[Temperature Check] Strategic Partnership Aura <> One Click Crypto to Enhance DeFi Liquidity and User Experience on Arbitrum

Partnership Proposal: One Click Crypto and Aura Finance - Enhancing DeFi Liquidity and User Experience on Arbitrum


One Click Crypto Team

Website: https://www.oneclick.fi/
X : https://twitter.com/oneclickcrypto


This proposal seeks to establish a strategic partnership between One Click Crypto and Aura Finance, aimed at enhancing DeFi liquidity, user experience, and mutual growth.


One Click Crypto , is the all-in-one platform for DeFi. Users can find the best yield opportunities by accessing over 20,000+ DeFi pools and strategies. View each pool’s risk rating thanks to our risk aggregator scores sourced from 10+ top auditing data providers. Zap in one click into any DeFi pool or entire portfolios, and use our Airdrop Tracker and Yield Composability Map to see additional rewards & airdrops a user can earn from using any DeFi pool or protocol.

One Click Crypto , with its AI-powered DeFi portfolio management and yield aggregation capabilities, recognizes the innovative approach of Aura Finance in maximizing incentives for Balancer liquidity providers and BAL stakers.

As One Click Crypto has already partnered and integrated with Balancer, a partnership with Aura Finance aligns with our mission to simplify DeFi investments and enhance user experiences across multiple platforms.

We’d like to offer Aura’s and Balancer’s users the same interface we’ve developed for the Jones DAO vault. On the right side of the interface, users can find the linked strategies section. This means that users entering a position on Balancer will be guided easily and smoothly to use Aura to boost their positions. This integration aims to attract more users and generate additional traction for both Aura and Balancer by providing a seamless and efficient user experience, thereby increasing visibility and engagement within the DeFi ecosystem.


We propose the following collaborative efforts to leverage the strengths of both platforms:

  • Integration of Aura Finance Pools: List Aura Finance’s liquidity pools on One Click Crypto 's yield aggregator interface. This integration will drive additional liquidity and users to Aura Finance while offering our users diversified investment opportunities.

  • Including Aura finance pools into the Arbitrum yield farming index.

  • Protocol-Owned Capital Deployment: Utilize One Click Crypto 's protocol-owned treasury for yield farming in selected Aura Finance pools, enhancing liquidity and demonstrating confidence in the partnership.

  • Incentivization through 1CC Tokens: Offer additional incentives in 1CC tokens for One Click Crypto users who invest in Aura Finance pools, boosting participation and yield potential.

  • Cross-Promotional Activities: Conduct joint marketing initiatives, including Medium articles, social media posts, newsletter mentions, and community AMAs, to raise awareness and engagement among both communities.


Upon approval of this proposal, the following actions are to be taken:

  • Technical Integration: Collaborate with Aura Finance’s technical team to integrate their pools into the One Click Crypto app.

  • Marketing and Communication: Aura’s and One Click Crypto to coordinate a joint marketing campaign, including content creation, scheduling, and community engagement activities.

  • Incentive Allocation: Allocate 1CC tokens for incentivization programs targeted at users participating in Aura Finance pools through the One Click Crypto platform.

  • Monitoring and Reporting: Set up a system to monitor the partnership’s impact on TVL, user engagement, and overall performance, with regular reporting to both communities.

More details about One Click Crypto:

  • Grants from Arbitrum and Solana Foundation.

  • $12.4m AUM on CeFi app at peak, 25k+ waitlist for DeFi app, 100k+ followers across all socials.

  • Awarded #2 Product of the Week in Web3 on Product Hunt

  • Integrations & partnerships concluded : Kyber Network, JonesDAO, Clipper Dex, LayerZero, Solana, Kamino, GMX, Radiant Protocol, Balancer, Frax, Wombat, Stella, Vertex, DeFiEdge, Stargate, DefiSafety, De .Fi, CertiK Skynet, Redefine.*


Welcome to the forum, brother!

Hello. Thanks for your proposal!

I don’t see here any financial cost listed here. Is that correct?

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Hi, thanks for your comment.
there are no costs for Aura to incur, simply co-marketing support and collaboration from the tech side to provide the right dev docs so we can integrate properly.