Aura Maxi Applications

Hello and thanks for the application!

As stated above new application are currently on hiatus. Regardless I can still add you, in the meantime, to the applicants chat, so in the meantime can get acquainted and the team might know you a bit better and ask you a few follow-up questions :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kindly reply, looking forward to talk to the team.


Esther akamz

I’m the founder of a women only community for onboarding women into the nft space,i have been in the space for a hear plus and have a little knowledge in defi and this is why i want to devote time now to educate myself with more knowledge with this opportunity.
I have worked with different nft projects but I haven’t worked with a defi project or contributed before so i also look forward to this being a learning curve for myself.

I’m currently a volunteer mod At tsunami finance and the founder of UNFADEwomen,apart from this two,i have no connections with any other project.

Aura is a young protocol with lots of space to bloom judging from the next step which they are taking so learning in a growing community will be the best for me.


Name: Khalifa
Telegram Account: @ghostz07
Twitter Account: @khaliboss_

Introduction: I am a dedicated and experienced community moderator with a profound interest in the fascinating world of DeFi and blockchain technology. Over the years, I have diligently nurtured thriving online communities like EXCALIBUR EXCHANGE, CAMELOT DEX and LION DEX, fostering engaging discussions and resolving conflicts with tact and empathy.
The vision of transparency, decentralization, and community empowerment aligns perfectly with my values, and I am excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals to revolutionize the DeFi space.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?: Currently i’m not.

Why is Aura your favourite protocol?: Aura is my favorite protocol because it exemplifies the true essence of decentralization and community-driven governance. Unlike many other projects, Aura prioritizes inclusivity and fair distribution, ensuring that decisions are made collectively by token holders through a transparent voting process. The protocol’s commitment to empowering its community members by offering meaningful incentives for participation sets it apart from the rest.


Telegram Account

Twitter Account

Your Introduction
Active Farmer, On-chain nerd and LPer looking for Alpha to find the next 100X in the bull run.
Currently surviving from LP rewards and harvested rewards to avoid working in McDonalds.

Are you involved w/ any other projects?
-none at the moment

Why is Aura your favorite protocol?
1/ good APYs for ETH and other LSDs (80/20)
2/ Aura / Balancer could be the next CRV/CVX of L2s.
3/ Able to spike Balancer Wars with multiple DeFi protocols
4/ Has the potential to be next Liquidity hub for LSDs

After applying, adjust your Telegram settings so that anyone can add you to groups.


Name : Bales

Telegram Account : Bales3168

Twitter Account :

My introduction: Im bales and im big on community community management.Very much deFi inclined and looking to add value in whatever way i can through my experiences and skills gathered over the years.

Are you involved w/ any other projects : Majorly with Lumos exchange as the marketing lead, worked with Kamino finance, Hubble protocol and Mean finance

Why is Aura your favorite protocol : I’ve developed a fondness for the protocols flourishing within the Solana ecosystem, mainly due to the sentimental value it holds as my starting point. However, I’m eager to broaden my horizons, especially on L2’s. I’ve interacted with multiple protocols, including Aura, and I’m genuinely enthusiastic about contributing to the community dimension. Drawing from my experience in previous projects related to LP’s, I’m confident in bringing fresh insights to enhance this aspect. After all, a project’s potential can only be maximized through a thriving community – something I strongly believe in.

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Name: Chrom
Telegram Account: @Chromff9
Twitter Account: @Chromff9

Intro: A lead researcher, co-author and a native writer. I love the community side of things! = )
My expertise lies in fostering community relations and make frens along the way. After all, we’re all here for the same thing. I like charts, analyzing current state of protocols and participating in governance discussions while educating or answering questions and queries.

Are you involved w/ any other projects: Cascadia Blockchain, working on documentation and building the community through interviews with validators and members respectively, managing Coordinape platform for contributions, and working hand-to-hand with new members to understand the protocol better.

Why is Aura your favorite protocol? Been involved since late Aug. '22, I wrote articles, e.g. (Aura Finance Solidified Its Position | by Chrom | Medium) and twitter threads. Looking forward to implement new ideas to build an even stronger community.
I love the constant exploration of new possibilities within and out of Balancer’s ecosystem, working towards improving liquidity flow, transparency, and all contributors actually contributing to Aura’s development. The fact that the protocol has no team but a bunch of contributors working for the same goal, amazes me!


I am Ogundeji Mahmood,an experienced Community moderator.I am interested in the position of Community moderator at Aura.I have significant experience in customer service and community management, and I believe that I would be a valuable asset to your team.
I am passionate about Aura’s mission,and I am excited to help moderate the community and ensure that it is a positive and welcoming space for all. I believe that my skills and experience will be valuable in helping to moderate community discussion, resolve conflicts,educate members about the mission of the project and keep the community running smoothly.
I am confident that my experience and enthusiasm makes me an ideal candidate for the role at your organization and I am excited about the opportunity to apply my expertise in creating and maintaining a vibrant community that encourages collaboration, support, and growth.
Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.
Telegram username - @Mayormbappe1
Twitter username -@mayortheidol
I am currently a Moderator at Project Flywheel
I appreciate how Professional and dedicated the Team of Aura is.