[Temperature Check] Response to AIP-22

Guys and gals, I’m much too insignificant to have the power to post a proposal. Can we work on this together? (Honestly feel free to ignore this, it is not altogether serious, although I can’t help but feel something needs to be done).

Here is my proposal:

Author(s): AURA stakeholder, wood tier

This proposal written in response to AIP-22.

The setting was late last night, April 3, 2023. It was 20 minutes past the bedtime my mom set. I was about to secure a snapshot vote which would make my stubborn refusal to delegate worth my while.

Success! I would awake in the morning with $3000 in CHESS to immediately sell for something else. Time to sleep.

I wake, slightly groggy (due to my dreams of grandeur). All is good. Hidden hand had made a mistake. They owned it. They would make delegates whole. What a great protocol. I knew my financial advisor was wrong about crypto. I would get my $3000. Time to spend it.

The day was fun.

I check back later. What’s this? A wild proposal appears. I listen to the money talk, but I don’t like it. I try to pee on the bonfire. Things look bad, I’m back to only trusting my high school gym teacher. But I know this whole ordeal will soon be forgotten, so what else can I do?

I propose that the treasury swaps $1 in AURA for CHESS. To remain in the treasury from this day forth as a reminder that true power can come only to those who embrace the transformation. And that fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hatred leads to suffering…