Aura Maxi Applications

Name: Trantor
Twitter: @hoping_b

Intro: I think most people in the Aura community have seen my name on a variety of different posts and governance type documents. In addition, I frequently write the newsletter/Chakra Alignment. I have been actively involved in the Aura ecosystem since the early days having been a simple shrimp in the Badger ecosystem. I would like to think of myself as someone who gets things done and likes to move projects and tasks forward. I am not a technical person in the slightest but am very familiar with defi and Aura. In my spare time I also create and publish videos on YouTube covering Aura Finance updates. If the community believes my application to become a maxi is in the best interests of the protocol then I would seek to continue creating the Chakra alignment newsletters, the helper video series, Governance updates and acting as secretary in the delegate council and the grants committee.

Why is Aura your favorite project: Because what is being built has a great future. Defi narratives are converging on the Aura and Balancer story and I want to continue to be a part of it.


Telegram Account:@lrixchl
Twitter Account:@SuperL46156688
Your Introduction:
Hi,i’m Rix.Hello, I am a Chinese postgraduate student who specializes in content creation and data analysis. I am also a member of a cryptocurrency investment research team. I am very interested in Aura Finance and contributing my professional skills to the organization.
In terms of content creation, I have years of experience in writing high-quality articles, social media posts, emails. Through precise writing and excellent organizational skills, I can convey complex concepts and information to help promote and advertise the organization.
Furthermore, I have strong statistical and analytical skills for data analysis, which enables me to collect, process, and interpret large amounts of data. I am able to use Excel, Python, and other tools for data processing and visualization to provide useful insights and recommendations. I believe that my data analysis skills can be of substantial assistance to Aura Finance.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?
I have experience in organizing and coordinating teams as I have served as a moderator for multiple projects. And i analyze and do content creation for them.
Why is Aura your favorite protocol?
As the leader of the Balancer ecosystem, Aura’s development is intertwined with that of Balancer. Currently, many projects, including numerous LSD protocols, are flocking to Aura. The essential reason lies in its capital efficiency, which surpasses both traditional liquidity reward models and its competitor in the same field, Convex.What’s more,i love 0xMaki!!!


Name: Beguin
Telegram Account: @bbeguin
Twitter Account:

From what I understand while reading the proposal, the requirements for a Aura Maxi are the followings :

  • Deep knowledge of the Aura/Balancer ecosystem
  • Active participation in Aura Community
  • Commitment to the guidelines and values of the protocol

As a committee member of the Aura Ecosystem Fund, I believe my participation to educate and cultivate awareness around the project can be evaluated through the scope of the Aura Maxi applications.


Name: Barry Lime

Telegram Account: @BarryLime

Twitter Account: @BarryLemonade

Your Introduction:

I’ve been contributing to Aura for over 7 months now by serving as a committee member on the Aura Ecosystem Fund. I’m passionate about Aura (and the Balancer ecosystem) and look forward to contributing even more as an Aura Maxi.

My professional background is in TradFi – have spent a number of years in investment banking (M&A) at a large bank and as a private equity investor at large leveraged buyout funds. Core skills are in financial modeling, valuation, due diligence, and all aspects of deal-making. But I’ve also spent a lot of time knee-deep in DeFi (under my pseudonym Barry) and am excited about disrupting traditional financial markets.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?

Nothing that could be seen as a conflict of interest. I’m an active community member and governance participant across several DeFi protocols and am a founding DAO council member for an NFT project with over 10k token holders.

Why is Aura your favorite protocol?

I’m a big fan of Balancer tech and the incredible flexibility & composability that it brings to DeFi. Aura has positioned itself as a critical building block on top of Balancer – not only amassing 27%+ of all veBAL, but also contributing immensely to business development and being great advocates for the ecosystem.


Name: Matt Blaine
Telegram Account: @Matt_AlfalfaOrSpanky
Twitter Account: @mattblaine1

Intro: I’ve been involved with Aura since its launch. I’ve been a member of the Aura Ecosystem Fund (AEF) grants committee for the last 7+ months. I am very familiar with the Aura and Balancer ecosystems and I’m a huge fan of Aura and Balancer tech. I’m also quite familiar with defi, governance, and the myriad issues that arise in the space, including from a practicing legal perspective and from the perspective of developing and maintaining robust and diverse governance systems.

