’ve advised over 15+ projects on their tokenomics design and work closely with the top investors and venture firms with capital deployment in the crypto space. Making sure incentives are aligned across the economy is core to what I do, and I plan on voting for the benefit of the Aura and Balancer ecosystem.

I have over 8 years+ experience in finance, working with institutions and investment funds on investment strategies and capital allocation. I have a CFA, an MBA and was a founder myself. That said, most importantly, I believe that the Balancer and Aura partnership is a symbiotic relationship that will disrupt the future of finance. I want to do my part in ensuring that the treasury is managed in a sustainable, diversified and responsible way, and believe that liquidity pools that are generating diversified income for the ecosystem should be prioritized at all cost in order for this ecosystem to flourish.

Time Commitment / Week:
I am flexible and would love to ensure that the Aura and Balancer ecosystem succeed.


Name: Happy Stephen
Telegram Account: @Najbaby

Twitter Account: @happyutok

Introduction about Yourself: I am an active community builder, as well as lover of community driven project
Who spend lot of time and energy in building
I have spent quite alot of time and energy in the Aura ecosystem and am constantly cracking my head
Thinking of ways and things to do to see aura/balancer live up to its true potential
If am given the opportunity to become a delegate I will do it with full joy while putting the interest of the ecosystem at heart knowing full well all my actions will be for the greater benefit of the ecosystems
My experience has been much on the near protocol ecosystem
From marketing campaigns to community engagement
As well as taking part in grant proposal

Team lead of near university hub

Human protocol regional team lead
Ambassador organizer at Gamify

Time Commitment/Week:

50 hours a week or more


Name: Freddy the Filosopher from Badger
Telegram Account: Telegram: Contact @freddythefilosopher
Twitter Account: @theFilosophizer
I’m a member of the Badger Community Council, a member elected team that facilitates governance and directs vote weight and bribes in the Balancer/Aura ecosystem. My background is in technology consulting and leadership with an emphasis on negotiations, operations and incentives. I came to crypto because I have a passion for community that comes from decentralization, permissionless operations, transparency, privacy and security.

I believe in, and strive for, mutual growth through alignment of incentives and I believe in collaboration and compromise.

I’m impressed by the flywheel that’s been built by Balancer and Aura and would like to be a contributor to it’s ongoing growth and success.

Time Commitment / Week
I work full-time in crypto and will do what is needed to ensure the continued growth and success of Aura and Balancer.


Hey, brother, we can’t seem to find you on Telegram.

Hi Franklin - please try again. I didn’t seem to receive a message from you.

Eagle has resigned from the Aura Delegate Council. We wish him the best in any future endeavors.

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Name: xdcc
Telegram Account: @x00xDefi
Twitter Account: henrydefi0x

Introduction about Yourself:

  • IRL im working as fulltime yield farmer / yield fund manager at a big investment fund (cant say name).
  • I have worked at other DeFi startups as bizdev/advisor helping them grow and fundraise.
  • Im 27 years old and from europe, if it matters.
  • I enjoy writing articles form time-to-time.
  • Not super active on twitter, im more a lurker.
  • Have good/ok~ish knowledge of solidity and how DeFi is build.

Time Commitment/Week: Flexible


Putting my name back in the hat.


Name: Yakitori
Telegram Account: @yakito_ri
Twitter Account: https://twitter[dot]com/AstrolabFi
Introduction about Yourself:

I’m the cofounder of, building the protocol as its lead solidity developer.

Astrolab is a cross-chain yield aggregator. We’ll make an extensive use of Balancer and Aura to provide liquidity for our vaults.

We’re accumulating Aura (we have more than 185k Aura currently, increasing each week) and we plan to use the fees collected to acquire more as soon as we launch our protocol. I also own a good chunk of Aura myself, so I have some “skin in the game”.

Having members of other protocols building on top of Aura would increase the representativity of the council, allow different point of views to be expressed, and help ensure that the governance is aligned in the interest of all holders.

In my case, I want to defend decentralization and privacy, along with ensuring that Aura continues to create value for its holders and the users of the protocol.

Time Commitment/Week: I’m working full time in crypto, so it can be easily >5h.


Fan of Yakitori!

Astrolab team is super knowledgeable and very on top of the ecosystem. Have my stamp of approval if it’s worth anything!