[Temperature Check] Enhancing AURA's Operations with Syncvote


We present a proposal to integrate Syncvote (app.syncvote.com) into AURA’s operations, revolutionizing the way your community collaborates, decides, and shapes the future of the organization. By leveraging Syncvote’s powerful features, AURA can empower its members to actively contribute, propose, and collectively decide on the DAO’s processes, fostering a sense of ownership and autonomy within the community.


AURA has thrived as a community-driven organization, where each member’s voice is valued, and decisions are made collectively. However, as the community grows and evolves, maintaining clear and efficient processes becomes a challenge. This is where Syncvote comes in - a platform specifically designed to streamline workflows, facilitate decision-making, and ensure that every member’s input is considered.

Benefits for AURA:

  1. Intuitive Workflows: Syncvote will codify AURA’s processes into intuitive workflows, making it easier for every community member to understand and engage with the organization’s activities. This reduces confusion and enhances participation.
  2. Empowerment of the Community: Instead of solely relying on the core team to design processes, Syncvote empowers all community members to propose, shape, and decide on the DAO’s operations collaboratively. This inclusivity fosters a greater sense of ownership and encourages more proactive involvement.
  3. Consensus Building: Syncvote provides a platform for the community to reach consensus on proposals and decisions. Through transparent voting and discussion mechanisms, everyone’s opinions are taken into account, ensuring that the final outcomes truly reflect the collective will of the community.
  4. Autonomy and Evolution: By giving the community the power to define its own destiny, AURA will experience increased autonomy over time. This enables the organization to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances and innovations, staying ahead of the curve.


  1. Collaborative Redesign: Syncvote’s team will collaborate closely with an appointed admin from AURA to redesign and optimize workflows, ensuring they align with the community’s values and goals.
  2. Verification and Testing: Once the new processes are designed, they will be rigorously verified and tested to ensure their effectiveness and usability within AURA’s context.
  3. Official Integration: Upon successful verification, the optimized processes will be officially integrated into AURA’s operations, allowing the community to immediately start using Syncvote for proposing, discussing, and deciding on matters of importance.
  4. Fee-Free Integration: Syncvote is committed to supporting AURA’s growth journey. At this stage, Syncvote will charge no fees for its services, demonstrating a genuine partnership and investment in AURA’s success.

Next Steps:

We propose the following steps for the successful integration of Syncvote into AURA’s operations:

  1. Appointment of an Admin: AURA should appoint a representative to work closely with Syncvote’s team during the collaborative redesign phase.
  2. Collaboration and Design: Syncvote’s experts will work in tandem with the admin to redesign and optimize workflows according to AURA’s unique requirements.
  3. Official Integration: Upon verification, the optimized processes will be officially integrated into AURA’s operations, marking the beginning of an empowered, inclusive decision-making era.


By adopting Syncvote, AURA can usher in a new era of empowered decision-making, where every community member has a say in shaping the organization’s future. The benefits of intuitive workflows, community empowerment, consensus building, and autonomy will enable AURA to thrive even further. We believe that integrating Syncvote is a crucial step in ensuring AURA’s continued success as a dynamic, community-driven organization. We can unlock the full potential of community participation and drive AURA to new heights of excellence.

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To illustrate this, we will take some existing governance processes from Uniswap and LXDAO and collaboratively redesign it using Syncvote’s platform. This hands-on example will vividly showcase how our solution can enhance clarity, inclusivity, and autonomy within your community.

Uniswap’s overnance process redesigned using Syncvote:

SyncVote App 10

LXDAO’s overnance process redesigned using Syncvote:

https://app.syncvote.com/public/dash-23/lxdao-governance-process-135/156 7

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Welcome to the forum. This proposal looks very similar to this one:

What are the unique aspects of this proposal relating to Aura, and why were Lx and Aura chosen?

It should also be noted that this won’t be possible as Aura is a decentralized protocol. If this is approved, you’ll need to work directly w/ the community.

This sounds like a dumb marketing thing. Aura is a boring, serious, reasonable project. We don’t need our members to have some sort of funky new DAO workflows to comment on proposals.

Thank for the welcome. I think navigating new DAO is quite overwhelming especially for new members, I build this tool for DAOs to have one place to store and visualise all their processes to make the experience nicer for the members

I did research and found that Lx and Aura have activities that the product could help on as mention above.

It should also be noted that this won’t be possible as Aura is a decentralized protocol. If this is approved, you’ll need to work directly w/ the community.

It would be really kind if you could tell me how to work directly with the community. Which channels should I go to?

Hi mate, sounds like Aura DAO operating really well. In my research, every DAO has one problem or another in communicating and getting engagment from members so I think my tool might be useful for you guys. Granted that my research on Aura DAO is pretty much one dimension of me observing.

Is there anything in Aura Governance you would like to see an improvement on?

Hi! Do you have any example of this working live in a DAO? It would be helpful to understand better how the workflow integrates into the forums. The examples you shared make the DAO participant go to another interface.

Hey, brother, so what I was trying to hint at here is that if you copy-paste a proposal over from another forum and replace the word Lx with the word Aura, your proposal will most likely get rejected by the voters just based on lack of effort w/o even examining the merits of the proposal itself. We’ll need something that’s custom written for Aura and demonstrates a clear understanding of what Aura is. The governance process here and the protocol itself are quite different than Lx. Working directly w/ the community, for example, is one part of Aura that’s unique that you should have an understanding of already if you’re trying to streamline governance here.

We move proposals to Snapshot on Thursday and can certainly do so here as well, if you insist on it. However, my recommendation would probably be that you go back and revise this proposal and/or observe some more until you have an action plan that’s a bit more customized.


Hello mate, thank for asking.

I take Aura Gorvenance Process as an example. Please follow this for better understanding how Syncvote would perform SyncVote App

Generally, people will create workflow for DAO participant to interact directly in the interface, without jumping back and forth multiple screens like now

Thank mate.

Sorry to make you think that way. I’ve been creating this workflow, as demonstrate what has been happening in Aura Platform, please take a look: SyncVote App

For step 1 (Temperature Check) and step 2 (AIP - Aura Improvement Proposal), it is quite clear for DAO participant to follow the instruction. However, when I come to Vote-on-chain phase, I found out that there is not any standard (like voting threshold, duration…) and I do not know what proposal has been executed and how it affects the operation. The steps could be transparent, but whole process is quite confusing since we do not have an overview of process and its status.

I see that Aura DAO is active, so creating a tool to help community member to keep track of what’s going on is good idea. That’s what I propose.

Hello everyone,

I’ve spent some time to put the governance process in new format using Syncvote as below:
Aura’s Governance Process

When new user comes in, he will have an overview of how process would look like:

When they want to look into details of a step, just click on the step and a sider will slide into with full description

Besides, I also put colors on the design. To make a proposal success, people need to follow the green path, and try to avoid the red path.

I would love to hear your feedback about the product, and how it could contribute for Aura’s work

Hey, brother, on my end, same comment as before. If you want to move this to Snapshot, all you need to do is request it. However, with the copy-paste proposal format that you’re doing (and duplicated again on Balancer), the voters will not embrace this. You’re doing more harm to your brand name than good with this type of approach. For this proposal to have a chance of success, the proposal itself needs to be re-written to be custom towards Aura, and demonstrate an understanding of the protocol.

Thank mate for your feedback.

Sorry for the way I communicate makes you feel that. Actually, I already designed the own version using Syncvote for Aura.

I would love to have more feedback from you on how products would be applied for Aura, so we could develop more features to fit for Aura’s need.