Are you involved with any other projects? Yes. I’m a Music Director with BeethovenX, a Supreme Court Judge with Nation3, a member of the LexDAO Operating Committee, and I’ve consulted with other groups like the Byte Masons on governance matters. I’ve also assisted a variety of clients with defi startups, formations, raises, structuring, and things like that. I am cognizant of potential conflicts and very familiar with the rules that apply; if any conflict issue arises, I’ll abstain from participating in the issue or action at hand.

Why is Aura your favorite protocol? I’ve been fairly involved since jump, from the bootstrapping, the AEF and its grants process, the Balancer Wars drama and the Peace Treaty, boosted pool difficulties, the auraBAL autocompounder discussion and about AIP-21, AIP-22, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m eager to continue to help Aura expand its ecosystem and the Balancer ecosystem on Mainnet and to the L2s, and look forward to working with a dynamic group like the soon-to-be Aura Maxis.


Telegram: Contact @yakito_ri

Your introduction:
I’m a solidity developer, former economist. As a member of Aura’s delegate council, I’ve been fairly involved in the governance process, starting discussions on the forum and on discord about ways to improve tokenomics. - see for instance AIP-21. I had the chance to work with Balancer’s and Aura’s smart contracts, which will give me the opportunity to provide a technical overview to the community, in hand with core contributors.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?
Yes, I’m the founder of, a cross-chain yield aggregator, giving me a good expertise of alt-L1s/L2s defi landscape and cross-chain issues. Aura is central to our go-to-market strategy and our tokenomics plan for continuous accumulation. We own more than 200k veAura, as a pledge of our commitment to the protocol.

Why is Aura your favorite protocol?
Aura is inspiring as every facet of the protocols is developed and managed in a very professional way, setting a standard in our industry for reliability and effectiveness. I’m always delighted to interact with the core contributors, the contracts and the front-end, as I know everything is done the right way.

The purple coin shall prevail!


Name: mattgene (Matthew Yang)
Telegram: mattgene
Twitter: duke_mattgene
Your Introduction:
I’m a crypto enthusiast and investor. I love to try different things as much as I can, including DeFi, NFT, metaverse etc. Trying to build a small NFT project with some of my friends (me as the artist!)
I’m a loyal Balancer fan and LP since early 2021. When Aura came out, it’s a no-brainer to move my positions to Aura. I’ve been contributing to Aura community (Chinese translation) for 1.5 month now. I’m very serious about every word I translated. Based on my experience and ability, I believe I can continue to help build the Aura community.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?: No.
Why is Aura your favorite protocol?
I love the vibes here. The yoga theme perfectly represents the technology, the goal and the style of Aura. It’s simple and slick, chilling, and a little mysterious. Very confortable to rest my bag on here. Oh and the art! It’s absolutely out of the world. I can’t wait for the merchs (if there’s any plan about it lol)


Name: The Hook

Telegram Account: @NickHook84

Twitter Account: @TheHook45

Your Introduction: AURA lover and purple coin gud supporter. Started my defi journey in 2021 and I’ve tried many protocols. Nothing really stuck until I found AURA. Strong community, strong devs, and a strong future. Pinned tweet is of AURA from 7/7/2022. Haven’t sold one AURA token and continue to stack and lock. I was looking for a way to be more involved with my favorite project and this seems to be the way. I’d be honored to be part of the AURA MAXI club. I already consider myself an AURA MAXI so this would really solidify it. I’ve scoured the Earth looking for strong defi projects and I’m happy to say this is the one. The one I look to accumulate for the long term. I love balancer so there is nothing better than a project building on top of balancer. I hope to see AURA accumulate 50% of veBAL, I see it happening. I’m a lockoooor and a multi relockooor of AURA. :purple_heart:

Are you involved w/ any other projects? No

Why is Aura your favorite protocol? I love Balancer and I see what is being built by AURA as revolutionary tech. Balancer and the 80/20 LP’s are unique and nobody else is doing that. Now you see all the LSD’s and that narrative. AURA is leading the pack with providing deep liquidity for these LSD’s. This is the black hole for defi and LSD’s. Protocols will look to acquire vlAURA to drive emissions towards their Pools. This is the way. I also love the color purple. Purple coin gud. I will out debate anyone looking to debate AURA.


