[Grant Proposal] Aura Merchandise

Name: Mui

Organization: Aura Finance

Description: Aura Finance is making 100 sets of merchandise for the contributors, lockers and supporters in the ecosystem. One set of merchandise contains a t-shirt, baseball cap, candle and a tote bag.

This proposal requests a grant of $5,000 worth of USDC to cover the cost of Aura merchandise.

Update: Please note that as I am a member of the committee that reviews these grant requests, I will not be voting or discussing my proposal in the committee setting. This is to ensure there is no conflict of interest as per the Committee guidelines.


Thank you. The AEF Committee will review shortly.

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Hi Mui,
A couple of questions:
-Does the $5k cover the costs of shipping these items as well (I assume it does but wanted to make sure)
-What do you see as the purpose of the merchandise? Do you foresee it as a reward or as a marketing tool? Of course it will be both, but if it is primarily for marketing should there not be more made and then sent to interested promoters etc? or held in reserve to give to new participants? If it is a reward then I agree and see no need for making additional sets.

Hi Mui - I have one question, too. Any info in terms of how you or the 100 recipients might expect the 100 sets of merch to be distributed?

Hi Trantor,

  • The cost of shipping is addition to the cost of the merchandise. Shipping cost will be calculated once we have a list of shipping addresses, it’s impossible to project the amount as for now.
  • The merchandise are mostly reserved for contributors and early re-lockers, then for marketing purposes if there is extra. The budget was set to $5k initially. We can determine if second batch is needed after the initial distribution.
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Hi Matt,

The merchandise are mostly reserved for contributors and early re-lockers, then for marketing purposes if there is extra. Not sure if this answers your question as I am not sure about the expectation you were referring to.

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Hey Mui,

Am I interpreting your proposal correctly that this merch would essentially just be going to the first 100 people to re-lock their Aura (minus the merch going to contributors)?

Are there any other criteria that you think are worth exploring? Do you see any value in perhaps also reserving some merch for new lockers and/or a giveaway to Aura holders in the Discord? I like the idea of using this merch to generate some buzz and excitement among the community rather than just shipping it to the first 100.

if I don’t get merch, I’m not re-locking next time.

send post


This proposal has been on the forum for the required 5 days and will now be brought to the committee for review and voting. The results of this request will be updated here shortly.


The AEF Governing Committee has approved this grant request, with modifications.
This proposal is likely to turn early adopters and lockers into advocates for the Aura ecosystem. Previous experience from contributors and other DeFi enthusiasts has shown the success of these community type initiatives. Noting internal committee discussions, an additional 40 sets of merchandise are also to be ordered to provide for giveaways and incentives, for participants in the Aura community. The distribution of these additional sets will be facilitated by the Grantee (Mui). This Grant will be funded per the above request, providing for $7,000 for 140 sets of merchandise.


time for NFT auction linked to extra merch as a fund raiser

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this is an interesting idea