Name: Vetzo
Telegram Account: @Vetzo
Twitter Account: 0xVetzo

Your introduction: I’ve been in crypto since early 2017 and became instantly obsessed with the tech and potential. Can’t believe it already has been 6 years… I’ve got together with a small group of friends who are just as passionate about crypto like me. I’m currently doing project analysis, we’ve got 4k+ projects in a google sheet, and increasing daily. Yes, I’ve shilled Aura to all of them. Name a project and i’ve probably heard of it and know roughly what it does :slight_smile:

Are you involved w/ any other projects? Used to be, currently trying to keep up to date with new projects and tech getting released.

Why is Aura your favorite protocol? I’ve seen a lot of project go past me. It’s very rare to come across a protocol which ticks most of the boxes which I’m looking for. I’ve been here since the fair launch, and have been rocking Aura merch (dopest merch in all of crypto) wherever i can. Also i have to say the communication on twitter and the chakra alignments are always a pleasure to read!


Name: strongteapot
Telegram Account: @strongteapot375
Twitter Account: @huhndragon
Your Introduction: Part-time translator for AuraFinanceKR
Are you involved w/ any other projects? No
Why is Aura your favorite protocol? Very-talented contributors with good vibes. No brainer if you know the Curve Wars. No VC backed.


Name: Cryptocomical
Telegram Account: @cryptocomical
Twitter Account: @cryptocomical
Your Introduction Have been in the space for 2.5 years and gained a lot of knowledge and experience in that time. Being active in the crypto and specifically defi community, attending a number of IRL events and taking part in hackathons. I have worked in a number of roles including BD, Partnerships, investor, graphic design and marketing for a variety of projects. I have also contributed to Balancer DAO during this time and have a good understanding of the Balancer ecosystem.
Are you involved w/ any other projects? Balancer DAO
Why is Aura your favorite protocol? The future is purple!


Name - Tech.Cosmos
Telegram Account - @TechFutureCryp
Twitter Account - @TechFutureCryp1

Your Introduction Fully involved, direct participant and maximalist of Defi / LSD Projects, as well as in the staking industry in general. English and Spanish native speaker. Also skills on community management since I have been the Spanish Community Manager in Stader for some months.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?

Stader: Liquid staking protocol deployed in six chains with 120M TVL and on testnet in ETH liquid staking solution.
Stakely: Staking Services provider with more than 600M in staking value being one of the leaders in the industry

Why is Aura your favorite protocol? I am fully invested in LPs on LSD projects in Balancer and Aura, as well as locker of Aura. I share the vision of Aura protocol and convinced that it would be one of the lead LSD projects in the medium term.


As this thread was open for ten days, now the current group of Aura Maxi’s proposers is working to create the AIP for the Aura Maxis and to identify which areas are not fully covered inside this initial setup. The AIP will be released in the near future days for the community’s consideration. This application thread will remain open and new applications will be reviewed after this previous work is finished. Stay tuned!

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  1. Name:David

  2. Telegram @sfh40542

  3. Twitter @sfh40542

  4. Your Introduction
    I have 2-year experience in both DeFi and NFT fields, I was a core member and discord moderator in 3DBirds NFT project (ETH) between Aug 2022 to Jan 2023. Now, I am working as a contributor in one of the biggest NFT project on Optimism named Optimism Ape Yacht Club, my main duty as a contributor is managing and delivering the issues in the community as a bridge, mostly in Chinese community. In addition, I have been doing the summary and translation work for the official announcement as well as Twitter Space/AMA with Chinese language. Thirdly, I have been participating in the decision-making process with the dev team of the project including product, community management and marketing strategy. Finally, since I consider myself is fluent in both Chinese and English, I believe I can also help the team to hold event in Chinese, such as community call or AMA to deliver the message from the dev team and strengthen the believe of the community.

  5. Are you involved w/ any other projects?
    Contributor of Optimism Ape Yacht Club (Optimism)

  6. Why is Aura your favorite protocol?
    I have been using Defi for more than 1.5 year, including Swap, LP, staking and farming, etc. I have known Aura from the beginning of 2023, according to my observation, Aura is a young DeFi platform with a great team and energy, I believe it has great potential to be one of the leaders in the future LSD race. Besides, as I know Aura now is planning to be launch on Ethereum layer 2 such as Arbitrum. With this advantage, I believe Aura could easily attract more users not only from mainnet but also from layer 2, and the TVL might surpass Convex someday in near future.


Hello and thanks for the application!

As stated above new application are currently on hiatus. Regardless I can still add you, in the meantime, to the applicants chat, so in the meantime can get acquainted and the team might know you a bit better and ask you a few follow-up questions :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kindly reply, looking forward to talk to the team.


Esther akamz

I’m the founder of a women only community for onboarding women into the nft space,i have been in the space for a hear plus and have a little knowledge in defi and this is why i want to devote time now to educate myself with more knowledge with this opportunity.
I have worked with different nft projects but I haven’t worked with a defi project or contributed before so i also look forward to this being a learning curve for myself.

I’m currently a volunteer mod At tsunami finance and the founder of UNFADEwomen,apart from this two,i have no connections with any other project.

Aura is a young protocol with lots of space to bloom judging from the next step which they are taking so learning in a growing community will be the best for me.


Name: Khalifa
Telegram Account: @ghostz07
Twitter Account: @khaliboss_

Introduction: I am a dedicated and experienced community moderator with a profound interest in the fascinating world of DeFi and blockchain technology. Over the years, I have diligently nurtured thriving online communities like EXCALIBUR EXCHANGE, CAMELOT DEX and LION DEX, fostering engaging discussions and resolving conflicts with tact and empathy.
The vision of transparency, decentralization, and community empowerment aligns perfectly with my values, and I am excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals to revolutionize the DeFi space.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?: Currently i’m not.

Why is Aura your favourite protocol?: Aura is my favorite protocol because it exemplifies the true essence of decentralization and community-driven governance. Unlike many other projects, Aura prioritizes inclusivity and fair distribution, ensuring that decisions are made collectively by token holders through a transparent voting process. The protocol’s commitment to empowering its community members by offering meaningful incentives for participation sets it apart from the rest.


Telegram Account

Twitter Account

Your Introduction
Active Farmer, On-chain nerd and LPer looking for Alpha to find the next 100X in the bull run.
Currently surviving from LP rewards and harvested rewards to avoid working in McDonalds.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?
-none at the moment

Why is Aura your favorite protocol?
1/ good APYs for ETH and other LSDs (80/20)
2/ Aura / Balancer could be the next CRV/CVX of L2s.
3/ Able to spike Balancer Wars with multiple DeFi protocols
4/ Has the potential to be next Liquidity hub for LSDs

After applying, adjust your Telegram settings so that anyone can add you to groups.


Name : Bales

Telegram Account : Bales3168

Twitter Account :

My introduction: Im bales and im big on community community management.Very much deFi inclined and looking to add value in whatever way i can through my experiences and skills gathered over the years.

Are you involved w/ any other projects : Majorly with Lumos exchange as the marketing lead, worked with Kamino finance, Hubble protocol and Mean finance

Why is Aura your favorite protocol : I’ve developed a fondness for the protocols flourishing within the Solana ecosystem, mainly due to the sentimental value it holds as my starting point. However, I’m eager to broaden my horizons, especially on L2’s. I’ve interacted with multiple protocols, including Aura, and I’m genuinely enthusiastic about contributing to the community dimension. Drawing from my experience in previous projects related to LP’s, I’m confident in bringing fresh insights to enhance this aspect. After all, a project’s potential can only be maximized through a thriving community – something I strongly believe in.

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